The gt premium that we have on review today comes in at 31, 000 pounds now: theres stiff competition from the market, where even the likes of the stellantis group, which actually own peugeot, offer the likes of the fiat, 500 electric or even the vox or corso e Elsewhere, youve got the vw id3, the nissan leaf, or even the renault zoe, among others. Now in this review, well be seeing if its actually worth its price and furthermore, how it compares to some of its rivals so kicking things off. I must say i really do. Love the exterior design. It actually reminds me of the e 2008 that i previously reviewed. Indeed, the design philosophy is very much the same. If you look at the headlight design from the front and even in terms of the rear tail light, i think what persia have achieved over here should be absolutely commended. Now. I do also quite like that the front badge has got kind of a two tone effect. Even though its permanently a two tone, look, if you do pan around from left and right, youll see that the peugeot logo almost is shifting in color, which i just think is a nice little touch. Now, as for the side profile of the vehicle, the manufacturer has chosen non body, colored wheel, arches, which i do think kind of detracts from the overall look of the vehicle. Now, for the 17 inch alloys that weve got, it actually looks quite nice and gives that kind of sporty feel even the bird behind us actually also agrees, but the 16 inch alloys that you get as standard in the base level trim.

In our opinion, just doesnt look too appealing or too alluring, indeed, thats a little pun in terms of what the trim levels are offered now, if youd, like a detailed breakdown between the trim levels by the way, do check out our written review, itll be down description Below or in the pinned comments now, while his exterior design is absolutely stunning, at least in my opinion, i think its interior is not quite up to par theres, some use of plastic within the center console, which just feels a little bit cheap and the same could Be said around the door frames and its also got a little bit of an impractical type of design. Take, for example, the steering wheel. Youve got volume, controls on the left, hand, side and media controls on the right hand, side then, towards the dashboard. Youve got these capacitive buttons and there are just also tailored with some physical switches, which just doesnt quite make sense. I just feel like persia got lost in between the two and wasnt sure which one to go for, although the inclusion of a physical volume wheel is definitely appreciated. As for the infotainment system, its absolutely completely mixed in terms of how it actually operates, because the menu system just doesnt quite make sense and the way its laid out again – is just a little bit confusing. I think, while you get used to it, it might not be as much of an issue but for certain drivers coming to the vehicle for the first time, i think theyll find themselves a little bit left in the dark.

Now. As for the instrument, cluster weve got the 3d cockpit design, which, in my opinion, looks nice. It adds some kind of like a 3d effect, but its kind of unnecessary. Specifically, if you look at the design of it, the the protruding type of instrument cluster just takes away from the little bit more of a minimalist look that you could have achieved if the instrument cluster was just on a regular design. I just feel that again pleasure have just gone a little bit extra over here for no real reason or any benefit. Now, on the subject of technology, i should mention that you get a 7 inch infotainment system as standard on the cheaper trims and youve got a 10 inch display on the more expensive trims like such as the gt and the gt premium. Now, for user connect up to the infotainment system, there is a usb type, a port found towards the front of the center console. This allows you to also access android, auto and apple carplay, which both come as standards. There is also a bluetooth connectivity where youve got the aec and sbc codecs and elsewhere. If you want to charge your smartphone theres, a type c port as well now for those who are subscribed, youll know i do dedicated audio reviews of every vehicle and, as such, theres one for the e208 itll be up on your pop up banner down in description Below or indeed in the pinned comments, what ill say in a nutshell, is that its somewhat average and i was expecting more in certain frequency bands, now moving swiftly on, we get onto storage, and here i really do like the fact that the manufacturers integrated a smartphone Holder that can be found on the retractable cover now theres, also a wireless charging bay, although thats a hundred pound option so thats worth bearing in mind and underneath that youve also got some extra storage capacity with also a 12 volt socket, which is quite useful.

If you want to plug in a dash cam, if you want to see our best dash cam roundup, by the way itll be down description below elsewhere, youve got two cup holders by the center console and youve also got the center armrest storage compartment, which is large Enough for a small to medium sized purse or a wallet youve of course, got the glove compartment and then youve got the door bins. The front two are large enough for a 500 milliliter bottle alongside a medium to large size, purse or wallet, and the rear ones are a little bit more limited. So therefore, you just be mindful about that. Now, of course, when it comes to storage, we have to talk about boot capacity. Now it can be very easily opened by a button found just underneath the peugeot logo and as youll see as im someone just under six foot. I have no issues when it comes to its hatchback design, making loading in and out good quite easy now. Its also got a 60 40 rear split folding seats and therefore means that you can transport larger goods. Although its worth bearing in mind you dont, have a ski latch or a 40, 20 40 split now elsewhere, when the seats are folded down, they dont fall flat. In other words, youve got a lip between the seats and indeed your loading bay, and there is no on the floor. Compartment storage either, which might not bother people who have an internal combustion engine.

