Judging by the amount of them. I see on the roads every day and the why well, this car is set to be a more practical family, friendly version, one that doesnt require you to re mortgage, your house and yes, i am looking at you model x, so you know what the y is. Finally, here and to completely spoil the ending, i think its been worth the wait. The only problem is, though, why? Oh, why did it take so long because in that time, new entrants have entered the market so as good as it is the competition now really stacks up and when i say competition, i mean cars like this: the kia ev6 and then theres this car, the hyundai Ioniq 5, but before we get to tell you which of these cars will actually give that tesla model wire run for its money. Do the usual and like and subscribe, and switch your notifications on so that you know when our latest video has dropped. But before all of that, you ready guys yeah, we are let battle commence Music, so lets start with the one weve been waiting and waiting for the model y. Now, judging by your comments about our first look, video and also what youre seeing generally on social media, the consensus seems to be that this looks like just another tesla. I actually think that is very fair and if you love the way tasers look, then it wont bother you one little bit its also, basically the same underneath as a model 3, but with a large dose of added practicality in the form of a practical and fantastic Hatchback, along with the course all the other things that we love about, teslas hmm, never thought i was suffering from boot envy, but suddenly i think i am, although, like we said, while the model y has been busy not coming to the uk, other manufacturers have been Furiously upping their game key, of course, being one of them and well, when kia decided to do a new electric car, it went all in and it really can give the y a run for its money in lots of areas were talking, range charging, speed, practicality and Ive got to say i loved it when i first saw this car in the studio, and actually i think i like it even more now its here in the real world under the blue sky, which leaves us with the sister car to the key ev6 and thats.

This, the hyundai ioniq 5, which lets just say, is no shrinking violet. Now we love its absolutely fresh looks. We also really like the fact that its still got that 800 volt ultra rapid charging system and the fact it just feels like well. It just feels like something different. I have a funny feeling that that tesla model y already feels a little bit too familiar. The tesla is the most expensive of the three by quite a way. So our question today that were aiming to answer is: is it worth the extra money? Is the charging network, the tech and the tesla name worth paying for lets, get started with how they look? Now, as i said, it is no surprise. You can see the family resemblance straight away. It couldnt be anything other than a tesla cadet um, its slightly bigger than the three in every direction, particularly of course, when it comes to the height and like most of us, the. Why has its good and also its bad angles front on definitely not his best side? Its best side, in my opinion, is actually the side and also at the rear. It looks pretty good. Look i actually quite like the way it looks overall. I agree. The front is a bit: podgy could do with losing some weight, but the reason i like it is probably because i know what the payoffs are when it comes to practicality. However, i will accept the comment that many of you have made in that it looks a lot like the rest of the range, but you know what, if it aint broke, dont fix it, but i dont think you can really say that the ev6 really resembles anything Else can you i mean its pretty different to look at its kind of coupe crossed with an suv, but i do think it works really well, and you are certainly not going to miss it on the roads and if you do look closely theres lots of really Nice detailing, perhaps if you think the model y is a bit too much of a wall flower, then this could be your thing now.

If you look at the front of the car, its kind of got this angry face, i like that about it. Sloping roofline theres the full width light bar at the back, its got street presence, doesnt it and a bit of street cred too. The same goes for this hyundai ioniq 5, because its got this kind of retro, futuristic vibe. That reminds me of 80s computer games. I mean just look at it: its got, pixelated rear lights, its got strikes everywhere. Its got a two tone paint job. This is not a car that is shy about being different and that i really like now, like i said its got some of the same hardware underneath as the kia ev6, but, apart from being basically the same size, they look completely different and neither of them look Like the tesla model y, so you do have choice, but what about inside once you get inside? The y is once again very much like the model 3., except, of course, its slightly more spacious and once again it will absolutely divide opinion, as youd expect. Theres a standard tesla dash with inch touchscreen in the middle with just this simple steering wheel and a couple of cubby holes keeps everything clean, straightforward to a point of extreme minimalism. But just take a look at how roomy and light filled it is in here. And yes, all uk wise get this lovely big glass, roof, look kind of admit. Tesla interiors do take a bit of getting used to, because absolutely everything is controlled on the screen, but once you get your head around it, they do work really.

