Some not so popular car brands are still worth looking at lets, get familiar with them in this video ezera z100. The 2023 is zero will be a large vehicle, it will have a range of 400 kilometers and a quick charge of half an hour will be enough to charge the battery to 80 percent. Two battery capacities are expected to be introduced in fewer than eight seconds. The vehicle must accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour. The cars will have a range of up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. The batteries can be easily charged using the power wall chargers and fast charging stations. The high resolution lcd touch panel will allow users to connect with their cars via the application or their voice, its important to remember that these are prototypes for the time being not ready made vehicles. However, from all indications, the models put into production in 2023 will be identical to those shown. Today, the price is yet to be officially announced. Dacia spring dacia spring is a 3.7 meter, long, electric vehicle, with a low power output of 44 horsepower and a small 27.4 kilowatt hour battery. It does, however, weigh less than one ton allowing it to achieve a stated wltp range of 143 miles between charges. The charging port is concealed behind a panel in a flush front, grille, flanked by twin headlight units with a slim led lighting signature. The wheels appear to be made of alloy, but they are made of pressed steel despite its suv like appearance.

The springs. Proportions are ideal for city driving at 3, 734 millimeters long and 1 622 millimeters wide its just slightly longer and broader than a volkswagen up and much more compact than a standard. Super mini dasha boasts that the spring has plenty of room inside with even the back seats, fitting two persons, the glove box door, pockets and a central storage box, give 23.1 liters of storage for front occupants with additional door cubbies in the back. The spring comes with a 300 liter boot, which is significantly above average for the city vehicle sector. The renault kwids functional dashboard is used in the front, blue accents can be seen on the doors and the air vents surrounds below the central vents is a 7 inch. Touchscreen entertainment system with a reverse camera apple, carplay and android, auto electric door mirrors air conditioning and a full size spare wheel, are all available as options. In contrast, all round electric windows and central locking are standard features, including central locking and a 3.5 inch digital display between the dials. It has a reasonably low starting price of fourteen thousand four hundred dollars. Scion, electric car sono motors, a german company, is dramatically improving its scion solar electric car. Instead of the previously anticipated 35 kilowatt hour battery capacity, the scion will have a 54 kilowatt hour lfp battery. According to sono motors, the new battery extends the scions wltp range to up to 305 kilometers from 255 kilometers. It boosts the maximum ccs charging capacity to up to 75 kilowatts instead of 50 kilowatts.

The average increased solar range of 112 kilometers per week stays constant. Solar energy should be able to cover up to 245 kilometers each week at its peak. Scion also claims a longer service life with up to 3 000 cycles or 900 000 kilometers by adding a lithium ion phosphate battery. Furthermore, battery safety in terms of flammability is predicted to improve this improved battery, allows scion drivers to increase the duration between chargers, while decreasing the charging time the scion to provide everyone with cheap and straightforward sustainable mobility. The price of the solar electric car will stay at 30 thousand dollars, including german vat skoda. Inyak iv, the skoda inyak iv is the first all electric suv from the firm. The skoda vision iv idea is used to design the enyak. The inyak will be a traditional suv, unlike the enyak, which featured an suv, coupe body style, its also the companys first vehicle to be built on volkswagens meb platform. Everything about the enyak iv appears to be of the highest quality and design. The electric suv holds the title of being the most powerful skoda ever produced. This electric vehicle comes in two variants. The inyak iv60 has a 62 kilowatt hour battery, while the inyuk iv80 has an 82 kilowatt hour battery, both gross net 58 and 77 kilowatt hours for rear wheel drive both use a single rear mounted electric motor. The advertised wltp range is between 256 and 333 miles, which is excellent value for money.

The 80 has 201 horsepower and the 60 has 177 horsepower, but their zero to 62 miles per hour. Speeds are only 0.2 seconds apart and they both have 229 pound feet of torque. You have to specify between 100 kilowatts and 125 kilowatt charging for the 60 and 80.. Both cars charge at the highest possible rate of 50 kilowatts, the cheapest in yacht cost, is 31 thousand 995 dollars. Renault mcgann e vision, the renault magon e vision features stylistic hues from city vehicles, suvs and even coupes. The renaults designers were able to juggle between multiple styles to design the display car because of the options given by a revolutionary new modular platform called cmfev. The aria will be available with two battery sizes and single motor front drive and twin motor four wheel drive and the new magon is likely to have a similar combination when power is applied towards the front wheels. The electric motor produces 215 bhp and 221 pound feet. Renault claims a time of fewer than eight seconds from zero to 62 miles per hour. According to renault, the magon e vision is a dynamic hatchback, with stylistic cues from city cars, suvs and coupes, its slightly shorter than the current magon and the aria at 4, 210. Millimeters, it is eighteen hundred millimeters wide and one thousand five hundred and five millimeters tall weighs one thousand six hundred and fifty kilograms with a twenty seven hundred millimeter wheelbase, the grill on the magon e vision is based on the morphos and features narrow, led matrix headlamps.

