My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the tesla model y, so lets get started. Music todays video is sponsored by easy go as well as being irelands largest ev charging network easygo supports over 10 000 irish ev drivers to find and use more than 1200 charge points active on the easygo app. This works across the island of ireland, north and south. The team at ezekiel also provide home workplace and public charges, together with fleet management and payment service solutions ideal for businesses transitioning their fleets to electric vehicle driving Music. This will look very familiar to you because it is in essence the same as the model 3 just jacked up a bit a bit wider a bit longer and it will be around 70 75 percent of a model. 3S components are used inside the tesla model y. Before we go into a review of the tesla model y, if you want to support the channel theres, a couple of different ways, ill put, a link on the screen ill also put a link in the description, but by subscribing to the channel by liking. Videos. By commenting thats supporting it, i feel a lot more people are going to be interested in this size of electric vehicle. We talk about the different components of it, but from the front it is a bit wider and it is a bit taller. A couple of centimeters wider, seven centimeters taller and its nearly as tall as a tesla model x.

You have your fog lights down here. You have your front in the mid. We look at that in a second, you have your led um headlights, very aero. Some people, like it some people dont some people, prefer the ionic 5 and we talk about that in our comparison: video, the kev6, the audi e4 q4 e tron, jaguar eye pace and so on and so forth. Moving down along the side, youve got some black cladding on the wheel arch. You can have 19s or 20s on the long range and on the performance you can have 21s youve got your um side cameras here, youve got your retractable wing mirrors handles and around the door frame, thats the same as the tesla model: 3. Since 2021 um. It is higher off the ground by about three centimeters and then youve got that sloping sloping hatchback on this, and this is where it starts to differentiate itself from the model 3 and why? I think a lot more people are going to go for this car. But first of all lets have a look in the front and to out on the front you can use the app you can use if youve got the key fob, but you can also pop it up there from the display Applause. There are no hooks inside here, but youve got your toe eye, towing eye and otherwise everything but its a great size. 127 liters, i believe, youve got access to your window.

Washer lets have a look down at the back down along the back. Youll see that hatchback its got that lip coming out for aerodynamics. The only chrome elements on the tesla model y will be the um front and back tesla logos. Youve got the very similar lights. Youve got your charging port on the side, got a lot of plastic. Cladding on the back of it, not bad. Looking youve got your reversing hammer in here as well, and its this is a dual motor, only long long, wheel, drive and performance. You have your button underneath and it is a power tail lift. Then you have just massive space in this boot, so you have your regular flat floor all the way in and then you have your access in into this um well in the bottom, and then you have a secondary section: youve got elements down along the side: theres, Not much else going on in here, but you do have the ability to drop the rear seats electronically as well. This is going to be the game changer for the tesla model y and the fact that the difference between this and the model 3 with that entry, the mod 3, is a still got a very large boost. But this one, just when, when you, when you show to people like my god its so much now, there is no cover, but the back window is tinted and there will be an option for seven seats where the seats are facing backwards.

And you have your feet. Are going down into that? Well and you currently, that is an optional at the moment, but you currently can option a tow hitch on the back of it. Um its gon na affect your range dont get me wrong, but but that is the back of the tesla model y. A lot of people bothered about that. Flap opened up over there, but well close it correctly, rather than forcing it lets. Have a look on the inside before we go inside, i just want to go through and show you what its like to order a tesla from their website. So you can see here in the model y. It is estimated delivery of early 2020.. You have two options: the long range and the performance. The long range has a wltp of 507 real world on eb database, but 420. You can do 217 kilometers an hour and a zero to 105 seconds and the price there is after saving. So always look at the bottom of the screen, so this tesla model y long range is actually 69 800. Then, if you take the performance version, things start changing. The range becomes lower down to 480 wltp, faster top speed of 241 and a faster zero to 103.7 seconds and shows you the difference that youre getting you are getting the increased performance, but also the 21 inch uber turbines, the performance brakes in lower suspension and the Aluminium pedals, both models come with five colors white is standard, black gray and blue are 1200 euros extra and then the red is the most expensive tesla.

You can get at 2 300 extra on the long range youve got the 19 inch gemini and the 20 inch induction wheels and then, as we test, that we have the uber turbine ones for the performance, tesla model y torhic will be available. Internally then youve got two colors dark or bright. Youve got a seating layout option here of just five. The seven option will come down the line and then you have enhanced autopilot for an additional fee and then full self driving capability. If you ordered the long range its saying estimated delivery early 2022 for the right hand version, we suspect thats going to come out of potentially giga berlin or giga germany, whatever you want to call it and then the performance bit longer its saying estimated delivery. Mid 2022. Then charging the tesla model y on it works with a ccs port. Here in europe it has a ac capability of 11 kilowatts, but on a typical home charger of that seven kilowatts, it will take about 11 hours 15 minutes to charge, then on dc it can go up to 210 kilowatts on a regular 50 kilowatt charger. It will take you from 10 to 80 in an hour and nine minutes, but if you got a supercharger that would take you 29 minutes so very capable at charging. If you get the right type of chargers to it, if you think this car is for you, you can contact easygo and register for the app by clicking the link on the screen or in the description inside the tesla model y, very similar to the tesla model.

