Hopefully, you can hear me quite well, because this is not one of the most refined cars that ive ever driven, but whats. Interesting about this particular car is its mine. Yes, ive just bought this weird and wonderful little car and already its won me over because of its quirky nature and just back to basics driving again. I hope that you can hear me because one of the things about the twizzy is its not really a car. Its actually classified as a quadricycle or a heavy quadricycle on the v5. So therefore it doesnt have some of the creature comforts that youd expect of a car. Perhaps of this sort of value so talking to which this car, when it was new, would have been about seven or eight thousand pounds, and at the time when renault was selling them, you had to have a battery lease Music. Now the idea of the battery lease was simply that they would warrant and guarantee the state of charge with the battery, the idea being that, if you had any deviation from around 75 or less, then you had the ability to send the battery back to renault and Theyd replace it now this particular car ive bought is a used car, its nine years old and the guy that i bought it off had actually purchased the battery outright from renault for a small fee. I think it was around a thousand pounds or 1500 pounds, so it wasnt a great deal of money in the end, but whats really interesting about the car is, as i say, its, not an actual car, its a quadricycle.

Therefore its completely back to basics. There is no power steering there is no brake servos. There are no door locks, theres, no air conditioning theres, not even a radio, its completely at one with this little automobile, and i absolutely love it most of the people that have seen me driving. It think ive completely lost the plot and gone crackers, but i really really love the way it drives. I think its quirky looks are really charming and for everyday commuting, its the perfect little vehicle for me Music. Now i spend quite a lot of time commuting to an office about 25 miles away from where i live, and with that in mind, im just stuck in traffic im following other cars on average doing about 40 45 miles an hour, which is precisely what this cars Very comfortable to do the claim top speed is around 50 miles an hour 55 miles an hour and thats made possible by a very, very small electric motor that develops 17 horsepower. Now the onboard battery is actually just 6.1 kilowatts. So again, the claimed range from renault when they were new was around 60 kilometers, so again real world of about 35 40 miles in our our money here in the uk, so actually its very usable for the everyday commute. But if you want to go anywhere further than that, then it becomes a little bit challenging because the battery pack itself, an on board charger, only uses a household three pin uk plug and domestic plug, so 13 amps.

Now, the guy i bought it from and actually bought an adapter for it that converts a type two public charger to a three pin. So i can use public charging, but the challenge being that the charge times are still exactly the same. So youre, looking at about three hours to get it from zero to a hundred percent Music. The beauty of having something that can be plugged into a household plug, though, is if youre going to friends family a destination that hasnt got public charging, then all you need is a waterproof extension, cable or plug, and off you go. You can charge the car overnight and, with such a small battery pack, you can benefit from using the overnight ev charging tariffs that i already use for my other car, meaning that this car would actually cost me p to charge up now. Yes, its only got a small battery range, so 35 40 miles for 35 p, but thats still in line with my other vehicles, which means that its about a penny, a mile which is absolutely phenomenal Music. So the overall cost of ownership is exceptionally cheap, with road tax being free, because its an ev and car insurance being well under 200 pounds when you put on top the cheap servicing the fact that this is only a few pence to charge up. It makes it such a great value, little commuter so as i mentioned theres no creature comforts in this car, and that includes no heating.

The benefit you get with the car is that there are no doors as standard when they were first launched and there was no windows. So a door was an optional extra. You could buy these sort of slotting windows, which is what this car came with, but ive since renewed those for these perspex wrap around units that are actually supplied by renault in korea. So i had them imported and they come with a neat little hatch so that you can open a sort of a window for those mcdonalds and drive through runs and it seals them at the edges here to keep it all tight, the challenge being. It makes an awful lot of racket when youre going along as youre, probably experiencing right now, because its just plastic and its rattling along but id rather that than have the elements coming in the rain and splashing from other cars coming by. So it makes a lot of sense to have it Music, so some of the other features of the car that obviously are very much in line with a normal ev is the fact that its got regeneration as part of the braking system. Now it obviously helps to recuperate loss of energy to put back into the battery and obviously helps to assist the brakes and thats really quite necessary because, as i mentioned earlier, the brakes are non servo assisted, so youve got to have extremely strong calves and have a Lot of confidence actually in the braking ability of the car, because again its not designed to be going at 80 miles an hour, but even when youre doing 45 50.

You do suddenly become aware that youre going to have to do some planning ahead and a little bit more firmer braking. You would do in another car and in fact, to the point where, when i get back in my other cars, i send myself almost through the windscreen because im not used to having to do so little force on the brake pedal. But, as i said, being back to basics motoring its a lot of fun and it just its different, and i like the fact that its quirky and people pay attention to it and they point at it, and perhaps they laugh. Some are smiling ive. Had people filming me as im going by people beat me and bid me as im going past. You know its a car that brings a bit of joy to people and, i think thats quite nice in a world where we typically dont say a lot to people. These days and were too busy with our lives, it just makes it a lot of fun and i really enjoy it. But i guess, if youre a person that wants to be inconspicuous and not draw attention to yourself, then this really isnt a car to own, because everywhere you go, people will be looking at you and everywhere you go. People want to stop and ask you questions about it and, i think thats. The irony about this particular vehicle is, whilst its been out since 2012, its something that you very very rarely see, particularly in the uk.

