But this is the new range topper. It has a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery enough for up to 528 kilometers of range, although in this gt line model that decreases slightly to 504 kilometers due to its larger alloy wheels, it is built on the same electric platform as the hyundai ioniq 5. But really these two cars couldnt be more different, its quite a striking design, its a whole new sort of era for kia and its one thats, certainly going to turn a lot of heads. Part of the reason the kia has such a good range is its quite an aerodynamic car that starts at the front with this quite short, bonnet design, its a clam shell design and underneath that theres, a 52 liter boost for putting your charging cables and other smaller Items like that in you can see the proportions of this car by the fact that these are 20 inch wheels and they fill up the car nicely, but they dont look too big. It gives you an idea of the sort of size and shape of the car. Youve got a very angled windscreen here again, thats part of the aerodynamics, and even the way the door mirrors are sculpted is all about reducing the amount of wind noise and turbulence that they create along the side here, where the door handles normally sit flush with the Body work and they pop out when you unlock the car and then as we come along the side, you see this very muscular haunch on the rear of the car and the way the roof starts to gently slope down at the rear.

That gives the key a real sense of presence on the road. One of the interesting features of the ev6 is as well as having some rapid charging capability. Its also got v2l or vehicle 2 load capability, so you can plug in items through a special adapter and power them off the battery. So this becomes a giant moving battery brick really quite useful. Anything from microwaves to coffee machines to your laptop can all be charged off the car as well as charging the car. Normally the rest of the design. Well, youve got this sloped roof line. Here comes all the way down to the back window: theres no rear wiper. Here, instead, air comes in over the roof and through this spoiler insert here helps whisk away water off the back. The rest of the car is pretty upright here in the boot, youve got a pretty spacious, boot 529 liters of room. Remember, youve still got 52 liters in the front and when you drop down the rear seats, youve got 1 300 liters in total. The back of the design also is made up with this light. Bar goes all the way across its really distinctive, especially at night, when youll see this car on the move – and that goes all the way down here and into this area here. Its really interesting design and that extended wheelbase means there is a ton of room in the back of the kia ev6 im five foot nine and if i put my head all the way back, i can still have a couple of inches of headroom in the back.

But more importantly, ive got tons of legroom here really loads of space, so theres nowhere near even if you slouch down youre, not going to be touching the seat in front because of the way theyre shaped and if i stretch out my arms, i can just about Touch the seat in front and that driving seat itself from my normal driving position. What about the restaurant? Well, i can just about get my feet in underneath the seat in front thats, probably not ideal id like to be able to get them in a little bit. Further but theyre still pretty adequate amounts of space. Both of the outer seats are heated in this gt line. Model and youve got controls here on the doors right beside the electric rear windows, theres a long arm rest here and theres just about enough space for a large drinks bottle here in the door bin. The windows are relatively large, theyre, actually quite long. So you do get a fairly good amount of visibility in the back here too, the seats themselves are quite comfortable. They have this kind of suede fabric material to them the middle seats, not so comfortable, which is pretty typical for all cars, but its still relatively good, because youve got a completely flat floor in the back here. So theres no interfering with the amount of foot space. You have youve got ventilation back here, but rather than being in the center console its actually made here into the b pillars, and i thought a little bit of a better angle, its a little bit higher up where you need it.

Theres also two usb charge ports. Although theyre actually made into the sides of the front seats, thats quite nifty and theres enough room, then to put in a tablet or magazines or anything like that in these pockets on the backs of the front seats overall, its pretty roomy back here, because youve got A quite a good sense of space, partly because of the way these seats are designed. You see theyre quite slender, on top, and they have this quite unusual. Looking headrest – and that means you can see much further out in front youre, not just staring at the back of the seat in front of you, so thats pretty nifty too. And finally, if you dont need to use the middle seats, you can pull this down and youve got a handy, armrest and two cup holders here as well. Theres also a load hatch, so you can access the boot. Then, if you need to put in anything longer or alternatively, you can fold down the rear seats in the front of the kia ev6, you have a fully digital layout. You have this dual screen curved display. It looks really good, really high level. High definition crisp displays. The infotainment system is loaded with all the sort of features youd expect in a modern infotainment system. You can look at all the battery options. You can obviously connect all your mobile phone devices. All those sort of features are there, and also this lower screen does away with some physical controls.

You still have a couple of dials for adjusting for temperature, but these actually change according to what your menu is. So if you have, you want to select your fan, you just touch this and it will give you different displays and then, as you go through different functions, you can then enable different functions from the same control, so the menu will change according to what youre. Looking to do youve got other controls here on the top youve got your heated seats and ventilated seats and heated steering wheel in this particular car. Theyre, all haptic theyre all touch sensitive. They give you a little bit of an audio warning or audio alert. As you touch them, and overall theres, a real sense of quality to how all of this is put together, youve got a lot of piano. Black youve got some metallic finishes here on top of the center console, which is up really high, although you dont feel too enclosed in the car, because youve got all this empty space here. Its not fully joined up with the dashboard, and that means youve got more access to the usb ports at the bottom. Youve got power sockets below additional storage, for maybe like bags, and things like that you can put in there. Youve still got two cup holders up here: youve got a wireless charging pad youve got more room in here. Kia has really put a lot of thought and effort into all the things that we carry around with each other every day where we can put them in a car.

