So first im going to take you for a walk around, have a closer look at that interior finish it off with a test drive dont forget check out my website, where i keep you up to date on all the latest automotive and motorsport news from around the World Music kia introduced this versatile crossover as recently as 2018 and every year since its either improved with range standard features or won awards. Like most recently, the jd power award for best ev ownership experience among mass market battery electric vehicles in the us, which is an interesting fact, because the nero isnt available for sale in every u.s state. Nonetheless, in 2022, it receives for the first time, kias, updated logo. Styling, a 10.25 inch touchscreen is available in all trims and more standard driver safety technology. But im going to begin this review with the all important battery range, so in 2021 kia improved the neros range and that remains for 2022.. So, for my us viewers, you can travel up to 2′ miles and for us canadians its 385, but interesting fact. When i recharge at home it actually states that i can travel up to 461 kilometers. Of course, this is before i turn on my heated steering wheel and my heated seats and my heating inside my cabin but ill get to all of that during my test drive, so the battery is still the same and theres still three different levels of charging level.

One is your at home charging and thats what ive been using all week, its your traditional three prong outlet, its going to be incredibly slow, and then you have your level two which you could have a unit installed at your house or youll find level two in Most small parking lots or even some restaurants, and then you have level three, which is your dc fast charging, and when you use dc fast charging, you can charge up to 80 full in less than an hour and when you are full, this is producing 201 horsepower. With 291 pound feet of torque and its still only available in front wheel drive this week, ive had the pleasure of test driving the top trim touring package here in canada. For my u.s viewers, you have two trim levels available: thats ex and ex premium. Your ex premium is just about on par with our touring give or take a couple features and ill explain those differences, as i take you for a walk around, but regardless of trim, every single eevee nero comes equipped with 17 inch wheels. These have been modified for 2022., it also comes equipped with braking regeneration, and this is commonly used on ev vehicles and allows you to recharge your battery slightly when you lift off of the accelerator and like the audi e tron, i reviewed the kia niro ev has Three different levels of braking regen and you can control those levels by using the paddle shifters on your steering wheel, and this is pretty important.

Keep this in mind when youre using the most aggressive level, which is that third level you can come to a complete stop without using your brake pedal. So what that means is when youre in heavy traffic, if youre, using your braking regen to recharge your battery, the people behind you or around you arent, going to know, because your brake lights dont work for you to come to a complete stop safely. When you have a lot of people around you, i recommend using your brake light. So people know that youre coming to a stop. Dont use your braking regen i mentioned it previously, but the nero is a compact crossover and you would assume that you have towing capabilities, but you do not in the ev model. If youre looking for towing capabilities well, then i would recommend making the switch. The hybrid version, and before you go installing a bike, rack back here, speak to your kia specialist to make sure youre, not voiding your warranty. Now, when it comes to overall cargo capacity, the nero isnt leading the segment, but its also not the worst and when youre not traveling, with any guests on the back seats. While the seats fold in a 60 40 split – and you can put them down by using the handles on each side – also whats – really nice, with the top trim touring or in the ex premium version, it automatically comes equipped with a cargo cover and a mesh net Cover look for this inside your glove box.

Now, underneath here your trunk floor, you can actually put some smaller items, but remember i mentioned theres. No spare tire underneath here is where youll be able to find your tire mobility kit, overall interior cabin space remains unchanged for 2022 and remember this is a compact crossover, so space back here can get tight, but if you have a small family, everybody will fit fine And if youre familiar with my channel, you know im five foot three, so i fit pretty much well everywhere, but when you go out for your test, drive bring your family to ensure they can fit back here comfortably now in terms of storage. Well, you have pockets available behind both front seats, but in the touring and ex premium you have two pockets behind the front seats on the lower trims. Youll only have a pocket behind the front seat, passenger so pay attention to that and on the side yeah you only have space for one cup or bottle holder and then maybe one small snack on top of here. Of course, when nobodys sitting in the center, you can take advantage of your two traditional cup or bottle holders on top of the center armrest, but two of my favorite features are offered and that is rear, heated seats, again top trim, touring and ex premium to turn On your heated seats use the button on top of here and then my other favorite feature is a three prong outlet.

This is a fantastic and, on top of there, youll find two directional vents. If youre looking for connectivity for rear seat passengers well thats available to you inside the front center console before i take you for a tour of this very simplistic and decluttered passenger area, one more feature to tell you about and thats a remote starter on your key Fob if you do not receive a remote starter on your key fob, ask your kia specialist about the uvo app. Essentially, if you download the app or using the remote starter on your key fob, you can pre start your vehicle and preheat your cabin, but it will not work for you if youre plugged in so basically make sure youre unplugged. So you could take advantage of this feature now: im going to start up top with the small sunroof which comes standard in the ex premium and touring models. This is manual to open and then its power operated. Every seat in here is soft, syntax leather. I also have the white accenting: if you go with a smaller trim level, thats fine youre, just going to have a blend of cloth in and this soft syntax leather. These front seats are both heated and ventilated to turn them on use the buttons. On top of here, the front passenger seat is a manually operated. The driver seat is power operated. Now, if youre a fan like me of a heated steering wheel, we receive a heated steering wheel as standard in canada on the touring package.

