The c40 is the coupe like sibling to the xc40 recharge, with a more swept back appearance. Unlike the xc40, though, this is the first volvo model that will be exclusively battery electric born in guns. Lets take a look at this new crossover on its home turf here in belgium Applause. The 2022 volvo c40 sits on volvos cma platform, which underpins the xc40 and polestars2. The platform supports both evs and ice vehicles, but the c40 is electric. Only c40 is powered by two electric motors making 408 horsepower and 487 pound feet of torque. If that sounds like the same as the pulse star 2 thats, because it is remember all of these vehicles are sharing similar underpinnings epa range estimates arent in but were expecting them to be around the 225 mile mark. The c40 can be charged at up to 150. Kilowatts on a ccs connected dc fast charger, itll take 37 minutes to charge the c40 from 10 to 80 percent, when the c40 makes it to the united states, itll be available fully loaded with no options unless you specify metallic paint. That means it starts at 59845. With delivery and tops out at 60 540, if you opt for one of the colored paint options like our fjord blue test car, it will be eligible for the full 7 500 federal tax incentive, plus any state or local offers when it goes on sale next year. But how does it drive lets find out Music Applause Music, as were bombing down the motorway here in belgium im going to take a few minutes just to talk about overall drive impressions in the city, which is really where this car is probably going to be seen.

The most um, its super comfy um, its very maneuverable. The steering is nice and light easy to do. U turns easy to you know to make to make lane changes, and all of that visibility is excellent. You can see out of your rear three quarters on both sides quite easily compared to the mx30 that we just drove recently. This is much better in terms of visibility. Plus you get the full blind spot monitoring, suites and then volvos safety technology includes everything from autonomous emergency braking with large animal detection to adaptive cruise control automatic lane. Centering were using that right now, as we as we cruise down the motorway here as we head towards ghent, so the drive through bruges uh, where we, where we did a lot of our driving today, super easy super comfy, uh, nice and quiet out here on the Motorway the tires are a tiny bit louder than i think id like them to be, but i think thats also due in part to how much the how quiet this car is, because i dont even hear wind coming from the wing mirrors, which is something that i Normally hear when wing mirrors are this size, so volkswagens id4, for example, um has nice big mirrors, but you can kind of hear a little bit of wind from you. Dont hear any wind at all, so i think thats a little bit. Why im hearing the tires? Um also, i can barely hear these lorries that im passing as i go down the motorway here.

So um super quiet here on the motorway, uh theres plenty of power for overtaking, which um is plenty for when you need to put your foot down and go um speed limits are ridiculously low here in belgium, so we havent been able to really test that, but Acceleration feels sort of on par almost with the pulstar 2 dual motor. It does feel quicker than a standard range plus tesla model 3 or model y um. The performance versions of that car are quicker, um in doof and do feel quicker. The same way with the mustang maki gt that feels quicker, but this definitely feels quicker than a dual motor premium sort of maki. It feels very volvo in here i mean most of the stuff forward to about halfway is xc40, and a lot of this interior is xd40 xc40 steering wheel, xc40 trim pieces and thats. Actually, a nice thing, its a nice place to be replacing the infotainment, though in the xc40, is the google android automotive based system, which is on the xc40 recharge its here in the c40 and then its also used on the pulse r2 models. This system uses google maps and it has google maps integrated in the instrument cluster. So this instrument cluster, is nice and bright its brighter than what is in the pulstar has a few more colors and shows you a proper sort of speedometer along the left side of the the binnacle and a charge recharge power meter on the the right side of The vehicle um inside is a nice big google maps display, which is fantastic, especially when i dont know how to pronounce any of the roads around here, um, so its a fantastic system, its nice and quick.

As of right now, this system does not support apple, carplay or android, auto their engineers say that it is coming later this year, uh that theyre working on it same applies to the pulstar thatll be available as an over the air update, because google is now the Basis of the cars infotainment, those over the air updates can happen. Another cool thing is with the android automotive infotainment. Is you have full access to google assistant, so you can set alarms, reminders turn on your lights at home. You can ask silly questions like hey, google, what is the capacity of ohio stadium, ohio stadium s? Capacity is 102 780., so its i mean thats great. So if youre trying to settle a bet with your drive partner, thats a good system to have, but basically that controls all of that now inside, like i said its very its very xc40 um, you do get this gorgeous glass roof, but that pan that spans the Whole length of the top of the car doesnt open, i dont believe it has a shield, but its its its pretty its. What you expect on a on a crossover ev these days. What you do sacrifice is a little bit of storage space for that swept back design a little more coop like appearance, so from the front, its all xc40, its all business from the back its a lot more, i think its a lot more stylish. A lot more interesting and will definitely get you a lot more attention.

So, if youre looking for a compact crossover that will do decent miles on the motorway, with comfort with great level 2 driver assist with infotainment thats rock solid, the xc40 recharge or this c40, i think, is a great way to go. If you are split between well, do i want the pole star too, or do i want the volvo volvo says that the customers arent the same, but i think that when you add in this stylish sort of techie design with this with the scoop, look, i think Youre actually going to get some cross shops, i would say if you want the more comfortable cruiser go with the volvo. If you want something a little bit more sporty go with the pull star um compared to the tesla model y um. This uses a scandinavian minimalistic interior duh because theyre scandinavian, but everything feels a bit better put together. I find the infotainment easier to use. I find this just to be a more enjoyable driving experience so based on my very quick first impressions here in belgium in a european spec car tuned for european spec roads. This is a great first taste. I really look forward to getting the car back in the united states spending the week with it doing the proper range test with it and checking suspension tuning and all of that stuff to see theres a car that makes a lot of sense in europe translates to Making sense in the united states so thats, something that will that im not going to be able to answer until we get the car back home but in the meantime, its its probably worth a look Music.

The tesla model y is a direct competitor to the c40, along with volvos own xc40 recharge and the pulstar 2.. The xc40 recharge starts at 56 ‘5 and the dual motor pulstar 2 starts at 51 200 with delivery to get the polestar 2 with similar equipment, though, expect to pay at least 58 400.. The model y starts at 56 190 with delivery for similar performance, but potentially up to 100 extra miles of range per charge, while we like the volvo c40s quality and features better than the tesla its hard to argue with that range overall, our first impressions of volvo C40 are impressive. Its everything that we like about the xc40 recharge in a more coupe svelte, like body style, were especially fond of the google android automotive based infotainment system that provides google maps coverage right on the instrument cluster when youre driving in a country where you cant speak the Language and dont know the roads having the latest turn by turn. Directions right in front of you is a lifesaver. We look forward to extensively testing the c40 back in the united states, hopefully later this year for more new car reports, like this be sure to subscribe. To our channel and hit that notification bell, also, you can read our latest reviews news help and how to articles on the web at evpulse.