Now, if you want a compact long range ev, this is a solid option. Now, obviously, tesla is the go to for many people. But honestly, i think this bolt really holds its own and for 2022 there have been some very much needed updates and im going to show you all those right now, but if you guys are new to car gurus be sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell. That way, you guys never miss an upload, but lets go ahead and jump into this new bolt Music. So for 2022, the bolt ev gets this all new front fascia and i am really liking it its a lot smoother. I like this new sort of area here in the middle. The headlights, though i think, look, really cool. It flows into these body lines going onto the side, youre gon na have this daytime running led up top, but this is not your headlight. Your headlights been moved down here, which does have a really cool look now, once we get to the side profile, you guys can really see what i was talking about with these headlights flowing into that black body line. That basically splits goes around the windows right. There looks really nice youre gon na. Have these updated wheels and youre gon na have this new color, which is called ice blue metallic and im loving the way this color looks on this car now coming to the back. You have one major change and the reason i say major is because for a lot of people this was one of the design elements that they werent too fond of, or you were either head over heels for it.

So the tail lights used to have this sort of squiggly line for lack of a better word. Now, thats been replaced with two horizontal lines back here which make it look a lot cleaner. So, once again, you either love this now or you wish you had the character from having the squiggly lines going up, but either way. I personally like the look. Let me know what you guys think comment below: do you like these tail lights, or do you like the previous tail lights now, unfortunately, one of the downsides of the bolt is that you do not get a front trunk, so instead you have all of your powertrain Components under here this is a 65 kilowatt hour, lithium ion battery pack, so unchanged from the previous year. Models exact same range at 259 miles and with this being front wheel drive. That means all of your drivetrain components are under here as well, but it still gets a fair amount of range. You guys will see and well talk more about that once we go for a drive okay, so on the interior of the updated bolt ev, i really like these changes. I do wish theres a little bit more color in here to break things up because right now it is all black, but you have an updated seat, design which chevy says should be more comfortable. I cant attest that is more comfortable by a big margin. I dont really think so.

It still feels a little bit on the harder side, but youll be fine on a two to three hour trip. Anything after that, you may start to feel the hardness of the seats now coming up here. You do have an updated dash design. You have a lot more gloss black up here, which is either a love or a hate for most people. If you love to keep your car clean spotless, not a lot of dust thats going to drive you insane, especially because it follows all the way down here into this updated center console now yeah. This updated screen works a lot faster, its going to have apple, carplay, android auto, and i love the display resolution, its very crisp right below that you have your heated seats, heated steering wheel, a wireless charging pad. You now have a sports mode, which is a little flag down here. Youre gon na have your traction control next to that youre gon na. Have your lane assist right there, and then you have this new push button shifter, which you basically pull up to throw into drive. Put it into reverse. You have a super high resolution camera park right there. You have a lot of storage space underneath here. So i have a wallet here, for example, i can just easily fit that in there and its just a cavernous space right there even more cavernous is this armrest. I can literally fit like half my arm in there, which is pretty nice.

You have this updated steering wheel, which looks really cool. You have this regenerative braking button, so on top of having actual one pedal driving here. If i want to turn my one pedal driving off and then just use regen at any random time, lets say im going down a mountain road and i want to take advantage of the coasting but use this paddle to regen. You can do that as well. On top of using your brakes, so you technically have three ways to regen or brake the vehicle which may be confusing this one, however, does not have super crews, so you have the bolt euv, which is another addition for 2022, a little bit bigger a little bit Higher up that one is going to come with supercruise, you cannot get it on the non euv bolt now. Your digital screen right behind your steering wheel, is exactly the same as the previous tier model. So no changes there, youre gon na have a bose sound system in here as well. The only downsides really are the fact that you dont have dual zone climate control and you dont have a moon roof as an option. I do wish you could get the moon roof, especially just because it would bring a little bit more light into the car, but thats really the only downsides of the interior so sitting in the back seat of the bolt ev. Now this is pretty much the same space as before so unchanged once again back here now.

This is where i was sat being in the front im about six feet tall and then ive got like maybe half an inch between my knee and the seat. So its a fair amount of room, its not going to be anything super significant, but headroom is surprisingly good. I can sit back here with my large hair and its like. Barely touching, you do have usb and usbc back here, no rear vents. Unfortunately, so if you have little ones back here or animals back here, uh youll probably just have to make sure the front air is hitting them in the back. You do have this armrest, which is pretty soft two cupholders here that can fold up and you can actually fit a third person if you need to because once again with this being electric, you dont have a transmission tunnel. So the floor is completely flat. Youve got storage space in the door, pockets and thats pretty much all the amenities back here, so lets go ahead and check out the trunk. So, in the back of the bowl ev, you have a really good amount of space for this size of a vehicle, because you dont have a gas tank. You can make that storage space go a lot deeper and if you want even more room, all you have to do is take off these few straps right here. Lay that down there and then basically just fold your seats down, and then you have more space now, if you cannotice, there is still a gap here.