But if you have charging cables, it means you have to take an extra bag and therefore it eats away at the overall boot capacity that you get now here. Peugeot offer 311 liters without the charging cables, of course, and if you were to pop down the seats. This extends up to 1 106 liters by comparison, thats less than the renault zoe or the vw id3, although its superior than the voxel corsa e, the vwe up the c me electric, or indeed the fiat 500 electric. Now, when it comes to the rear of the cabin, it might be obvious already, but theres no pull down compartments for your rear occupants. Therefore, you have no armrests or cup holders, but in terms of convenience, its nice to see that youve got two type, a ports for charging found towards the rear of the center console. Now, when it comes to comfort, i do think its somewhat crammed in at the rear of the vehicle whereby leg room is somewhat limited and not as limited the likes of the fiat. 500, electric, of course, but in comparison to the id3 or lets say the renault zoe or nissan leaf. The e208 cant really compete in this domain. Headroom is not too bad as someone whos just under six foot, although if youre about six foot, two six foot four, i think youll struggle to sit here comfortably and elsewhere due to the seat design. My quad muscles do feel tired, even after short drives, so its just worth, bearing that in mind elsewhere when it comes to coming in and out of the vehicle at the rear, its a little bit inconvenient due to its somewhat compact design.

Although theres no problems at the front of the cabin speaking of which at the front, you do have manually adjustable seats, although on the gt trims, you do have electric seats and on the gt premium, you also have heated front seats, which just adds that little bit Of extra comfort, so now we get on to driving comfort, and here i must say that the vehicles in cabin insulation is absolutely spectacular. I was taken away by the e 208, specifically in comparison to some of its competitors, whereby the vehicles cabin is pretty well insulated. As such, when you are driving around on the town, youre not going to hear too much of the road around you and the same could be said on the motorway. Although theres a little bit of tire noise that creeps in but its quite minimal on the grand scheme of things now elsewhere when it comes to driving comfort, of course, theres a suspension setups and as im going over certain speed bumps over here near wimbledon tennis. I must say that, well, you can feel the bumps around you. You can feel the potholes and the anomalies around the road. It just feels a little bit stiffened for my liking and kind of took me by surprise for a peugeot, but in the grand scheme of things is it too bad? No, and also this does have a positive effect when youre driving a speed say, for example, you go on the country roads.

What youll find is the car actually grips pretty well, and i would go as far as saying its my favorite feeling front wheel, drive electric car that ive driven to date. By comparison, i would say the other vehicles that have got this really nice drivers feel, and this kind of one to one driving approach are the likes of the mini electric or the honda e or, for example, the vw id3, where most of them use a rear Wheel, drive system or all wheel drive system instead, so for front wheel drive. I think this car is absolutely spectacular now theres another thing that really aids, it in terms of its kind of drivers, feel and kind of effect that you have, when youre going around at speeds and thats its small size steering wheel. Now i didnt reference it before when were talking about the in cabin experience, but the steering wheel is kind of like a small little go, kart steering wheel, its cut off at the top and at the bottom, and because of its smaller form factor. It means that it feels just all that bit more nimble if youve ever sat in like a racing car or seen those kind of cars or even like a go. Kart youve got a smaller wheel and thats exactly what the e 208 does, and this also goes with the design philosophy of the vehicle, because its a smaller compact vehicle. So what purge youve achieved with the steering wheel in my opinion, is phenomenal.

Now it should be mentioned that that sort of drivers feel is only attained in its sport mode preset and that is accessed by a button found by the center console now in default. Youll get in terms of its normal mode or, for example, eco mode, and here the steering wheel will feel just all that little bit more numb, which is perfectly fine when youre pottering around town. But when youre on the country. Road id suggest running it. In terms of its sport mode now in sport, mode youll have a max speed of 93 miles, an hour which should suffice for most individuals. Although those who live in unrestricted roads will feel a little bit disappointed and as for the raw performance, its single front mounted motor dispatches 100 kilowatts of power. That equates to 136 horsepower, and that will give you 260 newton meters of readily available torque. We had it tested from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 8.09 seconds, which should suffice for most individuals, although isnt as fast as some of its competitors, which offer a similar sort of configuration. Now, while i cant see many people wanting to floor it from a stanislaus 60 miles an hour frequently, i can see that electric range will be quite important now here. The e208 has a 50 kilowatt hour battery pack and from our mixed driving tests. We attained 180 miles, which is actually pretty good for a vehicle of its size and indeed of its battery pack now, by comparison, its not quite as good as the renault zoe, the nissan leaf, or the vw id3, which all achieve north of 200 miles.

