Today we have a very special opportunity to drive the hummer ev. Now theres been a lot of excitement about this vehicle, not just because its an electric truck, but it does a lot of really cool things and it could be a daily driver, not just the crab walk where it can go sideways, which i think is totally awesome. But this vehicle has so much capability. The name hummer is meant from the military, but what its also is a true off road vehicle, but yet its an electric vehicle has a lot of capabilities were going to take it for a drive were going to have an internal engineer with us hes going to Give us some information, you probably didnt, know just to give you an idea theres, like a thousand horsepower and crazy pound feet of torque, which is like more than you could possibly need. But if youre going to have a vehicle like this, this is it. This is so cool. Well talk about the price at the end, so you want to stay with us and dont forget to subscribe. Lets get started with driving it so, as were driving here around the ann arbor area. This is our first drive of the hummer v and we have an internal with us today and hes going to give us some guidance on all of the great technologies. We get. A small sampling of this im sure once theyre come to production. Well, have another bite at the apple, as we say absolutely, okay.

This is fabulous and this is running for north american truck of the year or are we using suv? Are we doing both truck truck because youve got the one with the bed exactly so as far as the vehicle itself, though? Just because people want to know the experience of driving this the brakes are regen brakes and and just driving it around. You wouldnt even know that, because sometimes in these regions, youll take your foot off the gas and its it immediately draws down. I dont get that experience with this vehicle, so its turned off right now. Okay, so, if you want it, we can. It would be very aggressive if you want it. We have multiple levels, so you can get uh call it four different levels of regen capability, so the most aggressive would be like a one pedal, actually theyre, all capable of one pedal, but the most aggressive is a fairly aggressive deceleration actually about four tenths of a G, which is quite aggressive, that is pretty aggressive, four tenths of a g if youre not used to that is, could feel like could feel to the average person as youre being pushed through the windshield. Yes, actually im gon na. Have you start super cruising here. Its just a switch there, okay cruise break, so i can take my hands off the wheel. You can its going to slow you down. Theres traffic, okay, im curious what its going to do. Oh, let the green lights here.

Of course you want to grab the wheel. Naturally, but it is slowing down for look, this is the same as an active cruise control, but im not touching the steering wheel and you do have to keep your eyes on im sure theres eye theres, a tracker for your eyes exactly they dont want you over Here you know, reading a book or newspaper, you still have to keep your eyes on the road, its good if you want to take a drink or something exactly exactly no, i have used super cruise before and if you want to see more, we have that, on Our channel, but as far as this vehicle itself, theres been a lot of excitement about hummer, and i know that theyre theyre slow to get to market. Not your fault has to do with chips, but we will see these going being delivered to people by the end of 21. Yeah yep before this calendar year is over. Uh well have keys in customers hands and we are on track still for that. So that has been our plan from the beginning and nothings changing there. In fact, this program is protected from a chip standpoint really yep. Does it allow you from the passenger seat to set the navigation? Yes, because one of the most frustrating things for people is youre on the passenger seat, i go hey. Could you change the location? And i is the driver im not but now im in a position where i cant so that disabled lockouts button that i pushed yes allowing that functionality, because its recognizing that im in the passengers.

So if there was no one in the car, but me it wont allow for that uh so its supposed to anyway, you can select that right now um its gon na pop it up and uh when im here, but actually in the future. We got an update. Coming where itll be in your notifications and you can adjust it, then nice, i like how the fact when you drive this thing, it doesnt feel like youre driving a gigantic vehicle. I mean ive driven escalades before and you know any other brand that has a gigantic vehicle and you feel like youre driving a tractor trailer. This does not feel like that. It feels like a smaller suv. It has that feel to it, thats, very intentional. So what youre feeling is a combination of the low center of gravity from the battery the rear, steering capability right and the wide track, so that combination makes it actually feel quite agile for normal driving, as well as when youre getting closer to the limit. Its a very neutral easy to drive vehicle. So if i want to change the drive mode while were here, would you change it or what? What mode would you go to? So personally, i do like um, my mode. Okay, oh thats, awesome, which is very customizable. So right you can adjust steering suspension acceleration and you mentioned the motor sound right. Oh i see it so i can do a normal if i want and all right, so you can make it your own mode.