Youve still got a little bit of a storage area in where you pull the door shut and then further down youve got more storage in the lower door bin. Its all very cleverly thought out its quite ergonomic. Youve got this kind of flat bottom steering wheel, its a bit of a square circle shape, but its quite open. On top its just a twin spoke design. It means you can clearly see the whole infotainment system and digital instrument cluster in front of you. You dont have any traditional gear selector in here. You just have this rosary, dial and even the way the start button here, which just has the ev button on it is angled towards you as well. So as soon as you get in all the sort of things immediately are where you expect them to be. The ventilation runs all the way across the center of the car here, its exactly again, where you would want it to be, and this windscreen, because its so sloped and the way its angled forward youve actually got quite good visibility here as well. Youve got relatively slender a pillars, so they dont obstruct your vision too much and overall theres, pretty good vision, outwards rearwards its a little bit limited because, obviously, the way the rear of the car is designed. But when you do need to park, for example, if you dont want to use the automated parking features, you still have a really good, reversing camera, its crystal clear, so no real complaints in that respect the whole interior, though overall, really high quality, its really so different From the kias that were used to seeing from 10 15 years ago, this is really top notch stuff, its got the right blend of modernity, tech, theres, still, some really nice, textures and materials used, none of it anywhere.

You touch, none of it really feels especially cheap. So thats quite good as well. This is definitely one of the more interesting electric car interiors but theres one other really neat feature. That is when the kia is plugged in and you want to have an app or maybe you want to charge. You can just press the electric seat and it fully reclines, just like on a first class flight. So while your batterys charging up, you can have a nap as generous as kia has been with its interior space. Its also been just as generous in terms of how that suspension setup is because this is a car that rides very, very well its, not overly firm, even though this particular car, the gt line model is running on 20 inch wheels. Normally that just is detrimental to ride quality, but in this car its actually set up to be relatively supple over more harsh bumps like speed humps, but actually on these faster sweeping roads. Body control is very, very good. All that weight is obviously very low down, but it manages all that weight very, very well theres, no real amount of lean to talk about and the front end tucks in quite nicely. Actually, it rotates well through corners. Even though this is the rear wheel, drive model, it doesnt feel all that rear wheel drive in its setup, but it does have a decent amount of punch, even in its normal mode, that electric motor produces 229 horsepower and 350 newton meters of torque.

Obviously, when you dial in sport mode via the button on the steering wheel, it does give a little bit more urgency to it and adds a little bit more of a digitized sound, its always trying to harvest energy. Unless you use the paddles to dial that back and engage a coast mode, although really its quite nice, to have just in the standard level two amount of regen, because it scrubs off enough speed its putting kinetic energy back into the battery rather than just purely wasting. It by using the friction brakes its noticeably slower when you engage eco mode, it really does take the edge off the electric motor, but doing that will obviously help you get closer to that range of 528 kilometers. Now this particular one is only capable of up to 504, mainly due to those 20 inch wheels in the real world. You probably will struggle to get that range figure all the time unless youre, primarily driving in slow urban or city traffic over the mixture of driving. Today, which included motorway sections mountain roads and everything in between the car has averaged 23.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which isnt bad. We have been using that sport mode quite a bit and theres been a lot of you know stopping and starting and filming uh. It generally on the motorway using the real time readout was registering between 21 and 23, and that was driving um pretty much at 120 kilometers an hour, obviously having things like the aircon on even the ventilated seats on, because its a little bit warm here in spain.

It rarely went above kind of 24 kilowatt hours, 400 kilometers on the motorway, so you can work back from that with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. What you could potentially expect to get, although the weather is quite warm here at the moment, so in a much colder climate such as ireland, wed expect in winter that range to drop quite a bit more, but still theres a lot of potential there. Kia is only going to offer this battery in ireland its not going to offer any of these smaller batteries. The rationale for it basically, is that they realize everybody is a bit concerned about future residual values, and most people will want to have that bigger battery theres, good levels of noise suppression in here even on the motorway, its pretty quiet and any road noises. To be honest, nothing more than a distant rumble, but its the ride quality that really stands out with this car. It does do everything quite well accepting that were on slightly nicer and more evenly paved roads here, but theres been some more coarse sections of tarmac and it hasnt fallen apart here, its been very composed and how it sorts out those kind of frequencies and then obviously, And the faster stuff, it just keeps a lot of composure there, so i do quite like how they have found that balance in suspension setup. The steering has a nice amount of feel to it as well. Even if you engage the sport mode, it doesnt get loaded with artificial weight as if youre trying to steer through that treacle.

So thats our first drive review of the kia ev6 its got a lot of competition, namely the hyundai rnik5, but also things like the skoda. Eniac, even the tesla model y, if you want to know more about this car head over to our website, which is complete, cart.ie youll find a detailed review of the ev6 along with pricing and specification there, not to mention reviews of all of those rivals as well. If youve enjoyed the video so far, please do give it a thumbs up, but, more importantly, wed love to know what you think about this car. So please do tell us in the comments below what your thoughts are about, this key ev6 and maybe whether you think its worthwhile, considering this or some of the competition in the meantime, please do also subscribe to the complete car youtube channel. If you do already thanks for watching and if youre new, please do hit the subscription button and hit the notification bell, then youll be alerted to the next time we upload a video for completecard.