3, except for the seats, are a bit higher up. Youve got more headroom theres, a panoramic sunroof. That goes all the way back to the hinge on the hatch, but the screen is the exact same its 15 inch. You can use the app on your phone or you can use the key down here. Thats the key card – and this is the same as the update on the model 3 and i put that video up on the screen and that is that youve got your wireless charging pads here. Youve got your sliding access into the um area in underneath for storage, youve got your two water bottle holders or coffee cup holders. Youve got your armrest and another large storage area underneath comfortable. The seats are electronically adjusted. You have lumbar and you can save them. Um its touch button to open its got the wooden trim on the doors, as well as the dash, which was an upgrade on the model 3 as well. These model wires are coming out of china at the moment um, but we reckon that the right hand drives will be coming out of giga, berlin and weve. Had a couple of irish members that have gone over were lucky enough to get over to the um. The kind of open day that they had there recently frameless mirror uh everythings controlled through the touch pad. If you want to change the wing mirrors, you want to adjust the steering wheel, height thats, also done through the the thumb wheels on the steering wheel, then, on the stalks youve got the indicator and light and wiper action on the left and on the white.

You have you, have your reverse, drive, neutral and perk and cruise control setting as well very comfortable. I love the higher up seating position, love it im 187 centimeters six foot two and you can see there is probably another 130 140 millimeters there, 12 or 13 centimeters. Really really good, so this seat is set for me, ive been driving it all morning. Lets have a seat in the back to see how were getting on back there, but otherwise its 70 75 tesla model 3. So youre going to see a lot of the similarities in it, but lets have a seat in the back Music in the back of the model. Why its pretty dark so youve got that uv, protected and um ultraviolet panel sunroof, and it goes all the way back. So again, that seat is set for me. Youve got two three centimeters in front of my legs. Youve got small magazine, pocket youve got two usb type, as you have individually heated seats in the back. Youve got air vents here, but you get control from the dash up the front. So whatever temperature is that it isnt um tri zone, it is dual zone up the front. You have your door button, you have your window release. You have a decent enough pocket uh. These seats can um recline as long as youre, nothing in the boot, which is great, and then the seats are done in a 40 20 40 split.

And if you need somebody in the middle and you will fit somebody in the middle in the back. But i know a lot of people ask me if i can do that and because of that flat floor now its two full seats in a center seat, but with that flat, four yeah id have no problem. Traveling on a long journey with that, head height is good, four or five centimeters in the middle seat and then youre slightly down youve got two um youve got two uh isofix points, couldnt take them in there for a thing, and then, if you have somebody sit In the middle, you can push up the headrest, which is a nice touch, and then you can have your armrests with your cup holders and if you wanted to, you can knock that down as well separately thats electronically released. You can hear it there yeah great space in the back here and because those front seats are up on a bit of a plinth. Youve got great foot room in underneath as well, and you could even store stuff in underneath there. If you needed to overall winning all around quality, finish is good as well. Would it be up to the european standards, probably not your audis or bmw or mercedes, but overall its a great car and make a prediction at the end? Stick around whats it like driving the tesla model y. You can definitely feel the weight amazing acceleration.

This only comes in the um long range and the performance as weve talked about, and this is a left hand drive so its a bit unusual. You can change the weight of the steering wheel. You can change the region, you can change the acceleration so theres a lot of optimization in it its great. If youre used to the model 3, absolutely its a firmer right then than most, but it is um. Yeah. Music, the left hand drive in a right hand. Country is so unusual and ive done it a couple times now, but just on smaller roads, you kind of put your head on on the right way. The panoramic sunroof is lovely insident and so having that extra space extra light very narrow roads here at the moment, but um. The only negative i have with the model y is the visibility out the rear view mirror and because youve got that hatch youve got a very youve got a leather box. Opening wing wears are good um, its the exact same steering wheel as the tesla model 3. So it is vegan leather coated, i think, is what it is. There is a heated steering wheel option if i remember correctly as well. Let me bring that up. Lets get past. The cyclists cue right Music lets. Try that we can get it Music interesting. We got through it, though its a lovely height, and i said that, when im sitting in the front of us, its a lovely height for driving great visibility seat is set for me thats as down as much as it can go.

Some people feel its a bit too high, bush im very happy with it and, as mentioned im 187 centimeters, six foot, two, let me know in the comments, are you going to wait for the model y right hand? Version? Are you going to go for the ionic 5, so id4 the score enyak, the ford mustang mackie, the jaguar eye pace and on and on and on which is great, this electric vehicle stuff will never take off. I was told, thankfully, its all gone: okay, thats hatch. It doesnt have a wiper on it either. So itll be interesting to see what the visibility is like in in rain. Just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by ez go, who are now offering a years free driving when ezco installs a charter at your home or business for more info or to submit for a quote click the link on the screen or in the description thats. My review of the tesla model y left hand drive so slightly different, but its going to be in essence the same thing but on the other side, so a bit difficult to drive it on irish roads. But im going to say something now and im going to be held to it. This is going to be the best selling electric vehicle in 2022 in ireland. I honestly believe it theres huge competition in this space, especially around this price point 50 to 70. So its not cheap dont get me wrong, but i think a lot of people are going to pick this one over the other models.

Let me know in the comments what you think its up against a lot of other, very capable electrified, because the jaguar eyepiece the mercedes eqc, the bmw, its interesting that they didnt go with the standard range. I know that its been said that you can order it off books in the us, but thats not the case here, so it is just the long range it is just the performance. At the moment i havent got the seven seat option as an option. At the moment, you can get a tow bear its a stunning car im very tempted. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays review like the video share. It leave a comment and remember, if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review thanks.