My us viewers ask your kia specialist about a cold weather package, so you have the option of a heated steering wheel and to turn this on again theres. Also a button down here. The rest of the wheel has been slightly revised for 2022, but its all really easy to use. On the left hand, side you have your bluetooth, your voice commands and some customization for your fully digital driver cluster, which is incredible, and it projects a lot of great information to you. Clearly, you also receive three months of sirius xm radio. On the right hand, side. This is your smart adaptive crew settings if you prefer smart adaptive, crews with your pre collision, warning your blind spot monitoring your lane keep assist lane centering and regardless of trim, everybody receives a rear view, camera again getting back to the smart adaptive cruise. If you prefer the semi autonomous driving style, you have to ask your kia specialist about it, because its available in ex plus ex premium and touring the lower models will just have your very basic cruise control. Now moving over to your infotainment system, i said it previously. This has been upgraded for 2022.. Now everybody receives a 10.25 inch touchscreen. It is a swipe through super easy to use. You want your radio just push the radio. If you want navigation which you receive in the top trims, just follow the prompts it it really doesnt get much easier than this. So, like i said top trims, you have a navigation.

I also have the upgrade upgraded harman kardon stereo system, which is fantastic. It is my favorite personally, everybody receives android, auto and apple car play again top trims. You receive wireless charging, you have decent connectivity on top of here, and this storage down the center is honestly really good on the sides, its a little bit better than the back, but its much better down the center. Now a couple more items before i hit the road, so you have a couple different driving modes, you have eco normal and sport and sports is a lot of fun with that instant torque. But you could also see how it drains your battery on that digital driver cluster now to put into gear. You actually use the turn knob down here and its just reverse, neutral and drive to put it into park. You have to push the p button, its not going to park itself now that said, lets hit the road, so i can provide you with my final driving impression from this past week. Overall drivability for the week has just been pleasant, evs in general, just really smooth its nice and quiet and when they have sport mode sport mode is so much fun with that instant torque. Just like that, i mean nothing beats eevee instant torque. It is a fantastic butt when youre using your sport mode, you can literally just see your battery drain and uh honestly, if youre only driving like 30 minutes or 60 minutes daily to and from work, you can have fun always in sport mode and its not going To be a problem for you, because you can charge up everywhere and all ive been doing is using the slowest level one charging and ive had no issues being topped up and yeah.

I was pleasantly surprised when i got into the nero ev for the first time after charging overnight, and it said that i had 461 kilometer range, thats fantastic. But then, as i said as soon as you turn on your heated steering wheel and heated seats. And then sport mode, you can watch that just drain pretty quickly, but that braking regen is really really good. Ive left mine at the most aggressive setting all week, so it charges itself up because i really like that sport mode, but remember when youre using your braking. Regen, your brake lights, dont work and you know the people around you arent, going to know that you know youre using your braking regen so make sure you use your brakes, so your brake lights work when youre in traffic. Another feature that uh i like is you know blind spot monitoring, all that all that stuff is great, but what i love which kia does is they have a shortcut on the side that, if you dont want your lane, keep assist working for you or your blind Spot monitoring, you can just hold those buttons down on the side and you can turn them off right away right. So thats way better than going through your infotainment system. It makes everything super uh super convenient and much faster now in terms of overall visibility. Its super good out the front and the sides, but you do have a huge blind spot out that third window, because it is so small but, like i said, if you go with the ex premium or the touring, you have blind spot monitoring.

So you know you dont have to necessarily worry about your blind spot, but me im old school driver. I always look right. You should honestly always be aware of whats going on around you and look at your blind spot, but the noise quality in here is great. You know, i said it just moments ago: its one of the best things about evs is that its so quiet and when you want to have a bit more fun and make it really loud in here that harming carton, stereo system again top trims is fantastic, but Guys what id like to do in all my videos is recommend a test drive because theyre complimentary, so i provide links down below so you can find your closest kia dealership, but make sure you bring your family with you because you can see and they can feel Overall passenger comfort as well and thats, really important because usually with evs, and if you are new to evs, when you throttle mash, it sometimes its very unbalanced, but not in the nero the the mini ev that i test drove was really unbalanced. When you throttle match it, but not in this nero so go for that test, drive ask for a side street test drive and then ask for your highway. Go on those on and off ramps go a little bit quicker. So you can see the overall balance me. Ive had absolutely no issues with it, its been really comfortable all this week and uh, you know decluttered.

I said it before too, like i like how everythings decluttered some people dont like everything as simplistic as me, but it is what it is. I have absolutely no challenges with it but, like i said, make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell, so you dont miss how to tuesday or feature car friday.