In february. It will be upgraded with spins navigation, guided pilot and gp, a tesla autopilot, rivaling autonomous driving function, Music compared with the gallic looking g3. The p7 has a far sleeker italianate flare to its design and is a sizable but minimalistic sports saloon, roughly the size of the bmw 5 series as such, although it has been billed as a tesla model – 3 competitor. The p7 is closer in size to the model. S Music. All touch points use good quality materials, although, unsurprisingly, less frequently felt areas get harder plastics in tune with the exteriors minimalism. The dashboard looks satisfyingly clean with the air vents hidden below your eye line. Both driver and passenger also get comfy electrically adjustable leather seats, Music. The interior has a futuristic feel with both a digital instrument panel and 15, an infotainment screen that blend into one another. Behind a suade of glass, most of the functions of the car, including the climate control and infotainment, can be voice activated, viaspins virtual assistant, xiaopi, Music, the p7 saloon driven here is springs second model, and it has already been on sale in china since june, with a Price, starting at around the equivalent of dollar, a ud, 60 comma 000. All versions of the p7 get a 196 kilowatts electric motor driving the rear wheels to which the performance version adds a kilowatts motor to the front. Our test car was the single motor super long range model which uses an 81 kilowatt hours battery pack capable of delivering 706 kilometers, albeit measured by the generous net standard, rather than europes, stricter wltp procedure.

As with many chinese evs, our p7 was geared towards range rather than performance, but zero to 100 kilometers per hour of 6.7 seconds. This drops to 4.3 seconds for the dual motor performance model is certainly brisk enough for most with enough acceleration to leave in its wake. Many similarly priced petrol cars along with the capacious boot under the bonnet, is a small storage compartment thats large enough for a backpack Music.