The front bumper has air stops that route air around the wheels to improve efficiency. The 20 inch wheel, rims include aerodynamic elements, smooth surfaces adorn the sides of the magon e vision, which have flush electric door handles that open instantly. When you approach the car starting price for this, one is 33 895 hyundai ioniq 6.. The next hyundai ioniq 6 will be significantly influenced by hyundais latest prophecy concept. The concepts rear facing cameras could be replaced with standard wing mirrors. The roofline is expected to increase back seat headroom, this ultra slim saloon car was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Therefore, it featured a simple curving profile, a ground hugging body and the bare minimum of intakes and grilles a rear. Spoiler, that can be adjusted automatically helps manage the flow of air over the prophecy idea. The propeller shaped wheels are designed to keep the brakes cool. As you drive, the hyundai ioniq 6s interior will feature a clean, minimalist design that emphasizes its spaciousness and gives it a futuristic aspect. There are several similarities between the ionic 5 and the ionic 6, including a similar low profile motif on a white panel with curving corners, small ac vents temperature control panel and pedals. We see the same two spoke steering wheel, grouped digital instrument, cluster and infotainment system panels. One noticeable change is that the ionic 6 appears to have a fixed type central console. Unlike the ionic five, its starting price is forty thousand dollars.

Tog turkey now considers itself a global participant in the automobile business as its first domestic automaker has revealed ambitions to begin selling. An electric suv in 2022 customers can pick between two lithium ion battery configurations. The smaller pack is rated at 186 miles per charge, while the larger pack is rated at 300 miles per charge. The c suv will be able to reach an 80 charge in just 30 minutes tog. On the other hand, hasnt revealed the capacity of either of its battery packs, nor has it specified a maximum charging rate. However, a 30 minute fast charge indicates recharge rates of more over 150 kilowatts. The lower capacity option will provide 186 miles of range, while the higher capacity option will provide 310 miles. One 200 horsepower electric motor in the rear is standard. Still an all wheel, drive option adds a front electric motor to boost performance to a claimed 400 horsepower. The rwd variant will go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 7.6 seconds, while the awd model will do so in 4.8 seconds. According to tog, a large all digital instrument, cluster and infotainment system are available in the interior. There is also a passenger display, similar to the one found in the porsche tycon. The interior is dominated by touch screen interfaces, including a secondary display atop, the center console for climate controls. The turkish national car hopes to sell for forty four thousand dollars. Opel e, the moca e, is powered by a single front, mounted electric motor that produces 134 bhp and 260 nm of torque adequate for a 0 to 62 miles per hour speed of 8.

7 seconds. There is just one battery size, 50 kilowatt hours, which falls neatly between the two sizes provided by kia and hyundai, with the e niro and kona electric respectively. The voxel mocha e has a 50 kilowatt hour battery and a 136 horsepower electric motor driving the front wheels. The vehicle will speed up from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 8.7 seconds. A 100 kilowatt public fast charger is the quickest way to charge the voxel mocha e. They typically charge their batteries from 0 to 80 percent, complete in around 30 minutes. A slower 50 kilowatt public charger will charge your batteries from zero to 80 percent in 50 minutes, but a domestic plug outlet will take more than 20 hours to charge. Your mocha e from zero percent to 80 percent available at a starting price of forty five thousand three hundred and eighty dollars hyundai ioniq, seven, the ionix seven will be built on hyundai e gmp, kias scalable platform for electric cars, with the width and wheelbase length of The modular architecture left relatively open with fewer restrictions on these characteristics. The size of the battery that the giant suv must accommodate will be a significant deciding factor. The hyundai ionix 7 will include a premium three row: cabin with automatic climate control, keyless entry parking, sensors and a multifunctional steering wheel. It should consist of a touch screen, infotainment system, with ota updates and linked car capabilities. Multiple airbags, abs, with ebd and automated driving assistance systems are expected to be available to ensure passenger safety.

This vehicle will be based on the egmp scalable platform, with a long hood wide rectangular grille, full width, drl and parametric pixel led headlights, blacked out b pillars, flush, fitted door handles and stylish wheels will surround it. The configuration for the rear lights will be similar to the frontal lights. The suvs wheelbase will be longer than the ionic 5.. The hyundai ioniq 7s price and availability will be published at the time of its introduction. It would cost about fifty thousand dollars Music.