Yes, we have shown you the hyundai ioniq 5 kia ev6 and genesis gv60. But you know genesis is a premium brand. So let me just compare kia ev6 against hyundai ioniq 5. Throughout the day and stay tuned, because at the end im going to tell you – which one do i prefer so stay tuned guys. Okay, now lets talk about the range first, because this is all electric vehicle, regardless of battery size. Kia ev6 just has better range compared to county iron a5. So, if youre more into range, then you should definitely get kia ev6 and if the range is number one factor for you, then you should really get it with single motor with smaller wheel size, which is 19 inches. That way, you get most range out of kia. Ev6, you can get ki v6 with a single motor, turning the rear, wheels or add one more up front and get it with dual motor system. That also works as all wheel, drive system, output, number 315 newton meters for the single motor 605 for the dual motor system. My tester only came with a single motor turning the rear wheels. Okay. Now let me just show you how fast this new 2022 kia ev6 can be: okay, esc off two stage. There we go lets put the car into sports mode and go its pulling nicely, doesnt feel as much as powerful with dual motor system, but its doing pretty good job, and it took about seven points, four seconds to hit 60 miles per hour, not really bad.

But if you want more dynamic performance, then you should really go with dual motor system, which will hit 60 miles within just five seconds, but not bad. What about the dimensions? Well, both hyundai ioniq, 5 and kia ev6 are based on the all new egmp platform, but theyre quite different car, for instance, hyundai ioniq 5 has 3 meters of wheelbase, which is even larger than hyundai 8. This kia, ev6 2.9 meters of wheelbase and very interestingly kia ev6, is over longer but narrower and also lower compared to hyundai ioniq 5. Very interesting – and i heard kia really wanted to make ev6 a better handling car, so stay tuned because were going to show you how this guy actually tackles the corner Applause and because this is gt line model. We have a different looking lower bumper design here and there thats radar sensor for the adaptive cruise control and, yes, we still have tiger nose up here, but its relatively, very small now and its fully closed. So rather we have a active, grille shutter down here to cool off the battery. If you want a large front, then you might be a bit disappointed. This is river drive model which comes with larger front, but yeah still not large enough. I heard he really wanted to give more interspace for the passengers, so guys do. Let me know which do you prefer more interspace or larger front. Let me know in the comment section please and looking at car from the side pillars are blacked out to create sort of a floating roofline effect, and we also have a silhouette light up here.

I guess kia is really proud of this line looks great at night and because we have a gt line model, we have a painted queer artist right up here and also black trim right there for regular standard model. Theres two chrome strips in the middle and lets see our testers wearing 255 45 by 20 on front and back okay. Now lets go out and check out the braking performance of the new 2022 kia ev610 a bit more speed. It took ev6 only 115 feet to a complete stop having battery on the bottom really helps. That is why i cannot wait to show you how this guy handles. I think its gon na be great wow. Okay. Now let me just show you the second rope since im about six two and theres good amount of leg. Room and headroom is plenty spacious as well, and if you ask me yes with longer, wheelbase hyundai ioniq 5 feels a little bit more spacious. But you know this is still very plenty spacious. I think window comes down all the way single window and we have events on the b pillar, two stage heated seats. But what i really dont understand is why kia ev6 does not have any manual sunshade for this side. Yes, hyundai ioniq 5 has them. We also have a walk in device. Two c type: charging ports, good change for kia. We also have a 220 board charging socket on the bottom for the v2l 3.

6 kilowatt electricity and goods armrest with smart two cup holders, and we have a regular sunroof on the top on the irony. 5 has a larger one that does not open, but this one actually opens so guys do. Let me know which one do you prefer? Let me know – and if you guys are enjoying this – please like this video and subscribe, so we can grow this channel together and have more fun. Trunk is quite spacious, very similar to hyundai iron a5. Of course, you can fold the second row seats to yield more cargo room, and we have some more storage area here with mobility kits and v2l connector right there, and this is how you trunk close the trunk and accept that there isnt any rear window wiper. I think design wise. I really like this line, so i think it looks even better than on the ironing five. We also have a sequential turn signal right here and look at the car from the drivers seat. We have a two 12.3 inch screens curved and large head up display on the top showing various informations, including whether theres a car on your blind spot or not both side so thats, very nice. We also have a new climate and media control, its smart ones, but i really wish we had a bit more physical buttons right on there. We also have a heat pump here and air cleaning mode, three stage: heated and ventilation, seats and heated steering walls.

