I need to do one thing subscribe to our channel back in february. Simone and jenny gave you a sneaky sampler of the ioniq 5 and why it was setting new benchmarks. Just one example is the incredible length to wheelbase ratio, which translates to a reasonably compact body, yet heaps of space, not to mention the futuristic, design and powertrain. We finally got our hands on the ioniq 5 and weve been testing it out for a few days now. So, stick around and ill tell you everything you need to know about what makes this new electric offering so different. Honestly, the ioniq 5 shifts perception and to make things even better. We have the higher trim of the two meaning. We have an all wheel, drive model with more power, but before i electrify you see what i did there with the ioniq 5 review. Let me tell you about our channel partners. Do you need a car loan with over 40 lenders and low rates? Osloans is a fast, easy and smart way to get instantly approved for finance. Now this sounds ridiculous, but with every new sign up using the cartel tv link, ozlones is giving away a holiday valued at two thousand dollars, just in case having a great car loan rate. Isnt enough theyre, adding a holiday to it seriously go out and check out our socials for all the information you need to enter and win. Now, let me tell you about the ioniq five and in terms of looks well.

It looks like the future, as it was depicted in the 80s, is finally here, its sharp and boxy, with some cool and conspicuous features that look like they are slapped on for no particular reason. We have those features on other cars as well, because theyre, common and people expect them like plastic cladding on front wheel, drives in suvs on the ioniq 5. We have these lines in the lower rear section again, no idea what these are for, but im kind of getting like 80s and 90s movie vibes about the future im kind of here. For it, however, the most noticeable feature at the rear is this long light. Weve seen a similar light bar on the starria, but it just looks so much better on the ionic 5 and when well not vertical the side. View again features some sharp lines with a nice wheel, design and cladding the cutting lines over the doors. Add to that futuristic look, however. This narrow angle makes the ionic 5 look quite compact and, quite frankly, is really deceiving when it comes to the space inside, but well get to that later. The front is the best part. For me. The bottom also has those lines and there is no grill per se, but this is by far the best gorilla solution when compared to the kona electric or some of the other evs at night. There are loads of things to notice thats when the design of the ionic really shines or, should i say lights up, our market gets the ioniq 5 in two different versions.

The two wheel, drive is actually rear, wheel drive and it packs 160 kilowatts and 350 newton meters of that lovely electric motor torque, the more powerful all wheel, drive version. I have adds another motor for the front wheels. It adds 70 kilowatts of power, but an additional 255 newton meters of torque, with a combined output of 225 kilowatts and 605 newton meters of torque yep that same instantly delivered electronic motor tour and a lot of it. Before i go into charging times. I want to show you where the cables are kept. Finally, were seeing hyundai utilizing the fact that there is no engine at the front and giving us some added space where the charging cables can be kept instead, onboard ac charger charges a car in about six hours. The fast dc charger with 50 kilowatts gets it to 80 in around an hour and the ultra fast dc charger does the same thing in under 20 minutes. These charging times are incredibly fast and can surely slot into any lifestyle. The official range is 430 kilowatts. For this all wheel, drive version and 451 for the rear, wheel, drive this car reaches 100 in 5.2 seconds and it accelerates from 80 to 120 in just under 3.8 seconds. All versions get mcpherson front suspension and multi link rear with high performance dampers. The ioniq 5 weighs around 2100 kilograms, so it feels pretty planted and it drives really well. However, keeping all that weight in check and not having it just float around means that it does notice very bad roads, nothing unexpected really.

Generally speaking, the ioniq 5 is nice and a comfortable cruiser. It is also very good. Around town steering is light and precise. The body is not too long. The driving position is a bit elevated and glass surfaces are huge. You also have regenerative braking, but that powertrain, dear god, i mean 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds – is already really good but 0 to 60 is where youre really going to smash any potential traffic light opponents and its because, both due to that power, talk figure and The fact that it is instantly available overtaking is very, very easy and at any legal speed under four seconds from 80 to 120, can you imagine taking off from 80? I mean this car gives so much confidence to the driver. Maybe too much. However, driving modes play a big role in the way the throttle feels eco mode dulls it too much on an ev. Eco mode is important. You will actually be using it, but its best reserved for motorway cruising sport mode, on the other hand, makes the throttle feel like a raging ball. I mean you just have to nudge it and it responds with incredible readiness. I think i love it just a little too much. There are two more modes normal which is pretty good, but not as fun as sport. Its the first time, weve, seen the regen braking work with the adaptive cruise control and hyundais adaptive cruise control and lane following assist are just so good and something that you want to be using quite frequently.

