So i really dont know how to begin this. This is a another suv from china, its another new ev brand, and this being the most expensive chinese ev ever produced. I had very very high expectations and boy. Oh boy has this car met them, however, with a few caveats so lets find out what they are. This is the human horizons hifix, and this is fully charged Music, Music, so youd be right in saying the human. What yes, the human horizons, a brand new brand. Its only been started a couple of years ago here in china, and this is their halo model. The hi fi x – and this in fact, is the top of the range one. This is the founders edition and it comes in. They tell you a whopping 800 000 rmb. Now there is a cheaper version at 570, 000 rmb, but these guys have very bold ambitions. I want to take on the likes of tesla and neo. They have a very, very luxurious kind of ethos around the company and were going to find out a little bit more about that today. The first thing youll notice about this car is how striking it looks from this front end with its led headlights. These are completely programmable and theres 1700 leds in all of the four corners. So you can have lovehearts coming up. You can have all sorts of silly things coming up. It does obviously function as your indicator as well.

Now this orange color is very, very striking, as you can see, and everyone looks at this car so probably not just because the orange color, but because its 5.2 meters long this is no small car at all. However, it does actually feel like a small car and ill tell you a bit more about that later on all right, so lets turn around now. This is the unique part about this car because its so big, you expect it to not be very good at steering around tight spaces, but its got rear wheel steering so it provides an extra 10 degrees of steering on the back, which is fantastic. So i just turned around without going into the second lane just there, which is amazing for a car of this size, and i think this is probably what it does is slightly better than say the neo es8, which is still quite big. It can actually turn in. Maybe tighter spaces, even though its still quite a massive car thats generally. The feeling in here is that yes, its a big car, but it feels quite cozy and compact on the inside. It doesnt feel like youre driving, something which is probably one of the biggest cars on the road at all. One of my other impressions is that the feeling uh whilst youre driving, is utter silence, complete silence and thats, aided by the the air suspension as well, which makes it just float along the ground.

Uh you dont, really notice any bumps. You dont hear any tyre noise, its really really quiet, as you can tell if we did another turn thats full, lock and weve gone round very easily around that corner. The other thing is this rakish windscreen angle, its the same angle as a supercar its about, i think they said 65 degrees. A lamborghini is almost exactly the same and thats. What gives this car this sporty profile and its actually a lot lower than suvs as well? I really like the look of this car because it feels very very different to what weve seen on the market already. The other thing, youll notice behind me is no door handles theres, no door handles whatsoever. Everything is controlled by this key, and this is one of my biggest frustrations, because a key should open the door in a very simple way. However, theres an instruction manual with this key and different key combinations to open different things and for me thats just a step too far its just a little bit too complicated. You know you shouldnt have to read an instruction manual to open a car. The good thing is, you know you get close to the car, the door will open for you and the boot will open et cetera, et cetera, so it does have those features, but its just a little bit too complicated for this car. Now, underneath the car is a 97 kilowatt hour battery, so youd be thinking, oh yes, loads of range.

However, this is quite a heavy car. It comes at two and a half thousand kilos, so its range is only 550 kilometers. Any dc range now thats a little bit of a disappointment, but its a massive beast. So probably really not that surprising. Now the other thing about this car and a lot of luxury cars as well is how fast they can do zero to 100, because thats really very important. This does it in three. Yes, a three 3.9 seconds for a car which weighs 2 500 kilograms. This does it in two sorry, 3.9 seconds, thats incredibly fast. Now we tried out earlier – and it does feel just like your whole bodys – been crushed into the sea very exciting feeling, but when youre driving this with maybe five other passengers, its completely irresponsible, so dont encourage that at all so a couple of other features. This does have all of the automatic driving features, so it has uh, i think l3 driving uh automatic driving. It also has l4 automatic parking, so you can get out the car and itll park itself, which is a pretty cool feature as well as you can see, it started raining, which is wonderful weather to film in so were trying to get this done as soon as We can now at the back of the hi fi x. This is really quite cool, so youve got these. These are the led lights. Part of the 1700 led lights in this car.