So we have pretty much and we also have a wireless charging pad right up here. So we have pretty much everything from up here, but, unlike on the ionic 5, yes, this is quite fixed, but we still get large space on the bottom and many many charging ports. Okay, too much talking now lets go out and drive this kia. Ev16. Okay, lets start with visibility, just like any other kia models. We have large windows all around and sitting position is just about right. We also have blind spots alert system and also monitoring systems, so yeah its very pleasant place to be, and because this is all electric vehicle, its very quiet Applause lets do talk about powertrain for a second, like i told you, you can get kia ev6 with dual Motor system, but our tester just came with the single motor turning the rear, wheels producing about 229 horsepower and 350 newton meters of torque. You might say its not much, but when you do put the car into sports mode, really bad um trust me. It doesnt feel sluggish or slow yeah pretty nice, but yeah. If you want like ultra performance, then then you should really go with all wheel drive dual motor system, but i think this should be quite enough for most of us yeah really and when i do drive all electric vehicle. One thing that i really miss is the exhaust note. That is why kia plays active, sound design.

You can turn it off, put it into smallest, moderate or largest. Now, let me just let you hear three different themes. This is stylish Music, okay, so thats stylish. This is dynamic: okay, so thats thats dynamic. The last one is called cyber, so im not really a big fan, but if i have to choose, i think my favorite is dynamic and the worst one is the cyber yeah im just glad you can turn it off. So guys do, let me know which one is your favorite, uh, stylish, dynamic or cyber. Let me know yeah, i like it off. Definitely ie v6 is all electric vehicles, so we cannot show you gear changes happening but were still given paddle shifters. These are not to change the gears, but to change the intensity of regen breaking. You can choose among 0, 1. 2. 3. I paddle. So in theory. Yes, you can drive this kia ev6 using just one paddle, three, two ones: zero, zero being no reason breaking so yeah. Its pretty good right now were driving on the highway and kia. Ev6 feels quite nicely isolated and also feels stable, and we also have adaptive cruise control working with lane keepers, as you can see its a very delicate system, its actually uh doing the turns for me. So i think this kia ev6 also can be very good highway. Cruiser after a while says, keep your hands on the steering wheel. So for your own safety, you should always keep your hands on the steering wheel and boy, even with the single motor.

Turning the rear. Wheels feels very nice stable and pose nicely all the way. Okay and good brakes good breaks, i mean recent regen breakings do not feel artificial anymore. It used to be really bad, but pretty nice all right guys lets try a few corners. All the battery on the bottom and rear drive is a great recipe for great handling car and it does not disappoint me. Oh my god sway. The sway seats are holding me very nicely, um, even the rear pops out, but esc just holds me very nice and overall, just this chassis just feels rock solid and uh great balance. All the weight is just pulling the car down too much fun lets try one more time. Okay, lets try one more time hard left this time. I love the fact that the esc does not engage too early. Just let you have some fun slip there. A little bit but uh yeah, all the oval drive system. Um i mean without the absence of the all wheel, drive system. The front feels a bit light, but i mean even without the all wheel, drive system. I think this car handles very nicely so yeah. If you want better handling car, then you should really go with almost drive system: dual motor system – button yeah. I think this should be quite enough for most of us very good. So now let me answer the question. My answer is kia ev6, because this is all electric vehicle.

It just has better range and i think it looks more futuristic from outside. So my answer, ki v6. So guys do. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comment section. Please all right guys. This has been a test drive with the new 2022 kiai v6 hope you guys enjoyed it and well be back with much much more. So if you love cars and car reviews, please do support us by subscribing to our channel and also hit that bell notification. So you dont miss out in the future.