So all this center screen allows you to do towing off road highway, so you can pick your mode exactly youve got youve got um tow haul youve got normal my mode off road, which is more like a. I think higher speed desert running right, oh thats, fun and then a lower speed, what we call terrain mode, which is more like a crawling. So when you put your foot in it, whats a zero to 60 time on this, its about three seconds: wow yeah. So youre right up there with supercar territory, youre faster than a corvette, so yeah thats thats the beauty. All right. You you get the on road. You get comfort, yeah, very isolated from the road. You get the performance. You know if you were to take this to the drag strip, and one run that was the freedom. Can you drag taking this to the drags uh on grounds on our property, because i wonder how it is to transfer weight as a past drag racer? In my in my past history, we, you know, the big thing was, you know, disconnect the sway bar get the weight to transfer to the rear. This is obviously not designed for that sure it is so we wont disconnect, but what we do is we lower the vehicle three and a half inches which gets out of that cg as low as it possible. Right center of gravity is cg, yes, just for the for our viewers, yes, and then we actually will firm up the suspension.

We have the ability to adjust the suspension settings on the fly right, so we actually firm up those suspension uh settings to manage that pitch. I would love to take this to a drag strip just to see what kind of lights you can cut with it. Oh so whats the so i guess on the big questions. People have whats the distance. I can go on a charge we havent actually announced range. Yet for this vehicle, because different wheel side, tire sizes were just finalizing that yep so thats that hasnt been announced yet for tire sizes tire size has um. This is edition one. You get an 18 inch wheel with a 35 inch tire thats, a mud, terrain right, goodyear, um, thats, going to be standard across the board for the first model here, but were just finalizing those numbers. So youre going to go up to larger, wheels and tire options. Larger wheels same tire od, so its still 35 inch. Yes, the overall diameter will still be 35, but you can get a 22 inch wheel, okay! Well, that would be more of a street application, because youd want the 18 inch for off road. You want that cushioning that absorption, yeah, otherwise youre gon na have back adjustments exactly that 22 inch. Tire is very efficient from a range standpoint right, so that is definitely going to be your on road tire. This one is very capable on road, but is is certainly purpose built to keep you very capable off road, so as far as this vehicle, as far as other things that consumers would want to know about the life inside now, i was talking to one of your Internal people and they said that you had 10 cup holders.

I know its kind of a joke because we always laugh about that. But the fact is we live in a vehicle. I go in with a coffee and a water. Almost every day, yeah yep yeah weve got obviously two in the console. Each door has two um. You got more in the rear seat as well. I think thats important, because youve got kids in back or people in back. Everyone comes with something whether its a metal bottle, uh or whatever theyre drinking or a kid with a juice box, yep, absolutely yeah and a lot of times. People dont have the bottle holders for that. But you do you have a big enough for like a one liter, which i do appreciate yeah. So, as far as the handling, though this handle is really flat, yeah and and thats unusual – i mean for just a vehicle of this size and this high off the ground. You would think it would have some pretty serious body roll, but i dont experience that yeah and – and that is again um one of the main contributors there is that low center of gravity from the battery, but also that adaptive ride, control that we have right is Also performing roll support so its actively damping as youre turning and increasing forces as it needs to to to manage that body roll its a its a big knob for us to turn yeah. You see this. There seems to be a massive difference in what youd expect.

I mean, i think the expectations are. Oh, this is going to be really hard to drive, but actually its really easy to drive its got a lot of great technology. You know my my initial impression with it, i know, were gon na, have a full drive coming up in the future, but my initial impression is this: is this is really easy to drive? The brakes are great, the suspension, absorbs everything and i think, maybe thats part of that. You know 18 inch wheel with the 35 inch tire. This is nice. I mean its totally ive driven hover hummers before, but this is a completely different experience and i im glad i had the opportunity to drive it because as well as we did a lot of not everyone got a chance to drive this vehicle and looking at it. As one thing but driving it and some of the details, besides, of course onstar, which is exclusive to general motors products, but just some of the neat things like you – can take the glass roofs off and take them with you store them in your e trunk. Oh thats really true for anything so youre calling the front an e trunk. We are thats the way because everyone says frank is something thats, a tesla name so everyones calling it something different, naming their own thing yeah and now well. Take a look at the outside of this in just a second and well give you some more details.

