It does look a little bit like the previous one, but i guess if it aint broke, dont fix it. There are some pretty subtle differences, though first thing is. We have a new grille with a kind of more i dont know what i call it. Rectangular design just looks a little bit sharper than the old car, and, while the light signature is very similar, indeed, it actually cuts into the side of the grill here, to just add a little bit more aggression, its also been simplified further down. So what we saw in the old car was kind of two kind of air pods either side and then the number plate in the middle, but its a lot sleeker. We now have a much more uniform line running along the front of the car and if you get up really close its pretty much seamless, theres, no bumper, that sticks out thats, just the odd little crease kind of carved into the front bumper moving further around. And this is where it starts to really impress, in my opinion, so its hard to kind of figure out where to start really its all compromised of three lines. Youve got kind of a bit of a sloping roof line going on here. Youve got a really distinct line running from the front to the back of the car and then also one at the base, which kind of angles slightly upright. To give a more kind of pinch, design makes it look like its moving, even when it sat still what i really like about it, though, is we now have a floating roof line.

You have gloss black pillars from the front to the back of the car and i just think it looks great and just like the front of the car, its a very seamless design. If i kind of look alongside here, theres pretty much no dents and bits that pop out weve got 23 inch wheels on this car here, but there are lots of different sizes. Youve got 20 21s and also 22s to choose from and just one little design thing. I like, if you follow this line, all the way to the back of the car. It kind of stops here with this little aluminium bit element here, and the reason is, is because they didnt want it to continue to the back at the back. We have a very different design indeed. Luckily, we can see it with the lights on because youve got these ultra thin leds at the back and when theyre off its completely black, so youre not going to have any any of those disgusting aftermarket smoky rear lights, its just going to look sleek and seamless And you may also wonder where the indicators are theyre not actually integrated into the lights here. They are here, but you cant see them because its all really well hidden now lets head back towards the front of the car because, yes, while it looks relatively similar, its more of a design evolution, there are some big changes. Underneath weve got a new platform, 80 aluminium, its also 50, stiffer than before.

Now it can also go off road. This is an off roader after all, youre looking at a wading depth of around 900 millimeters, which is seriously impressive, and you also have slightly shallower steeper approach, angles about 34 degrees at the front 29 at the rear. Apparently it can climb slopes of about 45 degrees. Im not big on off roading anyway, when it comes to road comfort, you actually have rear wheel, steering which is to make the car a little bit more nimble and maneuverable in the corners, and you also have adjustable suspension with 145 millimeters of travel. So you could slam it when youre in the city or do what i do get in a car like this and jack it right up now, along with that, weve got four engines that we know about. It all starts off with a three liter inline six, which is available as either a petrol or a diesel theres, also a plug in hybrid version, with 510 horsepower. But crucially, can go for up to 62 miles on electric energy alone, and you also get a nice 4.4 liter v8, which will go from 0 to 62 miles an hour in 4.6 seconds in a car. That is absolutely gigantic, and 2024 therell be an electric version as well now thats, just the outside and the technical bits lets have a look at the inside. The changes are pretty damn significant on the inside as well, and oh man thats comfortable.

Now its a very minimalist cabin, its all about taking away clutter weve got a very streamlined, exterior design and thats the same on the inside. So i think the thing that stands out to me, the most actually is this 13 inch touchscreen display and its slightly curved as well. So it looks as though its been draped over the dashboard, rather than integrated into it, and its kind of got like a floating effect as well, and thats joined up with a new digital instrument cluster, again its kind of got that floaty effect. But you do have a cover over the top, so if its a bright day, youre still going to be able to see how fast youre going or slow or whatever. We also have this new vent designer super sleek and integrated into the top of the dashboard and just kind of vanishes away. Ive seen a lot of companies do this and they dont really get it right, but i think in here it looks pretty damn sleek theres a lot less clutter in the center console as well. But crucially – and i pick up a lot of cars on this – there are physical buttons. Theyve got dials for the climate settings its something that youre going to find yourself doing all the time when youre on the go and its good to have a physical dial also got some neat storage options front and back here with wireless charging huge bin under the Armrest too, and a twin spoke steering wheel with metal, paddle, shifters, lovely and weve also got some.

They are do look like theyre going to be haptic feedback buttons, but they are physical. Lets have a look at the back, so the range rover has a slightly longer wheelbase, and while this chair is a little bit further forward than what i would normally have it, there is so much space back here and what i like is this can either work As an armrest like, we see here with your own eight inch panel in the center, or it can also work as another seat, if you want it to and look at this jewel screens, so i dont have to talk to anybody. I can just be in my own world watching whatever the hell i want now. This is the regular range rover. However, there are two more additions that all kind of major on what happens in the back and the first one is the sv. This is the sv model and, in its current configuration its a four seater now this is designed more for people who want something seriously luxurious its not about really driving it its the experience in the back now there are lots of different customizable elements in here, including What kind of leather that you have and the different colors that we have in here and trim, but there are some really awesome features. I want to show you and the first is the pop up little table, which is so thunderbirds. So if i hold this down, it would help if i press the right button.

So if i hold this down, it just emerges from the center console just like something out of thunderbirds now, because theyre trying to keep it simple and it would take forever if you wanted to have this automated as well. This is manual, but i can swing it around like that and open it up and look at that. I have something that could work as a desk or a picnic table or whatever you want. So this has got a wood finish, but you can also have leather on the inside as well so stuff doesnt go flying about now. I will just send that on its way. How freaking cool is that and then the next thing is a new fridge. So back here, if i press this button here, look at that weve got a fridge with a bottle of champagne and you also have your own glasses, which are embossed with the sv logo, and weve got a handy cup holder down here as well. So, under the armrest we have one very, very big storage company, of which i could probably get lost in and also, if you want to charge up your device, youve got a wireless charging pad, of course, if someones hogging that you could always just use the touchscreen In the center theres now also a seven seater version, and it comes in long wheelbase form now land rover says it: didnt want to make a seven seater and if it was gon na do it it would do it properly and claims that you can fit two.

Six foot adults in the very last row of the seven seater now i am just under six foot – so might not be the best barometer. But if i sit up straight, ive still got a little bit of room to play with. So if i was six foot or a little bit over, it would be tight, admittedly, but its always going to be like that in the back of a seven seater and legroom, well, its not too bad, either and theres still enough space for somebody sat in front Of me, so from what i can tell it seems, mission accomplished so thats, just a quick overview of the range rover lineup and the last thing to talk about is price. Now it all kicks off at around 94 400 pounds. But if you want a car like this one here, the sv youre gon na be paying a fair bit more as its very customized. Now you can order one today with deliveries due in around spring next year, but in the meantime you know what to do either. Keep it right here on youtube and check out all of our awesome videos or head over to yesauto.