Again these can be programmed to show things, i think, obviously not when its driving. When its parked is like a showpiece, one interesting feature of this is all of this is led so that theres an led behind the actual logo as well thats, very cool, looking and a really interesting feature is actually when youre parked so its a bit bright today. So you wont be able to see it, however, when youre parked and you get close to the car with the key uh, a luggage icon will shine on the floor here. So not next to the car, but just here and all you have to do – is just step into that icon and then the boot will automatically open now, thats a really quite a good feature. Um were not going to get it to work here because its raining and uh im having trouble working out the key now this is the boot, a lot of rubbish in here at the moment, so it does actually have six seats in this car theres two versions: Theres, a four seat and a six seat: four seat is mega luxury. It comes with a champagne holder, obviously thats completely ridiculous. This is the six seater and im going to talk about these back seats in a little bit, but you come with a decent amount of boot space. Even with the six seats i mean it has to with it with it being 5.2 meters long.

So i just want to show you how these doors actually work, so you do actually have these two tabs here, which you can press and they open so front door, one press that opens it will detect if anything is in the way and not open any further And in fact this opens almost at 90 degrees, so its great, if youre, getting in and out of the car, really easy access. The other one is the back door, which is a suicide door, very cool, quite quite quite a cool feature. Uh now, as you can see, it wouldnt be very easy to get into the back of this, because theres literally no room to get into the back now thats, where hi five thought of a electric solution to this. So if you come in theres a button on the back here, you press that easy entry and this slides across that way. It says easy entry moves towards front seat moves forwards and then it folds down as well so youve got loads of space to get in the back. Doesnt solve the issues you have with space in the back, but it makes the in entry and exit over there. Quite simple Music, so, as you can see im now in the third row of the hi fi x – and this is where i think some of the shortcomings of this car become apparent, so i dont have the most legroom. You know this. This seat in front could go for us a little bit more now.

My biggest issue is, i dont. Have any windows back here so outside here, theres no windows, so it feels a little bit claustrophobic. I do have a window just above my head here. Ive got a tiny window. I can see out just outside the front there, so theres a feeling of like kind of claustrophobia in here, which is um a little bit of a downside. You know it does feel quite tight in this cabin, for i think, for every passenger. If you know for such a big car, it feels quite tight, quite small, almost quite cozy, but i think back here that coziness kind of disappears. I do have my own air conditioning: ive got a mirror and ive got my own usb slot, and obviously these seats can slide forward slightly to give you a little bit more boot space in the four seater version. Theres. None of this theyve just got them two massive, like luxury armchairs, with your champagne holder in the middle ridiculous. A really nice feature of this actually is that there is a button back here. So when you want to get in and out of the car, you push this button, the sleep you know it obviously slides forwards. It also slides inwards, so thats. Both these seats here will slide that way to let the people in thats a really nice feature, and i quite like that Music now this is obviously the best place to be its in the co pilot seat.

So the pilot is sitting there and i am the co pilot now i dont do much as a co pilot, but what i can do is watch my giant 19 inch display here. So its got apps its got videos you could do all sorts of things downloading its connected to the internet. You know very very good here now it doesnt have a glove box, so youve got rid of your glove box, but youve got a screen. Instead, i dont know how practical that is. Not very you do have space. Obviously, underneath here you can store a few things, and this is quite deep as well. The other interesting thing is this seat reclines almost fully flat and it comes out with a footrest as well, so you can literally lay down and watch tv whilst someone is driving next to you, thats pretty luxurious and a little bit ridiculous. All right lets jump in out of the rain. Now if the outside looks like a spaceship, the inside feels like a pilots position. It just looks and feels incredible now i am surrounded by screens. Ive got my screen in front of me here. Ive got my navigation screen here and then the passenger has a screen as well. The feeling of driving this thing is very, very comfortable. This rakish windscreen ive actually got quite a lot of visibility as well. Theyve got a screen for this, so its not an actual mirror its a proper screen for the rear, windscreen mirror thats very good in uh when its a little bit dark its bright, its quite hard to see so thats a little bit frustrating in here.

