Cadillac ev luxury is something that takes care of you when you least expect it its walking up to a vehicle and have it welcome you and really awaken all of your senses. When you approach the lyric interior, the first thing that will be prevalent to you is the beautiful curved 33 inch display its just a stunning display. It feels like youve, purchased a high end tv in your living room. We have graphics that go all the way to the edge, the beautiful colors and the fact that this is a battery electric vehicle. The ux team did a beautiful job years ago. We would make it obvious that its an ev, bright greens, bright blues, your battery gauge, is huge when were working on evs with a brand like cadillac, it has to be sophisticated, it has to be elegant, we know from speaking to our customers and doing research clinics That generally ev customers kind of fall into two different categories: theres people who are really into the data and want to make sure they understand everything, thats happening with their vehicle theres, also the other side of customers who maybe dont, really need all that data and just Want to be assured that everythings, okay and with the infotainment system and the lyric youre able to get as much information or as little information as you are comfortable with technology, has always been a key element in cadillacs and the lyric is no exception. Traditional heads up displays have one plane of information that makes it look like graphics are floating on the hood.

This new dual plane hud has two different planes of information. One looks like its floating on the hood and another looks like its floating on the road. The near plane will be really crucial. Information like your speed that far plane will be things like navigation turn by turn its a step beyond anything weve ever done before when it comes to the audio assistant that we have an alert its a 19 speaker akg studio. Our goal was to transport the customer into our recording studio, to establish that emotional connection with your system with akg is the right brand for cadillac. Often designing new features that you dont fully understand yet is a challenge. Supercruise is a great example. Music is the industrys. First, truly: hands free driver assist system. We introduced it in 2018 on the cadillac ct6 and itll, be coming to the lyric weve added many new features to supercruise the biggest one being our lane change on demand feature where the driver can actually request a lane change and then the vehicle execute the lane Change on its own, when the customer is using super crews, its very important that the customer feels safe using this new high resolution display using real time, rendering of 3d graphics were able to provide that safety information. The components that make super crews actually function, some of them appear on the interior side and we designed them to be so seamless for the customer that we give them all the space and comfort that they expect in a luxury product.

The company wide collaboration that has taken place between exterior design, interior design, color and trim the user experience studio. All these different team members working together collaboratively has shown us that theres a lot more.