Let anyone try and convince you that its a small suv or a crossover, its basically the same size as a vw golf or a hyundai kona, its just a bit more boxy. Looking do i like the shape? I will say, though, there is one positive about being the same shape as a postman. Pat van the nice tall roof means you can spot it from anywhere in a busy car park, theres space for five people, although the middle seat in the back isnt exactly huge. The boot is a decent size, its a bit bigger than a ford fiesta, but not quite as big as a ford focus. The translation of that great for small dogs, even small children, not so good. If youre going to try and cram a great dane in here, he is not going to be your best friend, oh and that wasnt an official recommendation to put small children in the back its only if theyve been really naughty and wont, stop watching peppa pig. Now originally it came with petrol or diesel engines in the front, but the ones were interested in are the electric versions that have been around since 2014 called the kia soul. Ev yep kia were really leading the charge with electric cars, along with nissan and renault back. In the day, so that means there are a few second hand souls knocking about, but the earlier versions were very different to this 2021 model that i have here so its really important to know what you need when youre looking for an old soul.

Okay, so lets start with the basics. There are three versions of the kia soul out in the wild in the uk, the original 2014 soul ev that had a small 27 kilowatt hour battery and a range of around 124 miles. The revised version that came out in 2018 with a very slightly bigger battery in a bit more range at 155 miles and later cars like this one. They got a major upgrade to a 64 kilowatt hour battery and a whopping 280 plus moles of range talk about a step up now. The two earlier cars are really quite similar, so its important to check what battery they have. The most recent version, however, is really easy to spot, because its had a complete glow up. First of all, you cannotice those squinty front lights. It also has a hoop light at the rear and the interior, its really quite plush in here. In comparison, oh – and it comes with a nice hefty price tag, but dont worry there are second hand ones available, so there are options for you, Music, ah well, apart from having much smaller batteries and therefore much less range than the newest soul, eevee older souls have A chademo charging port in the nose now the earlier versions of the soul come with less power, so theyre swift, but not far, so theyre great for running around town. There is still plenty of acceleration up to about 50 miles an hour and then it starts to tail off, but dont worry.

You can still hit speeds of 70 miles an hour when youre on the motorway. Now the kia soul, ev of 2014, actually came pretty well equipped. There was only one grade available at the time, so no real options to choose from it had an upgraded dash compared to the internal combustion engine. It also had things like an 8 inch touchscreen. There was dual zone air conditioning it had a heated steering, wheel and heated seats. There was reverse camera and keyless entry. Now that is not bad for seven years ago, Music. Now, in the same vein as gadgets galore, the new soul, eevee comes really well equipped. Weve actually done a full review on electrifying.com of the new soul, so do check it out for more. But to summarize this has a bigger battery more performance longer range, its more convenient to use. This actually features the 64 kilowatt hour battery, which you can also find in the hugely popular kia e, nero and hyundai kona, and it is just brilliant so to live with um assault really is just like any other hatchback. It pretty much covers most of the things most of the time, which is always handy um. Looking at the interior, quick, summary theyre, fine, theyre, pretty basic um theyre, quite traditional in design theres, nothing sort of too spectacular about it, but actually i quite like that. Theres no unnecessary flashy bits that you dont really need. Does that make it boring? No, i dont think it actually does.

You know its a an area of the car that your grandmother will not feel intimidated by um, but there are also a few extra bits of detailing which i quite like to like, for example, on the side panel on the door here, but um yeah overall. No, i think the interior theyve done a good job now, the later more powerful ones actually like this one are really quite good fun to drive. You know, surprisingly, fast and capable nice and nippy away from the lights, the older ones. Obviously, given the battery size, they do have less power, so of course they are rather more sedate to drive, and but they do still have that instant traffic light punch that most electric cars have so theyre still pretty fun to drive, but better than that – and this Is quite an important point: even the older souls charge up really quickly on the public rapid charges. You can actually see it charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 20 minutes. Yes, that is quicker than an episode of eastenders. So, although the more mature cars do carry a smaller battery, it means its quick to charge Music honestly soles, like most electric cars, are actually very reliable. The older ones came with a five year, transferable warranty and the newer ones have seven years and various other guarantees. So its worth checking out the service history and making sure that it has been properly serviced. Yes, electric cars still need servicing.

They just dont need it quite as much now. It is worth noting that the very early cars might have actually suffered a little bit of battery degradation. What that really means is that the battery over a period of time, cant hold the same amount of charge that it originally did when it was new. So you might only get 60 70 miles of real world range in those very early cars, but dont. Let that put you off remember if you do just want a car to run around town in then it still could be enough for your everyday usage. Music. The only problems, of course, with the new ones, is that theyre, so good everyone wants them, so they are not cheap. If you do want to save money, you can buy the older version, and but it is a very different proposition. It looks similar. It feels similar, but it has a much smaller range, so you have to look at your lifestyle and check if that car and that range will suit. You is it going to be enough that you can do your daily commute and do remember when you are looking at the range of course check whether youre doing local driving or, if youre doing, motorway driving, because motorway driving really does eat into that range. Now it is also worth checking out the alternatives to, of course, things like the renault zoe nissan leaf or even the vwe golf, but i can assure you if you do find a good soul, youre going to be happy now.

If money is no object, oh life. Would be wonderful, but no seriously, if you are up for spending a little bit more money, then a lightly used new shape. Kia soul, like this one, is a brilliant little electric car, its got a massive range, its really well equipped, and it just looks that little bit different okay, they havent got the most up to date in period design, but all soles are user, friendly and good to Drive the problem with the new ones is that theyre so good. They also arent cheap, a cheaper, older soul with a smaller battery isnt quite the same proposition. Its still got the looks and most of the feel of the new one, but with less than half the battery and range. Now that might be a red flag to you, but not necessarily if it fits with your lifestyle and remember the payoff is buying something for half the price of a nearly new car. You really just have to work out whats best for you.