Well, although i know this kind of minimalism and use of tech doesnt work for everyone, but you know how can you fail to fall in love with a car that allows you to select the kind of fart you like and fart on demand? Music? Personally, i dont think that minimalist look is for me, which is why i personally think the interior of the ev6 is a perfect middle ground out of the three cars. Its clearly got a lot more going on than the tesla, and yet it isnt quite as out there as the ioniq five. I think its a bit more traditional im still forward thinking, but youve got the central console a nice floating part at the top and then the second part basically means you can use it as extra storage. But it does remove the flat floor, but i think its just trying to be maybe less obviously, electric um but dont worry. There is still absolutely loads of technology inside this car and you can tell it feels like it and it feels like its been really nicely put together. Youve got the two big screens up in front and actually the left hand side. One is all touchscreen, which is very nice and then youve got the touchscreen control bar underneath, and the other thing is, this is just slightly more driver, focused um, obviously with the screens being tilted towards the driver. So you really are at the center of a tension behind the wheel of the ev6.

The other thing worth noting is its just a little bit less light than the other two darker colors, obviously, but also slightly smaller windows, and you do notice that, as far as the ionic 5 goes, i think this car is more about traveling in style and comfort. Rather than performance driving – and i actually really appreciate that it feels bigger in here than either of those other two cars and thats, probably something to do with having a nice flat floor and big places to put your legs and the dash feels sort of pushed back. And away from you, even this center console well that slides, so you can either have even more space for your legs or a picnic table for the backseat passengers to play with its got the same couple of screens as the ev6, this side being touchscreen and generally It just feels really nice and light and airy. I will say, though, its not quite as kind of greenhousey as the tesla model y, because it hasnt got a glass roof, but space wise. The irony 5 is killing it now. This is why the wire has come to play and it is playing to win the back seats. Theyve got tons of space will be super handy for children in there or for letting big people stretch out, but that is not all the big criticism of the model. 3 was that it had a boot in a world filled with practical, small suvs that was a downer and a deal breaker for those with dogs or stuff to carry.

But the model y blows that argument out of the water because look a hatchback and not just any old hatchback either, because it gives you access to an absolutely huge rear space. Honestly, dog owners and ikea enthusiasts will be falling over themselves at the site of this, and as if this space with its switches to drop the rear seats, isnt enough, then take a look down there and theres even a frank too. Its really good. Please go away: there is so much space in there that youll be able to option a pair of small occasional seats in the back in the future, and that will make a tesla seven seater a viable option for a lot more people. This is one place where the ev6 really doesnt shine compared to the tesla, because the back seats they are roomy, but they are nowhere near as airy and feel as big as the tesla and its quite dark, and i think you can obviously spot why, because youve Got the sweeping roof line um the windows, obviously a bit smaller and therefore it lets less light in so you lose that spacious feeling um. Although a couple of things i do really like um youve got your usbc ports in each seat for the guys charging in the back, which is very nice, and the other thing, of course, just to remind you that this is an ev. It does have a lovely flat floor across the back now, as for the boot.

Well, it doesnt even compare to the model y yeah its big enough for most things, but it is noticeably less practical than the tesla, the tesla being about 50 bigger. This is 530 liters compared to the wise 850. Now that is sexy, the hyundai sits somewhere between the two. There is acres of room in these back seats. This is me, sat behind my own driving position and look ive got tons of space. It actually feels a lot bigger than the ev6, though it isnt quite the glorious greenhouse, that is the tesla model y and, as for the boot, well, its got a very slightly bigger boot than the kia. So, even though its big enough for most stuff youre not going to be using it as a transit van substitute anytime soon as far as charging and range goes, its pretty much good news all round. Both the kia and the hyundai get the option of vehicle to load ability. That means you can charge other stuff, including another electric car, directly from them, which is kind of handy, and they both have that 800 volt system as standard that can see them charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes on a big charger. But the y isnt that far behind at 29 minutes the kia gets 302 miles of range on the standard cycle. But the y has the smallest battery and yet the longest range by an appreciable distance 315 miles in this spec.

So it actually makes much better use of the energy that goes into it. Thats, not a small thing and i hate to say it, but the hyundai with the all wheel drive like the other two only gets 287 miles of range, which is a little bit disappointing. Yeah definitely not ideal, shall i mention the supercharging network here, because it is really worth having and still one of the big reasons to buy a tesla over everything else. Enough of the practical stuff – because this is my favorite bit the driving and im going to go out on a limb here and say that this model y is probably the best handling of the three cars that weve got its definitely the fastest. It rides comfortably enough thats, just a big band see a little jittery, but when you want to go quickly, the y is basically a slightly less sporty version of the model 3, and that still makes it very good look. None of these cars are meant to be out and out fast things, but the model y definitely has some guts to it feels perkier than the other two dont forget. Fuss can also be safe, safer for overtaking or pulling out of junctions, and when you want to stop, you have the option of proper one pedal. Driving tesla has been at the electric car game for a while now and it really shows with this car. One thing i do like about the y, which is unique to it other than, of course, in the eye.