So this floor is adjustable. So i can pull this up slide it right into here, and then you pretty much have a flat loading area, okay, so driving the bolt ev now once again, ive always liked this car. I like the way it drives. This new steering wheel feels very nice. I, like the leather, it feels very buttery smooth in your hands, but obviously thats not related to how the car actually drives. It drives nice, its fairly well insulated in here you hear road noise. You hear you know big bumps. You hear the suspension doing its thing. Its pretty average for a compact sized vehicle, the one thing i do like for sure is just the updated tech, especially in this main screen. I love pulling up the energy screen because it shows you in this really cool graphic the energy coming out of the battery. The energy coming back into the battery and lots of cars have done this, but i just like the way this one looks. The resolution is very high and it just looks very video game like its pretty cool. Now, as i come to a stop, i can basically pull this regen paddle and it should bring me to a full stop so thats, pretty cool and now once again that was with regen one pedal off. So i can push that thatll turn on one pedal driving and at that point i can accelerate and as soon as i come off the accelerator, you guys will see in just a second here we go.

It slows you down pretty dramatically so that is very nice and around town, its actually the more efficient way to drive, because you have to press the pedal a little bit more to use more energy, therefore youre using less energy. Now ergonomics are very nice as well. The visibility out of here is excellent. Large windshield youve got these two quarter panel windows, which is great large side windows view out of the back, is excellent through my rear view, mirror, and if i were to check my blind spot on either side its pretty good. All the visibility is absolutely excellent. On top of that, you have blind spot monitoring which helps even more now continuing on the ergonomics. Everything is very easy to get to. The touchscreen is just within an arms reach away. Uh all of my climate control. My heated seats heated steering wheel, the drive mode selector, my drinks. Nothing is too close to me nothings too far away from me, so this is like a solid goldilocks setup. Now lets talk about acceleration. Now, for those that have driven an ev, you know what it feels like its very smooth, just effortless propulsion, easy to control easy to generate power, its just really nice. Now, for those of you, whove, never driven an ev its like turning on a light switch. You go pedal all the way down to the floor, and your power is just right there, its pretty quick, its, not obviously the fastest thing out there in terms of electric vehicles, but it is plenty plenty plenty for most people in an everyday driving situation.

So, as a commuter car, this is the perfect amount of power, but now you have the sport mode. So if i push that and the cool thing with electric power is, if im going 30 i need to get over, i need to merge. I need to do anything that would be considered an emergency situation. I just go foot all the way to the floor, oh and in sport mode. It feels a lot better, so it basically just allows more power to be sent to the electric motor, but the downside is, of course it is going to use more energy. Okay lets talk efficiency. Now i have had this car for about a week and i just took a trip to santa monica from laguna beach spent the whole day out there drove around drove back. Then we went out and did dinner in irvine that night, that put about 158 miles in the car and its currently showing about 96 95 miles remaining. So if that proves to be true, thats pretty darn close to the epa rated range of 259 miles. Okay lets talk, competitors and pricing. Now this bolt for 2022 starts at a much lower price. Now for the bolt ev, it starts at 31, 000 roughly, and this one as is, is the 2lt starts around 34 000.. This has pretty much all the options and it only brings up to about 36 thousand dollars. So 36 grand is pretty much absolutely maxed out with the bolt ev.

Now this competes against vehicles like the nissan leaf, the kona electric, the nero ev. Some people may consider a tesla model 3, but heres where this bolt really really shines. So we already know the real world range is pretty close to what they quote, which is great compared to vehicles like lets, say tesla, doesnt really get quite. The real world range, at least on the base model that one starts at around ‘ 000. Once you add something like full self driving, thats gon na go up to, i believe about forty nine thousand dollars, which is a good amount more than this um and tesla does zero discounts, whereas chevrolet you could get probably get discounts from the dealership. Then youre talking something like a kona electric, which starts at around thirty four thousand dollars. I will admit it gets a little more real world range than what ive seen in the bolt very, very good ev. Then you have the nero ev, which is pretty comparable as well, and then youre going to have vehicles like the nissan leaf, which is the same price as this. The range is pretty comparable if you go for the upgraded battery pack, but the issue with that one is it uses chatimo, which is less? I guess accessible than something like the ccs combo, which this uses so thats, going to wrap up the review of the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev. Now this is an excellent car, but it doesnt come without its downfalls.

One of the biggest ones is. This no longer gets the 7 500 federal tax credit. Now vehicles like the leaf the kona ev, the nero ev. They all get that 7, 500 federal tax credit. Still but because chevrolet has sold so many of these bolts they no longer uh are able to get it so that may or may not change whether you would get the competition over the bolt. But we really want to know what you guys think comment below. Would you choose this bolt over the competition and, if you guys are new to cargurus, we would love to have you subscribe be sure to hit that notification bell? So you guys never miss an upload and be sure to visit us on cargurus.