Hondas evie is perfect for the city Music, Music, Music. What is it so? The honda e is a tiny rear. Wheel, drive super mini aimed squarely at the likes of the mini electric and the renault zoe. Its got a tiny turning circle. This gorgeous retro inspired design and a sense of everything in moderation. This is probably not designed to be your one and only everyday car, its more of an electronic pets. Like a tamagotchi, you remember tamagotchis right now. I know its so cute that butter wouldnt melt in its bonnet and its got the badge off your nans car, but dont be fooled into thinking that, because the e is small, that its cheap there are two specs and they start at 27 grand this is the One you want the honda e advance with its 17 inch wheels automatic parking, digital rear view, mirror and the upgraded sound system, its knocking on the door of 30 thousand pounds but mind you. So is a fully loaded electric mini. What does it look like? Well, its? Like a little panda, cub wearing a hi vis jacket and you dont have to have it in fluorescent, green or yellow, try a white one now its not quite as perfect as the concept car. We all fell in love with a few years ago, but take it from me. Nothing else, thats this size and this money gets half as many admiring glances. Will i get along with the tech? Well, its actually easier.

If youve got a passenger, because honda designed this multiplex of screens to be shareable, look, you can pass the radio controls to your passenger while the driver gets on with the navigation. Oh and well done honda for giving us some proper knobs and buttons for working our heater instead of pretending all thats, better hidden in a touchscreen hondas gone for cameras instead of door mirrors too, and they seem to work better than lexus around his efforts. Whats. The gimmick – this is definitely the first car ive ever been in with a built in aquarium. Just think someone had to get up and go to work and put finding nemo in a small honda told you, it was like having a pet wheres, the charging port use the key to pop the hatch and then boom right in the bonnet. So how do you charge it? Well, if youre, just using mr three pin here, then thats going to take 19 hours, a wall box charge seven, kilowatts or so thats about four hours. But if you can find a rapid charger out there in the wild, then youll go from naught to eighty percent in about half an hour Music. How fast is it now remember, im driving this like a normal person testing it just like you, would in the real world im not going to spend all day going up and down a runway over and over again, like a catwalk model, im just going to accelerate And tell you what the gps box tells me: okay choices.

The standard honda e has 134 brake horsepower. This top of the range honda e advance 152 horsepower. They claim 8.3 seconds from naught to 60 in this car nine seconds for the slower one, because they both have the same pounds feet of torque, but im not fussed about all these numbers today, im not even fussed about naught to 60., because you dont do not To 60 in the city, you do naught to 10 10 to 20.. That is where the traffic light grand prix between you and those pesky takeaway riders is won and lost. So lets see what youve got hundred im gon na have a little bit of sport mode into drive and off we go. Oh, were all at 30 miles an hour already. There was an ever slight stutter of wheel spin, but we seem to get up to city speed quite quickly, thats 60, there and 70.. I thought it would run out of puff but 80 85.. Now this car has a top speed claimed of 90 miles an hour. So were not going to get a naught to 100 time today and there we are im, sat on the limit of 91 92 92 miles an hour 93 indicated my goodness. Maybe this is some sort of secret type: r version note 93 thats all it has to give and my goodness weve ended up using quite a lot of the runway and safely stopped into park, and we find that naught to 60 occurred in 7.

7 seconds now. Thats, a good chunk quicker than honda claims and considering its a little bit wet today, good work, honda e now naught of 30 miles an hour. I told you that was the important one naught to 30 in 2.85 seconds. No cyclist is keeping up with that. No matter how tight your lycra is and not to 100 well its a big fat n, a error because we never got there. We maxed out at 91.2 miles an hour which shows, if nothing else, that the honda e has a rather accurate, speedometer. Well done. Little car Music is it comfy. Now this matters in a city car, because in town you spend that much more time bumping around potholes and particularly over speed, bumps its where something thats great fun on a b road like the sporty mini electric, might just start to get on your nerves. But im happy to report that the honda re is rather comfortable, whats it like on a motorway. Well, frankly, the honda is probably better than it needs to be theres a real sense. This cars been expensively developed youve, got fully independent suspension, so it has a mature ride. The car is nice and stable, despite its titchy wheelbase and with all the soundproofing theyve used, and these cameras instead of door mirrors its very little wind noise. If you get yourself horribly, lost on the kings, road and accidentally find yourself in the middle of the m25, the honduran can handle it whats it like at vmax.

Well, the honda is quite happy out here and indicated 93 miles an hour in the outside lane, but im not enjoying this experience. We came out here with over 70 battery. Thats already dropped to 48 and in free fall indicated range down from 62 miles to just 33.. Look. You can bring this thing on a motorway and drive it quickly, but its like using chopsticks to eat a bowl of soup technically possible, but you are making life very difficult for yourself, no im afraid im gon na have to do exactly what youd have to in The real world lets go and find a charger Music, how bigs the battery Music? All honduras have the same titchy 35 kilowatt hour battery good for about 100 miles of range in the real world. Now honda says thats entirely deliberate, because this is not supposed to be a long range car. They reckon theyve done loads of research on how you use your small cars, and most people dont go very far in them every day, plus, adding a bigger battery would have added more weight and more cost Music. What does it weigh Music? Well, its only a little one, so it shouldnt weigh that much should it well. Honda claims 1590 kilos for the e, but this one hey 1544, so that makes it only 150 kilos heavier than our other favorite honda, a civic type r. How roomy is it? Do you have friends lucky you, they wont all fit in here.

You open the door with this strange handle flap and we find a squishy titchy little bench and quite a high floor because of all those battery gubbins going on under my feet, its not as spacious as a volkswagen polo in here thats for sure. Is it practical? Now, because the e is rear, wheel, drive and has to carry a motor round up its bum, the boot isnt. Very deep and remember, you need somewhere to keep those charging cables handy. So, while theres just about room for something small and expensive youll, be leaving pretty much everything else at home, whats it like in a corner well that rather depends on where your corner is, you see out here on the open road sure the eve feels nifty and Perky and agile, even a little bit rear wheel drive, but my favorite type of corner to drive a honda e through is a 90 degree bend in a city thats about three miles an hour, because only there can you truly appreciate this cars wondrous turning circle. Its absolutely spectacular the tiny gaps you can spin it all the way around in what about, if youre late for something well, i sort of thought the honday would fall apart if you pointed it through a corner with a bit of paste on, but it actually holds Its own, i thought it would flop about and roll awfully, but because the center of gravity is nice and lowered these batteries kept under my feet.

It doesnt it simply leans gently into the breeze. You end up starting to really enjoy yourself in here and though this car is not a hot hatch, it does make itself adorably likable Music. So what about range? Well, weve done 56 miles so far. Testing today and i have 26 miles left in my battery, but its not as simple as that is it because, as you saw, we had to stop earlier and put some charge back in the e. Now i have driven lots of these things before and found that, on the whole, they go about 100 miles on a charge compared to hondas 130 mile claim. So the best thing to do is think of the battery percentage gauge, like your remaining miles gauge when theres 25 left in the battery youve got about 25 miles left in your electric tank whats, the verdict. You know what this car is by now: dont you, its a character and cars with character are the cars that we all make excuses for excuses about small back seats, a tiny boot pathetic range and a very high price, now thats, not to say that the hundred Doesnt do stuff well on its own merit, because it does its more fun in the corners than it probably needs to be its more fun on the motorway than it probably ought to be, and ive never been in any honda at any price that feels half as Expensive as this one does in here – and that includes an nsx so with our sensible hats on a renault zoe – is a better small electric car, it ticks more of the sensible boxes, but i dont want a renault zoe.