They were kind of more of a car for the european sunnier climates. So here in the uk, where its often raining youre, just not likely to see these cars and i think thats a real shame, because for a lot of people it makes complete sense. But i guess theres, this worry and fear a bit like range anxiety that its not going to be suitable and when there arent that many in the country and there arent many at dealers to go and test drive, youve got no real way of knowing whether this Car is going to fit your life or not, and i was kind of in a similar place when i bought this and when i thought about buying one of these four years ago, the salesman actually taught me out of the car because he said you wont enjoy It the whole novelty thing will wear off and youd be much better with the renault zoe, which is what i did now. I think he did himself a disservice and the brand is this service, because the car has a need and it suits a purpose, and i really think this car is probably up there with some of the best commuter cars that ive had or bikes and its just Something that you have to experience so, if youre watching this, because youre thinking about getting one the best thing to do, is try and find one locally and go and drive it, except that its not a car, except that it is a quadricycle.

So its effectively a motorbike with two extra wheels and a roof over it, and then you wont go far wrong. But if youre expecting this to be something like a tesla or you know a hyundai, a ford mackie, whatever it is, youre going to be very disappointed because yeah its not got any of those creature comforts. And yes, it does sound like a milk float, because the motor is not the most refined of units, its very agricultural and when the regen kicks in its not particularly progressive, either as im just demonstrating now. But one of the best things i did was research. This car, and with the power of youtube like youre watching now, you can find out a lot of information about things now i watched a great channel and a great guy andrew kirby, and he does a lot on his channel about his twizzy that hes owned for A number of years and having studied his channel for a little bit, i realized that theres, some great aftermarket bits you can buy for these, as well as some really cool guys out there that are doing tuning and firmware updates for these cars. Now andrew recommended that theres a unit you can buy from a guy called kenneth and hes based over in the netherlands area, and he was basically taking the on board software and re tuning or remapping it via a box that plugs into the obd unit. Now hes developed an app for it as well, so you can either buy a plug in box or a control unit that uses bluetooth and i decided to go to the bluetooth unit.

So i havent got this extra thing sat in the window, but what it enables me to do is actually reconfigure the regeneration on the car so now its no longer just a very mild regeneration. I can actually set it in a parameter from zero to a thousand making it completely one pedal driving which is really useful, particularly if i wan na eke out more energy and make sure the car conserves that energy for obviously those days where im up hills or In bad weather or using the ancillaries, so it makes a lot of sense, but another little bonus is that you can re tune it. So you can either run it in a lesser power mode or you can put it into what hes calling sport mode, which gives it a lot more torque. Now, if i remember rightly its then giving it an extra 50 newton meters, which is a lot when its only around 50 or 60 newton meters as stock, so pretty impressive. And whilst its not going to do a naught to 60 sprint, particularly fast, mainly because it doesnt do 60., it does make a marked improvement when you want to get away from the lights quickly. So its more of a, i guess, a traffic light grand prix car. It can zip away quite quickly, and it just gives you a bit of confidence when youre coming out of roundabouts and things like that. So what else havent i talked about.

Well, i think ive covered the basics because it is basic and there isnt really much to say inside. You have lights and indicators, wipers or wipers should i say, and a little button down here for the drive modes, which is on the dash and thats about it. Really youve got a sliding seat and one of the things ive perhaps forgotten to mention is this is actually a two seater, despite the fact that i look like im sat in a little fighter jet, there is a seat behind me and by pulling the seat forward, You let people in and out and on you can comfortably get an adult in the back. They do have to straddle the seat legs each side and there is a gap for that, but it can be done and my wife and i have used this car to pop to the shops and do a quick little run in and out of the supermarket. To get some some needed essentials and it does work and theres a little tiny cubby in the back. So you can put the charging cables and a first aid kit and all that stuff in there as well, so that all works really well. But i guess, if you were trying to carry anything more, then it becomes a real challenge and actually today doing the filming ive had to completely strip back my usual gear and equipment list and as youll know, if youve watched my channel before ive generally got a Lot of gear on board when i film, because i use a 4k cinema camera dslr, a series of action, cameras, multiple tripods, electric slider and all sorts of stuff which will fill the average boot on a car.

And with that in mind, today, ive had to really strip back, as i mentioned so im down to a couple of action, cameras, a dslr and one tripod and got ta hope that by the time i come to the edit process. That ive pulled something reasonable together. For you, so please give me a little bit of grace on todays filming, because its not the easiest to do when you havent got all the essentials for filming once again, regardless of being the day for filming im having a lot of fun driving it in the Sunshine, its so much fun on the road, because you can move it about really quickly and easy, its so agile, its like a little water boatman. You know it skims around the surface really easily and thats whats really fun. You can throw it into a corner and it will come out the other side relatively stable, but its just a bit of a hoot. And if you want something thats fun, you can nip to the shops in or do your local commuting. Then why not try it out? I think you wont be disappointed and its a car that youll probably keep hold of, and it has a bit of personality its a bit like the family pet. I feel like. I need to name this thing and it needs to have a human name, but i havent quite got to that yet and im, hoping that my daughters can assist at some point.

The best i can come up with at the moment is twizzy rascal, but im being told thats, not particularly cool anymore, and my kids will laugh at me. So if youve got any suggestions that are appropriate, obviously drop it in the comments, but hopefully youve enjoyed todays, video and youve enjoyed the footage and the walk around of it. If youve got any questions about the car, obviously drop me a message in the comments. If youve got any other queries about the car check out andrew kirbys channel, look him up on youtube. Hes a wealth of knowledge on this car and hes been a driver and owner for a number of years and im, quite in awe of all the things hes done with it, because hes very talented when it comes to doing electronics and things as well. But as i say, thank you for watching, if you havent already subscribed, please do so. It really helps me to reach out to other manufacturers and people for loner vehicles as without that growth in subscriber rate, people really dont want to talk to me. But if you are watching – and you have subscribed thank you again and i look forward to seeing you in the next video Music like if you enjoyed the video share it if you loved it and subscribe.