Please subscribe to this channel to get the latest video updates. Thank you. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. The 2022 kia soul arrives with minimal changes. Last years, manual transmission has been discontinued, kias added a few more standard features on mid level trims, while a new lx technology package that lets shoppers add advanced safety features has been added to the base trim. While these changes seem small, they continue to help the soul. Be one of the more well rounded options in the subcompact suv segment. Kia doesnt offer the soul with any standard safety features. Unlike last year, the base lx trim is available with a 900 lx technology package. It includes forward collision warning lane, kicking assist blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic, alert, lane change, assist and driver attention warning the s comes with a lot of these features as standard the range topping turbo trim comes with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control is standard. The 2022 kia soul earned a four star overall rating from the nhtsa doves hasnt conducted its testing on the 2022 model. Yet, but last year seoul was named a top safety pick. The award should carry over for 2022. credit kia with transforming the soul from a utilitarian. Econobox to an efficient compact with ferv the canvas isnt radically different these days, although thin led headlights, myriad cut lines and a bus cut roofline make this model hard to confuse with anything else on the road inside. The cabin is as spacious as ever delivering excellent room for four or five.

In a pinch, even with gobs of plastic, apparent on the lower trims kias attention to styling imparts much flair. The synthetic leather seats are a nice surprise as they look and feel far more expensive than they are. Nokia offers soul, shoppers a choice of naturally aspirated and turbocharged four cylinder engines. The base offering displaces 2.0 liters with an output of 147 horsepower and 132 pound feet of torque kia used to offer a six speed manual transmission, but that choice is no longer available. Instead, power routes to the front wheels utilizing a continuously variable transmission. This combination is tuned for efficiency, and it shows the difference maker is the sporty mode, as it adds heck to the steering and a bit of grunt to the engine. Youll notice, a slight decrease in gas mileage, however, for the most part kia does an exemplary job. In delivering the safety goods on its vehicles, but the crash test results for the solar mixed bag with its rating, the sole higher than the nhtsa a middling side. Pole protection rating pulls down the governments rating all, but the base trim offers standard automatic emergency braking. Otherwise, kia equips the sole with automatic emergency, braking lane keeping assist and lane change assist. Surprisingly adaptive cruise control is only standard on the top turbo trim. We think kia missed an opportunity here. The sole shape is another challenge, particularly with the big rear pillars.