But is it any good in this review were going to tell you that and were also going to run through everything that you need to know about this suv. But before we start, if you want a great deal on your next new car, go to whatcar.com and for lots more video reviews make sure you subscribe to our channel right. So first lets cover the differences between this gt model and the rest of the mac e lineup. So you can probably notice that at the front of the car it does have a slightly different look. Doesnt it its just a bit more sporty with this new bumper and its the same at the back as well. Theres, also a different paint choice too theres this cyber orange or grabber blue. You also get bigger alloys as standard with the gt. These are 20 inches, but on lower trim levels of the mackey, the biggest standard alloys are 19 inches theres. Also, apparently, specially developed tyres with this gt model and upgraded brembo brakes in terms of performance upgrades. It gets an electric motor on each axle, so its four wheel drive with 480 brake horsepower and 634 pounds foot of torque, and that is apparently enough to give this car a naught to 62 miles per hour time of 3.7 seconds, and it is absolutely rapid. That is more than half a second quicker than a jaguar eye pace which isnt exactly slow and its roughly the same amount of time.

An alfa romeo, stelvio quadrifoglio will take to do the same sprint and you might actually see a car similar to this chasing down criminals in the uk, because earlier this year we saw a police concept version of the mackey with very similar performance. Specs to this, the gt also faces a different set of rivals to the standard car where most mackeys are up against cars like the vwid4 skoda, enyak and kia inero. The gt is now up against evs, like the jaguar i pace and bmw ix3, as well as the tesla model y. As for the range, this gt version of the mackey gets the same 88 kilowatt hour battery that youll find in extended range versions of the standard car, and here its good for a claimed range of around 310 miles, which is pretty decent. Mackie gt gets these really comfortable and supportive ford performance sport seats and to hopefully increase comfort. Further you get adaptive suspension as standard as well, and really the only optional extra there is to consider is whether you want a panoramic sunroof or not inside. You get some suede effect materials on the gt which you wont find on the lesser trims, and that does help to lift the perceived quality a bit, but its still overall, a bit patchy its just this center console area. That doesnt really feel or look that great with some of these materials and plastics here and when you consider this car is almost 70 thousand pounds, then it really doesnt feel as special as youd hope for that price.

So look at something like a jaguar, i pace or the bmw, ix3 and those interiors feel like quite a big step up from this, but you do get a pretty good infotainment system with the mackie gt, its all based around this 15 inch. Massive portrait layout screen here its not the most responsive system in the world, but the good thing is that the icons that you need to hit are reasonably big, so its easy to do so, while youre driving and yes, its a shame. You havent got physical controls for the air conditioning, but at least its all down here on this big bit of the screen and its permanently visible too. It also gets a new sketch function which lets you draw on the screen to keep you entertained. While you wait for the car to charge that was introduced as an over the air update to all mackies earlier this year, but its still some way off the entertainment choice available with teslas infotainment system elsewhere, the gt gets the same basic layout inside as the standard Mackie, so space in the back is generous enough for some six footers to get comfortable, but its a shame. The boot isnt a bit bigger than it is given the large size of the car, its okay by class standards, but nothing special. Although the front trunk is a useful space to have to stuff the charging cables, its also got a drain plug, so it can be hosed out if you chuck your muddy boots in there now, weve, driven lots of versions of the mackie and its an eevee, where The cheaper variants are the ones that make sense thats because its an electric car package that doesnt quite add up to mix it with the best, particularly when it comes to handling.

So here we are in a 65 000 pound version of the mackie, which is all about performance and handling. So does it feel like a big improvement over the standard car? Well, one of the biggest disappointments with the other versions of the mackie is the ride, because its really bouncy really unsettled, and just quite irritating really now with the gt, you get this adaptive suspension as standard, and that does really improve things noticeably. It feels much better tied down overall theres, still a bit of bounce in it, but its nowhere near to the extent that you feel in the standard versions of that car. So that means, whereas with other versions youd be cornering and kind of bouncing all over the place, if youre trying to go a bit quickly, but here things are much better tied down. The performance is absolutely bonkers. This is a massive heavy car, but it absolutely takes off in a straight line. It really is properly rapid. When you meet a corner, you do become more aware of just how big and heavy this car is, but it still does a pretty reasonable job of managing its weight transitions. But the thing that does kind of detract a little bit from the fun is the steering because, like the other cars, its quick but its inconsistently weighted, and it means that things dont feel really smooth. Similarly the brakes. Yes, these brembo brakes have amazing stopping power, but the brake pedal itself is a bit like an on off switch, so youve either got everything or nothing.

So it means that its quite difficult to stop smoothly and it can be quite abrupt and take some getting used to with the accelerator pedal at very low speed. So when you just start the car youre gently moving out of a parking spot, the power just kind of jolts, the car into life – and it really is just very difficult to drive it smoothly, and that is quite frustrating. This is the quickest and smoothest riding mackey with the most pleasant interior and best driving dynamics in the lineup, but then costing an extra 24 000 pounds over the entry level model and eight thousand pounds more than the next most expensive mackie below it. You would hope that would be the case and the gt faces a familiar problem to the rest of the mackie lineup. There are plenty of rivals that offer a better all round package. If you want a rapid ev, which is good to drive, the model 3 performance takes some beating and for similar money. The ipace and ix3 might not be as quick, but they feel more polished on the road and more upmarket inside and then of course, theres. The model y, which is a bit better inside and more practical, the performance version, is even quicker than the mackie gt on paper too, but so far weve only driven the long range version so subscribe to our channel, and that way you can watch our group test With the model y in the future and tell us in the comments below which car you would rather have and dont forget, if you want a great deal on your next car, go to whatcar.