In los angeles, the companys name is ndv and its first model is nd1. Can indie one stand out in the ev space, which is quickly becoming very crowded? Lets talk about that live michael bakunin here, and this channel is all about electric vehicles and related technologies as a model y owner? I am becoming more and more convinced that the automotive industry is converging on an optimal ev suv shape, which is leaving less and less room for creativity. The silhouette of indy one reminds me of model y marquee ig4 and some other electric crossovers, and this is clearly done to achieve the best energy efficiency which is critical to succeed in the ev race. The actual size of nd1 is somewhere between model y and model x and it will seat 5 passengers. The ev has an air suspension to maximize clearance when necessary and optimize it for better aerodynamics. Integrated door handles a single piece. Glass roof 22 inch wheels. This description may work for maybe half of the electric suvs in the market, but ndv decided to take another path to differentiate. The ndv founder is xi hai, a chinese computer game entrepreneur who decided to merge the two worlds of e modality and gaming and integrated a super gaming computer into indie one. I will come back to this decision at the end of the episode, but right now i want to bring it to your attention. While we are reviewing the exterior of the vehicle, the so called frank space is taken by the vehicle.

Integrated computer and part of the hood is actually transparent, which allows you to see the housing of the supercomputer, which had to be designed to withstand various temperature regimes and vibrations. Im guessing youre, not surprised to see the free screens on the dashboard after ive mentioned. The super computer, the tiny one behind the steering wheel, is for basic content such as speed and driving range. The 15 inch screen in the middle is for vehicle control, navigation and linux based infotainment system. It will be controlled by a scrolling mouse like nobe, and the third one is actually for the passenger, also 15 inches connected to the pc under the hood and passengers in the rear. Dont have this screen privilege and are supposed to use vr devices. The indie one has a few additional cameras in unexpected locations as an example. One camera can monitor your child in the back, but also they are trying to give customers an opportunity to film road trips from different angles, without the need to pull smartphones out of their pockets and edit footage right in the vehicle. Needless to say, your videos can be uploaded to lets say youtube from nd1 2, thanks to an integrated 5g modem cameras are supposed to be controlled via voice commands. What else? Maybe a cooler underneath the center armrest for canned drinks is not exactly common for electric vehicles, but the rest is pretty much expected. Above average ruminants. Wireless phone charges usb ports.

The standards in the v space are pretty high and you need to work hard to meet customers expectations. Ndv is powered by a 95 kilowatt hour battery pack and targeting a 275 mile driving range, all wheel, drive and 0 to 60 acceleration in 5.5 seconds. The ndv team is not overselling its driver assist system, the system is called hello, adas and it looks like they are mostly focusing on alerts and warning efficiency versus promising a self driving moon. I have a feeling that they are not planning to use the super computer to support the drive assist system. I keep calling it the super computer, but is it really a super computer, in fact its a windows pc with an i7 processor and nvidia geforce, rtx, 2080? Graphics card not bad for gaming, but lets say honestly that super computer is just a marketing spin, indie ones. Price is expected to be in the 45 to 65 000 range, and the company is planning to start accepting orders for in tv early next year. Before sharing my personal views about this indie one, may i please ask you to subscribe and hit the like button done. Okay, here we go, the company was founded in 2017 and theyve done a pretty good job by putting together a drivable prototype. Obviously, the reason we are seeing in z1 is the need to raise additional funds for serial production. The emphasis on their on board gaming and entertainment could have been unique when they started the project, but today model s already has up to 10 teraflops of processing power.

To enable in car gaming for passengers in the rear, which is very appropriate when you travel with kids ng, one, though seems to be addressing a slightly different segment with its third screen for the passenger in the front. Interestingly, i sometimes write scripts and edit videos during road trips id use a macbook pad with an iphone and two chargers, not ideal. I agree but sort of works. For me. In that sense, indie one can be an improvement, but is it a critical feature for customers? Like me, honestly id rather have something to entertain my kids during long road trips. Another catch here will it be really possible to travel in nz1. Energy efficiency is not excellent. Less than 300 miles on a 95 kilowatt hour battery pack and fast charging infrastructure is not really. There looks like the entire concept can fall apart unless tesla allows third party oems access to his fast charging network.