So what does the front trunk? Look like you got hummer across the front, so cool inside is a quite a large storage area. Im going to try and jump in here, i dont believe in the girl and the trunk thing, but for you i will do this. There is quite a bit of storage in here and what i like about it is, you can put your luggage here. Have it secure have all your gear in back, you got your payload, you got your towing capacity. You can take this off road. You put your camping gear in here. It is completely lined, so if youve got wet gear from camping and youre like what am i going to do with this wet tent, put it in the front and you can dry it off when you get home. So i think theyve really thought about whos using it and how theyre gon na use it. At least i hope so, but i think my gut tells me most people that are using this theyre. Just gon na drive it around and say: ive got the coolest vehicle on the road. Well, i have to say my experience was really impressive. You would think a vehicle like this would feel like a tank because it looks like one but it doesnt. It had a really nice ride to it and they made it feel like an suv which is not what you would expect and if you want to take it off road, you can change all the dynamics about this.

You could even take this to the drag track. Like the engineer was saying, i was kind of chuckling thinking. I dont know how youre going to transfer weight for those of you that are drag racing, but this is really an awesome vehicle. It looks cool there are tons of accessories and on top of that, this vehicle they brought us to test drive here at the north american car and truck of the year jury. If youve seen the gmc tailgate. This is the multi tailgate the same tailgate. You see because this is a gmc product where hummer used to be a standalone name. Gmc is the sub name, so hence they get to put this tailgate in and i think thats great, because if you need it, it becomes a full tailgate, and this is great. So you can use it as a truck and the front area has a ton of storage as well. Now we dont call it a frunk. That is a tesla name. It is a front trunk or a front storage area, so you can see theres tons of storage and, of course this is a real truck with real tie downs if youre a silverado fan. This is going to look very familiar to you, so youre going to know exactly how to work with it. It has a spray on bed liner. They really built this thing to be very strong lots of cool features on this vehicle, of course, class 3 towing, a real tow vehicle that it could be has tie downs, and i think thats really important, now weve driven some trucks lately that dont have them.

Yes, you can get them after market, but getting a vehicle that looks like this from the factory is spectacular. Now we get to the price which youve all been waiting for thats the hard one it starts at about a hundred and eight thousand dollars. Now, when youre, comparing this to the rivian, which we also test drove here this week or the lightning truck or we dont know when were gon na see a cyber truck, so dont even go there with me. I know everyone says its coming, but its already off teslas website. So this may be down the road thats a lot of money, so when youre looking at this vehicle and what its being used for youre buying it because of the name youre buying, because it has some cool features like the crab walk. If youre looking for an electric truck, you can look at the ford lightning, which will be delivered by the end of the year. Hummers will be out by the end of 2021, and rivien is already delivering vehicles and their price of the vehicle we test drove on. The rivien was 73 thousand dollars its a big price gap, but what you get when you buy either a ford lightning or a gmc hummer? Is you have a network of dealers who will take care of you? If you have a problem, theyll give you a loaner theyve got parts rivien has not put together their dealer network, yet they do not have standalone dealers theyre going to try and operate like tesla, which, if youve owned a tesla in the past, ive heard a lot Of negative things about waiting for your car to get repaired, that may be true even here, but youll get a loaner vehicle and parts will be available for well over 10 years because of the gm and ford franchise laws.

Actually all the dealers have that. So if you have any additional questions, theres a lot of content, we could have covered wed, be here for, like four hours put your comments down below. I will answer them because i know youve got questions. Yes, you can order one today. Yes, you could possibly get one before the end of the year and if you didnt order, one, the few dealers that have them are going to charge whats called adm, which is additional dealer markup translated as pure profit for the dealer, because you know thats what they Want so make sure that i would order if i were you, but if you really got to be the first guy on the block to heaven or gal, then i would youre going to have to pay the high price. So if you have any additional questions, let me know if youve got value from this video make sure to like and share it. Follow me on all forms of social media at laurenfix, dont forget to check out our podcast total car score and check out our website.