City, go e badge, so basically theyre near identical four seat: five door, hatchback triplets, which is no bad thing, because it means you can find a version that suits you, no matter which brand you prefer. And yes, it is quite little i mean it looks like i could just put one in each foot and go roller skating around, but no matter what it looks like this is one of electrifying.coms real world second hand favorites, which probably needs some explaining. So here goes even when new. This was one of the cheapest new pure electric cars. You could buy at around 20 000 quid after the governments grant not exactly peanuts. When you consider a petrol me costs about 12, but not bad for an electric version. When you consider what it offers the battery is pretty modest, but then again so is the me. So you get a range of 161 miles on the official test cycle, but weve found that the me can be extremely efficient if you drive carefully or mostly in town and really does seem to hit 150 plus miles most of the time, even in colder weather. Although, if you do hammer it up and down a motorway, you will see that drop okay, so its not got the super rapid charging rate of some cars, but with a battery this small it doesnt really need it pull into a service station or supermarket and itll. Take a feed of 40 kilowatts, meaning youll need about 50 minutes to top up on a public dc charger flat to full on a home wall box takes about five and a half hours.

The charging flap is here and because the me is genuinely wee, you can park it any which way and the cable will still reach. I know thats a small point, but it is convenient which is kind of a theme with this car value for money is a key phrase when talking about the say at me, electric rather than cheap, because this isnt a high end luxury car. It shouldnt really be judged like that. I actually think its got pretty much everything that youre likely to need. One thing to note, though: back there there is no third seat belt in the rear, so this is strictly a full seater. Although people up front do have plenty of space now, im, not small, just over six foot – and i am perfectly comfortable – and i have it on good authority – ginny buckley – that people of more modest dimensions also can find a pretty good driving position. It does actually make the most of the space its got in here, even though this was a car that was originally designed to have a petrol or diesel engine up front and back there. The boot is actually probably a little bit bigger than you think. No, its! Not the grand canyon, but in city car terms, its absolutely killing it. You can get a couple of bags or a suitcase in there without smashing them to bits and its got a handy split floor. Oh, but do you know what i like best about the set me electric its the fact that its actually a little bit old school see that its a key? Yes, the me does have central locking, but when you want to start the car you take this, you put it into a hole and you turn it.

The car is now ready to drive theres, no prodding or pushing of a little start button where you switch the car off and on again and then youre completely confused as to whether you can actually pull away for younger viewers who might not recognize it. This is a handbrake now we used to have these in older cars and its a mechanical linkage to the brakes that you put on when you dont want your car to roll around anywhere its handy to stop your vehicle from rolling off cliffs or down hills. It also allows you to do handbrake turns which youre going to have to ask your parents about, but still its one of those simple mechanical objects. That just makes me feel a little bit safer, theres, not another. Little electronic button that you have to press to make your car stay still see that even the gear stick is simple: its just a traditional automatic push, pull gear, stick, theres, no rotary controls or push buttons or flashing lights or things you dont need. It works. Even the dials up in that binnacle are exactly the same as youd find in any of the normal say at me, except that you get a battery indicator and a charge thing. Its really very simple, also theres, no massive touchscreen in the middle of the dash to distract you. Instead, you get a simple phone dock in which you place your smartphone, and then you can use your own maps and apps or say its own.

If you prefer one neat little thing i do like about that is that behind it is actually a little usb port, so you can keep your cables neat and your phone charged its very good. I know i know i sound like someone who gets grumpy with new technology and ends up shouting at amazon alexa, but i promise you im, not its just that the say at me, electric simplicity, is actually quite comforting. I guarantee anybody who has ever driven a car before could get into this, and within 30 seconds would be driving away. It really is that simple. Yes, it does look a bit dated compared to some of the new electric kit, but i actually find that slightly comforting and yes, there is kit by the way full details of which you can find on, but youre talking about heated seats, a radio air con And a heated windscreen rather than masses and masses of complicated kit Applause on the road, the me is actually pretty good. I think its a lot better than it should be for its size and thats. True of all of the cars that the city goey and the e up from volkswagen – i just like them – i mean theyre, small and theyre nippy, but theyre short footed on a back road and they will go down and motorway no problem at all the ride. Its good at keeping your back straight, even if you hit like a sleeping policeman or a pothole or something but its a small car, so you shouldnt expect to be as plush as a big saloon.