Obviously, all the fixtures and fittings are pretty top notch. I think theres a couple of, like maybe small, plasticky bits which could be improved next time around, but i think theyre well on their way to creating a really good halo car. Now the really good thing about this interior is the use of sustainable materials. They are using recycled suede up here, so this can be recycled and theyre using a vegan leather for all of the chairs, as well so thats a really great step for these guys. Im glad theyve done that now. This chair also has air conditioning because its luxury so its good to have air conditioning theres, all sorts of led lights in here as well. So i can set the mood uh of this space, so i could, i think, got 56 different colors across all of the the doors and the displays very unnecessary, really but quite fun, Music. So power in this car is two electric motors one at the front, one at the back, its very much a skateboard chassis underneath this car. So i think theyre going to be using this in more of their models, so its very modular, very flexible and its completely four wheel drive. So again, you have to be with a car of this size when youre trying to get to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.9 seconds. You obviously need four wheel drive. You know this. This has every technical feature that you want and more and it oozes.

You know complication, i think i think some of the things are very welcome. I think theyre really good features. You know the screens in here are quite cool. You know the the lane assist the rear wheel. Steering you know all of this stuff is great, but i think theres just too much of it. I think you need to study like a book or a manual on this for about three weeks before youd be able to actually get in the car and drive it now, as you can see, im looking pretty comfortable in this back seat right now and thats, because I have two very unique features, so ive got my footrest, which is starting to come out here. I can push that and oh wrong way wrong way. Oh god hop on the wrong way, and that will flip up this seat also has a massage function. So i think, in the back, its got, something which just starts pummeling your back very slowly, which is great. The other thing which i think is a great practical feature if youve got 800 000 rmb to spend on a car like this, is that it has iso fix. So you can put a baby seat in – and i put my baby in this seat this weekend and its been very comfortable and very easy to do that. So its got two isofix seats here, um and i think thats a really good practical feature of this car Music Applause Music.

So the one complaint i would have about this car is theres just a few little niggly bugs which havent quite been ironed out yet – and i think some of the materials in here could do with a slight bit of improvement. So theres a couple of plastic trim pieces in here, which are just a bit, need a little bit more thought. Lets put it like that um and the other niggle for me was yesterday. It was torrential rain for about three hours were in like typhoon season here. In shanghai so theres a lot of rain uh, all of a sudden, so the roads were flooded within about half an hour up to about um. I know 30 centimeters and this was on the highest wiper blade setting. But after a minute it had a rest. So when you cant see out the window for 10 seconds because its having a rest and then it starts again thats a little bit concerning so you know, have the electric motors in there for the windscreen wipe has not been designed well enough or could they do With upgrade just these very smooth small niggly things from you know a new halo car, if youre spending 800 000, you kind of want those niggles to be worked out. First of all, but hey its, you know, this is pretty much hot off the press um its one of the first ones off the line. So you know they do have time to kind of improve it and make those changes, and hopefully they do.

However, this car is important in more ways than we might think the use of sustainable materials on the inside this is going to cause a trickle down effect to those smaller evs in the near future as a halo car as a halo brand as the most expensive. Eva in china, its going to appeal to a select few people, however, in five, maybe 10 years, all of the technology, all of the materials in this will trickle down to those little evs so thats. Why? I think this car is more important than we might realize. However, it does have one issue with me: i think theyre trying to be too technical, technologically advanced for their own good theres theyve tried to do everything and they havent quite succeeded in everything but theyre on their way. There, i think, maybe their next car or in a years time this would be much much better. I just dont think theyve quite nailed it at the moment, so thats all weve got time for its now raining very heavily and im getting very wet. If you like, this video hit, the like button, weve got loads of patreon links.