Watering the expensive model x is the ride height its just nice, having this slightly elevated position and because its so light and bright and airy in here, visibility is brilliant. If i glance, through the rear view, mirror its not quite brilliant, the rear window is quite letterboxy, and that, of course, is due to the fact that youve got a hatchback there, and i actually think that the slight trade off between visibility and practicality is worth it. Because that real bit of space is absolutely fantastic, there im talking about practicality again lets get back to driving um, look its a really nice car to drive. I could do a long journey in this car, no problems its comfortable and most important of all its got. The range to get me there and its efficient enough to make sure that it will actually do the journey now listen up people, because this is where things get really interesting, because i do genuinely think that the kia ev6 gives that tesla a run for its money. In the driving stakes, this is a car that really likes to be driven. You can instantly feel it okay, it might have some of the same hardware as psionic 5, but it really couldnt be more different to actually drive its great fun. I think, overall, its just more of an involved driving experience and the ev6 beats the ioniq 5 hands down so im going to put it on a part with the tesla model.

Why um? But perhaps you disagree, maybe youve had the opportunity to drive both of those cars and let me know what you think in the comments below, because you know id love to be corrected. Id love to hear other peoples, opinions ill, probably uh, agree to disagree, but do tell us what you think personally, i think it just cruises really well, but then also when you get to a corner its very positive, you can have that confidence going into a roundabout. It really is great fun to drive and thats what you want. Isnt it out of an electric car. Now ive had the time to actually drive this for quite a bit now and i think its kind of got better the more ive driven it. The more time. Ive spent in it, the only thing is, i would say, the steering is maybe a little bit fake feeling, but its not too bad and its not a small car. And so, if you are looking for a small car, then this probably isnt for you, but it doesnt mean that you cant have fun with it thats for sure, and also when it comes to all the practicalities. Then, of course, youve got region breaking all the usual safety in tech that you would have expect of a car of this caliber okay. So my argument here depends on what you want from your driving experience. This particular ionic 5 is a long range rear, wheel, drive which compares to the other two in terms of range, but it is a little bit less fast.

The thing is, i have driven all of the variants and i still think my point stands mainly because no matter which model you choose, this car is more about serenity than speed its just that little bit more chilled out. It can do it its perfectly safe for overtaking and pulling out junctions and all of that sort of stuff its just that it doesnt encourage you its one of those cars that you get into and relax it doesnt make. You want to go mental and drive really fast all the time, and you know what i actually really appreciate that, after a hard day you get into this one and you just relax a little bit its nice. I mean the ride, is plush ive just been driving. It around in the normal mode. There are modes, so you do have a sport mode, but to be honest, i dont see the point in using it and it just toddles along you know. Even that was quite a big bump, and this car just went it just sucks it up. Theres the same convenience features as the other two cars that were testing, but the general ambiance of this car, its about soothing your way through a commute rather than seeking out your favorite road, and do you know what im not going to apologize for it? I just like the way it looks. It feels completely fresh and its different on the road and that really appeals to me, and i also think thats not something you can say about many teslas these days.

I understand why they all look the same or very similar, but i like the uniqueness of the ioniq five. I think it. Actually, it is something that would swing it. My way, Applause. I have to say that, in terms of modern electric cars, these three are really up there, arent they uh yeah. This is these are some of the best and there is not a bad car amongst this bunch. I dont have any. To be honest, you know just saying um, however, for the purposes of this review, you know me i like things in black and white, you want a definitive answer. Dont you. We need an answer which is the best. I just need to know. You know which is the best well, we have had a good, odd long discussion, as you can imagine, and actually we have found a winner, but only by a very narrow margin, and this is kind of putting looks to one side and really thinking about your head. Over your heart and the outcome is, it is, of course, the tesla model why it kind of had to be didnt it yeah. Well, the thing is it just outpoints the other cars on quite a lot of different things: its got the smallest battery yeah, but its the most efficient. It has the most range, its more practical by quite a large margin and its got all the toys it drives. Well and its faster, which appeals to some people its also a bit more expensive, more expensive.

I was trying to ignore the fact its more expensive but weve taken all that into consideration with our choice, and you know i just think overall, particularly when you add in the tesla super chatty network, which is still absolutely reason to buy tesla. It is this. Is the one that i think we would all three of us take home um and have we just agreed on something? Have we an electrifying first, i feel sick wait. Last long, so there you go. The model y has another attribute up its sleeve can get the three of us to finally agree, and if you want to know more about any of the three cars we talked about in this video, please do head over to electrifying.