It is time for another, fast charger review, and this one is a really special one, because ever since its opened um, there was always problems like i was reading on plug share people couldnt activate it when they activated it. It wouldnt charge or would randomly stop and shut off so until recently, its gotten really bad ratings, really really bad ratings. Um and people are just not happy with it. So i decided. Okay, today is a nice day. The weather is pretty good. Its sunny out here. So lets go and check this thing out because its a little bit further away from where i live. So it is a bit of a trek um, but yeah im curious to find out how good it is so youre, probably wondering which brand it is well. It is shell recharge, so yes, its another charger built by a petrol company, so just like with petrol, canada that i did before link up here, you guys can check that review out its another one built by you, know a petrol company and it seems like they Dont really care if it works or it doesnt right, because their money comes from selling fuel. It doesnt come so much from charging which you know like its going to be the future, so they might as well dip their toes in early and make sure that they are ready when the world changes to electric and uh nobodys going to have gas cars anymore.

But anyways very curious to find out how good this is its a 175 kilowatt charger, so its pretty quick, um ive pre conditioned the battery a little bit. So that means i i drove on the highway and made sure i drove it a little bit quicker um to get the heat in there i think were like at 18 degrees right now, which is pretty good um. The temperature outside is 14., so we should be getting something decent. Hopefully, if we even activate it, if it even works so to activate it were going to be using green lots and also people have said on plugshare that this charger is still free because theyre testing it. So i cant be too angry if it doesnt work too. Well, but you know in preparation for their rollout, i think that they should, you know, make sure that it works if they start uh charging people money for that. So anyway, im curious lets. Get there were almost there were like 300 meters away and lets see what this charger is about. Ah, i see the shell gas station because this has a shell gas station. So its already points for location right, so youve got toilet. Youve got store for buying different things to eat and drink and youve got those squeegees to wash your windshield, which you know, theyre not always there when uh, when youre dealing with um chargers from electrify or you know ones that are not attached to gas stations anyway.

Well, it looks pretty good ill show you guys when uh, when we uh when we get out of the car, but the location is its pretty nice, pretty nice. Okay, guys we have arrived. You see shell recharge thats the station, but it says, like please authorize something something with a code i dont know were gon na have to figure out whats going on here: um, but yeah location, wise, its quite nice. So youve got your gas station right here. Youve got the chargers there, you got your car wash there and then this door is behind us over there ill show you guys when we get out, but yeah lets have a look and see if we can actually start charging or not. Okay guys. This is an ordeal here. First problem is the way that these are installed, so this one is not operation at all. So i have to use this one but to be able to use it. I have to park over there, which makes no sense, because the css cable thats here is not long enough to either reach the front or if i pull in backwards the car. So so i have to take this spot. So whoever comes in has to take this spot, but that one doesnt work anyway. So, okay, anyways, oh god, then something else happened here. Its asking me to authorize again. Okay, we exit and lets see what happens here. Okay, all right, so css, oh plug in okay.

Oh im gon na need two hands on this one Music, okay plugged in plugged in now we place start use your phone okay. So now what we need to do is authorize on the phone. Give me a sec all right. The charge has started. Hopefully, lets see Music connection is good. Are we charging, i think, not what happened. Charging has stopped. Okay, all right, so it doesnt charge all right guys were gon na try this again, but this time were gon na hold hold the connector. Ah, come on were gon na hold the connector in maybe thats. The issue, like chris chris reef, always says, hold the connector right, um, so yeah. Those are the chargers i mean. The location is good. Music nope nope nope charging stopped okay. So i guess we wont be able to charge with shell today, which is you know, pretty big disappointment. But what can you do? I mean tried it so many times. Oh so many times so it says again, charging is delayed until power is available. Ah, were just gon na stop Music, so there you go it doesnt work again connection. Okay were gon na. Try this one last time and lets see if it works so lets go. Have a look Music, okay, so phone is authorizing. Im gon na hold it in just in case connection needs to be made. The charger is pulling out, but its just not kicking in Music, and there we go dead.

All right, i think, were gon na give up. So, as you see guys, these are abb chargers. So they shouldnt be experiencing as many problems as they have experience. Like look at this one right like this, one is just black screen its never worked so this station here. This one has never worked um and then this one thats, the one i tried using and it just doesnt work at all so and then yeah the design. Why not just place the chargers over there? Oh i place them like this, and the charging cords are so so so short. Now, when you have one in the front i had to park like this ah very disappointing, i was hoping that this would work, but unfortunately, no anyways, 150 kilowatt would be nice if it actually worked, but the location is good store is over there. So you can get all your drinks and stuff. Then youve got the station here and then youve got your car wash here and its touchless. So thats always a bonus. You dont have those things scraping all over and then you can get your vacuums and air over there yeah, but thats it total disaster. So shell recharge um, the only station so far in vancouver its a no go, um and also whats. Weird ive noticed that the chargers when uh, when you click on the screen, it says that its 350, but here on their little banner, it only says 150 kilowatts, so thats pretty strange, but i mean the whole thing is just strange, so it doesnt really work.

Well, um im not surprised, like i said on plugshare, a lot of people have complained that these dont work. I followed the rules. I downloaded green lots. I put 10 bucks in um. I authorized it through the app but still didnt work. There seems to be no connection with the car or i dont know whats going on. While i was here, there was an electrician working on these and out of the two, only one is working, he says anyways and the other one has always been offline. Uh pretty much since they installed these um and he also explained how the installation process was and and and uh. You know the issues that they had with the with the site. Here, shell just wanted to put them on the on the tarmac on the you know. Blacktop, and you know i dont know just shell. What are you guys doing? This is horrible. I i i dont i dont understand i mean i know you guys are trying to sell gasoline. I get that. I understand um and you know charging is not that important for you guys, but the whole design of it. The way that i had to pull in backwards into another stall, because the cables dont reach, because theyre too short the way that they designed it. Why not just like put it in the front like petro, canada, electrify, canada does yeah ill ill show you guys, you know so theyre here right.

Why not just put them put them there right and you see its 150 kilowatt, so um yeah, i dont know i dont know its its weird uh that theyve done it this way, but yeah. I do not recommend ever anyone waste their time coming here. So if youre from vancouver – and you want to charge, go to petro canada, even though its not the best its better than this go to electrify canada go to bc. Hydro go to any other station, except this one until they figure stuff out so im going to leave my review on plug share for this uh unfortunate charging incident um and uh, hopefully that this gets solved sometime soon, because itll be nice to have another company doing It, but not like this not just doing it for appearances, but not actually providing a good um customer experience all right anyway, guys um no review, because i couldnt charge, but right now as it is, i dont recommend it perhaps in the future, when they get everything Sorted and things improve, then maybe then maybe it will be a good place to charge all right, thats it for today.