The weird thing about a car like the me electric is that it can be one of those vehicles and especially if youre, charging around town and youre keeping that energy in the battery really topped up. That gives you that light bulb moment that you just think i get it. I understand where electric can fit into my life. If i lived in a town or just did lots and lots of short journeys, this car would be utterly perfect, its not sexy, but it would work its got three modes normal and then a little button down here that does eco and eco plus, and they range From normal, which is all of the power which still isnt, that much power to eco plus, which is basically a range saving, range extending mode that will limit the top speed to 59 miles an hour, it switches off the air con and knocks back the throttle response. Interestingly, i never use eco plus because i dont understand it. It just feels a bit too slow its useful in an emergency, but i wouldnt go too mad with it generally. I just leave it in the normal mode and charge it up more. If you do hammer this down a motorway, it might be comfortable enough, but you will see your predicted range drop by about half simply because electric cars are not at their best at a constant speed on a motorway theyre, much better at doing mixed driving or urban Stuff thats the way that they create the most regen braking, and that is one thing i do use quite a lot in this car.

If you take the gear, stick and put it one back from d into b mode, can you see the car slowing down that? Actually makes this into a proper one pedal driving car, so im not touching the brake at all and the cars still slowing down now. What that does is it turns the motor into a generator and uses the braking force to both slow the car and put some more charge back into the battery. It just claws back some of that energy and makes this car really quite efficient. Now, obviously, you do that a lot more in town and when youre on a motorway youre just running the motor at constant speed and it it uses more energy. Whereas you know if youre doing lanes or something you need to slow down. Quite a lot. Youre on off the throttle, youre genuinely coloring back quite a lot of energy bluntly. No, there havent been any issues with the me electric bar a recall to fix some battery issues on cars produced between may and june of 2020, so its not really that many cars, the battery and motor have far less moving parts than a petrol or diesel car. So, like all, electric vehicles, theyre very simple and reliable after that, its just the usual stuff to look for on cars that have covered a few miles: curbed, alloys body, work, scuffs and general. Wear and tear, though this is one place where the mes simplicity helps just push the few buttons that there are and check that everything works.

One thing to note, though, even though the me scored a full five stars for safety in its original official test, it got downgraded to three stars recently now that doesnt mean that the me is unsafe, just that the tests have expanded to include more modern, active safety Systems that the me doesnt have the me electric actually went out of production in 2021, which means that, even though technically you cant buy a brand new one anymore, there might be one or two knocking about dealers ready for a deal. And although you havent been able to buy a petrol me since the middle of 2019, it doesnt mean that there are thousands and thousands of electric versions knocking around. On the second hand, market just take a look. The set me electric really hasnt been around long enough to get properly long in the tooth. So theres not massive deals to be done. But if you look carefully, you can still save money, mainly because theres been a lot more modern electric cars appearing in the past couple of years for a nearly new one, with very few miles, youre looking at 20 to 23 000 quid, although thats for a car With delivery miles and a brand new number plate for cars, with under 5000 miles on the clock, youre still looking at around 18 grand with even x demo, cars with 7 000 miles still hovering around the 17 grand mark, its not huge savings, but definitely worth having.

In terms of being a good car, then yes, the say at me: electric really does hit the spot, in fact its one of those cars that could neatly ease away any worries you may have about going electric. Its super efficient dead, easy to drive and very handy around town. Yes, it does look a little bit dated on the inside and its not exactly the sexiest car in the world, but i wouldnt hesitate to recommend one if youre knocking around town or doing short journeys. This is where it gets a bit more complicated, so lets look at the skoda. First, the citygo e was only on sale for a few months and is pretty much identical to the sale, except for some badges and a different nose. There were some stripped out versions called the se, though, and these did without things like dc rapid charging, so you must watch out for the specifications. The vw is tricky as theyve been a few different versions with ever improving battery tech and equipment. If youre, comparing the latest versions, though, the prices tend to be a little higher than the set, even though its actually the same car, that seems daft, but it is likely to be worth more when you sell too, as ever. If you want to know more about the say me, electric or any of its competition like the nissan leaf or renault zoe, then please do visit and well help you out.