But by comparison to the likes of the vauxhall corsa e or the fiat, 500 electric or even the sea at me, electric or the vwe up the e208 actually attains a better figure and therefore means that itll go that extra little mile. Now, for you to retain energy back into the battery pack, there is regenerative braking now this has to be activated each time you step inside the vehicle. In other words, you have to shift down on the gear selector to b mode now in b mode. There is a slight amount of harshness now. If i take my foot off the pedal and im going around 20 miles an hour, it will come to a standstill well pretty much at around four miles an hour. Itll start rolling. Now its one pedal driving approach. Isnt quite there, if youre going to be driving within inner city commutes, in other words its not quite on par with the likes of the nissan leaf, which has a true one pedal, driving its more like the vw id3, which is a little bit light in terms Of its regenerative braking and therefore means that you have to use the brake a lot more frequently. Now, of course, you can recoup energy at a faster rate because its an electric vehicle and therefore you can plug it in and here youve got a ccs and type 2 port. Now the former will accept a hundred kilowatt input, meaning you can go from zero to.

Eighty percent, in roughly half an hour, if you opt for a type two input and go on a seven kilowatt charger, itll go from zero to one hundred percent in roughly seven and a half hours. Now, if you were to go on a three pin plug, it will take a full 24 hours to get a full charge. Now you can also upgrade for 300 pounds for an 11 kilowatt on board charger. So therefore, if youve got three phase, power supply at home and youve got the relevant charge point then this can bring the overall charge time down, although bear in mind that does add an additional extra on your overall build now moving swiftly on lets talk about visibility. Now, at the side and at the rear, i have no issues whatsoever, but at the front, its the same sort of complaint, ive had of other vehicles from the stilantis group and here the rear view mirror is positioned a bit too low. So therefore, when im looking across to say, lets my 11 or 10 oclock almost like that car pulling out right now, i have to kind of peer underneath the mirror in order to make sure that im not going to hit something or someone which i find is A little bit of an oversight for those people who are a little bit taller like myself. Now, if youre shorter or if you drive the vehicle kind of like a low rider, then youre not going to have any problems whatsoever peering over the bonnet or indeed below the rear view mirror.

But in my case its something that i thought to point out and its another sort of element that i found with the voxel marker e and the course e and as such, i just hope that that rear view mirror at one day will actually go up. A little bit now when it comes to parking the vehicle as standard comes with rear sensors. But if you want the rear view, camera youre going to have to go for the illui premium. And if you want the front parking, sensors, rear parking, sensors and a rear view, camera youre gon na have to go for one of the gt lines instead and finally, we get on to safety, and here the e208 scored four out five stars on euro encaps, pretty Rigorous tests, where i actually surprisingly didnt do too well when it comes to vulnerable road users, in other words, if youre hitting someone its not that great, but as for your own safety within the cabin, so lets say another car where to hit you. The rating scores were actually pretty impressive, to say the least, so i wouldnt be too worried about those slightly lower score. You can pretty much assume youll get 5 out of 5 star for your own safety. Now i cant really comment all that. Much about that sort of type of safety, what i can talk about is driver assistance systems. Now here the vehicle does have basic cruise control and lane assist and its actually quite nice to see that lane assist does get permanently disabled via button found by the drivers side door.

So you dont have to worry about playing around with the infotainment system, which is the same that could be said about, for example, the vw id3, and it really does my head in, but when it comes to other safety assistance systems, its rather basic here, youll have To go for the more expensive trims in order to get blind spot assist, or indeed lets say adaptive cruise control these systems, you might expect to come integrated as standard in a car that cost upwards of 27 000 pounds. But thats not the case with the e 208 and therefore youll have to go, for example, would one of the gt trims which come in at around 30 to 31 000 pounds? So ultimately, should you be buying the peugeot e208? Well, frankly, at its asking price, there are some other alternatives that you should consider if rear occupant, space and boot capacity arent important to you, then look at the fiat 500 electric, the vwe up or the seat me, electric, all of which come in at all, a Cheaper price tag, then, if these are important – and you want a longer electric range, then youve got the likes of the nissan leaf, the renault zoe or indeed the vw id3, so which vehicle would you choose if you had to pick a small size electric car, do Let us know in the comment section below now, if youve liked this independent detailed review definitely do drop a like and, of course, subscribe and hit that bell notification.

If you havent already ive been chris from totally eevee and ill, hopefully see you in the next one.