So the fact that its paired with the region braking is something thats really worth mentioning, while opening the doors is a bit weird. With this setup, the interior is probably the main perk of the ioniq 5 and for all the reasons you could imagine, it is well designed modern, futuristic, but at the same time, very practical and far more spacious than the exterior dimensions would suggest. Moreover, fit and finish are awesome and adding to it all is a heap of ambient lighting and a stunning panoramic sunroof in terms of things that are a matter of taste. The design is very minimalistic and reserved, although incredibly practical, the twin screens are reminiscent of the solutions that mercedes benz offers but thats where the design similarities end. The ioniq 5 dashboard has a few distinctive sections, starting with the quirky steering wheel. Moving on to the aforementioned screens and the few physical controls under it and ending in this simple space in front of the passenger in a similar way to the starria, the dashboard is flat and lowered, which gives it a real kind of light and airy feel. What also helps with the airy feel is a lack of the middle section where you would usually find the gearbox lever and a very smart use of the minimalistic design all translates to heaps of space, and one of the reasons. Why is because it was conceived as an ev from scratch. This means i could do away with the design limitations that the standard powertrains impose, including leaving space for the drive, shaft exhaust system or fuel tank.

I mean look at all this empty space up front. Look at this space here between the passenger and the driver. I can fit my massive handbag in here, which is quite big with no issues whatsoever. Oh and this central section can also slide back and forth because of all this space here in the front and all the space in the back, which ill show you in a minute, hyundai decided to include this kind of like sleeping position for the driver. So, if youre going to put the car on a 20 minute charge, maybe you can just lie here and have a 20 minute charge yourself push the button and it slides back and reclines pretty far down. You can also do this to your front passenger seat. If you decide they have been too chatty and its time for them to have a rest. Of course, you get lots of storage solutions like this open bin under the armrest and then a closed bin. Just here, cupholders in the most comfortable position ever door pockets. This little cubby up front near the floor and a glove box. Expectedly charging points are also present in several places, and there is also wireless charging in this trim. These twin screens up the front here as well as looking very futuristic and quite stylish, also offers an excellent info. The infotainment screen displays that awesome 360 camera with that 3d view which, after seeing it in the genesis and then the starrya i mean this kickass feature – is almost becoming an expectation at this point.

Theres also plenty for ed specific content displayed, as well as the option to search charging stations around you. The dashboard displays completely different to anything weve seen from hyundai before it looks. Very future. Techy clearly displays all the ev info youd want and carries over our favorite blind spot cameras, but unlike tesla, where almost everything is done through the screen, hyundai have kept some physical buttons well, something sort of these are touch sensitive buttons to some useful shortcuts and features. So lets check out these rear seats. The ionic 5 has the length of 4.63 meters. However, its wheelbase is exactly 3 meters if your jaw hasnt dropped, and it should have take a look at the ratio between these two measurements from any other vehicle, and you will see why this is simply so awesome. What it means in practice is that leg room in the back is just astonishing, not just for a 4.6 meter car. Just generally astonishing, i mean i can almost stretch my legs here knee angle for taller passengers in the back isnt the best due to the batteries, but you know its really not too bad. You could complain that there are no air vents at the back of the central console, but they are actually in b pillars. So all cool with that literally youve also got this armrest with cup holders and this little cubby as well as two charging ports in the back. Here, the seats slide and recline.

You can control them from the side of the front passenger chair convenient, and you can actually use that extra room in the back to add a bit more to the boot space while were on this topic lets check out the boot. The capacity is 527 litres, which is once again pretty awesome. Having in mind the amount of space in the cabin the size of the vehicle and the sloping boot lid load, lip is present, but its really minimal and the wheelbells are not too imposing just one thing to complain about. If i may is that this boot floor is actually quite high up because of the battery again, you know it actually reminds me of the boot of the forester from about a decade ago. The ioniq 5 also has a front boot in the two wheel, drive version. It has 57 liters of space while it has just 24 liters in this one, its a nice bonus. The ioniq 5 is expectedly safe, but i am just going to list some of my favorite features like the remote start via smart key reverse parking aid function, exterior mirrors, multi collision avoidance, brake blind spot collision avoidance, assist blind spot view, monitor, driver attention warning, including leading Vehicle departure alert forward collision avoidance assist including car pedestrian, cyclist detection, junction, turning crossing functions, lane change, oncoming side, functions, evasive, steering assist function, high beam, assist, intelligent speed, limit assist lane following assist lane, keeping assist line, road edge, parking collision avoidance, assist reverse rear cross traffic Collision avoidance, assist re occupation, alert, warning type, safe exit, assist smart cruise control, including stop and go function, machine learning, function based on driving style, surround view monitor and so much more.

So what will all of this electrified goodness cost you well. Pricing starts at 71, 900 for the single motor two wheel, drive or 75900 for the one i have here. You can get one with weekly payments for as little as 254 dollars per week with ozlones from what ive said so far. It looks like the ioniq 5 has loads of great features and from what i can tell really not much to complain about, but i can feel you questioning me amelia. Do you honestly think the ionic 5 is really that good? Yes, yes, it is built as an ev from the ground up. The ioniq 5 is a very accomplished car, with loads of power, good autonomy for an ev immense space on the inside, really incredible, unique design and very fast charging options. Honestly, if youre, okay with the extra cost of evs these days, then there is absolutely no reason not to go. The ionic 5. hyundai has absolutely flexed when it comes to the ev, and i like what i am seeing. Thanks for watching cartel tv, hey im really keen to know what are your thoughts on the ioniq 5 and what is your all time: favorite, electric vehicle and while ive got you dont forget to give us a like on facebook, instagram and anything else.