You can guarantee that a smaller version will come out in order to widen the demographic. It has been ever thus, so you know, x5 becomes, x1 transit becomes transit, connect, hummer becomes a weird golf cart thing and its not just a vehicular phenomenon, either um sorry im trying to think of an example. Oh yeah. He is exactly like you in every way. Music except one, eighth, your size. So, following on from the full sized audi, a tron electric suv audi then made a smaller one and was like. I shall call him q4 e tron now i know i know its dead cliche to do the whole mini me thing, but well, its still kind of funny isnt it and its still true. The similarities between the fatty atron and the q4 e tron are striking. So the interior looks almost ident, no actually theyre, quite different, okay. Well, the exterior styling is very similar nope there thats quite different too aha, but they are on the same platform as in the same chassis. No, yes! So, while the fat audi atron sits on the volkswagen groups, standard petrol and diesel chassis, i say standard um. I was being watched by that lady. There can you see her? It was really off putting anyway. What was i saying, i say standard its, the one that the porsche mccann is on and the bentley bentiga, among other things, the q4 e tron here is on the volkswagen groups, electric specific platform meb its called, if youre interested in that sort of thing, and what That means is that the q4 e tron here is the rarest of audis.

A rear wheel drive one yep theres only this, and this now before you start getting all excited about an audi suv that can power slide dont, because this is well its an audi suv in it. But what that does mean is that this is generally a very well engineered, very wholesome and very lovely thing. Its nowhere near as exciting as audi seems to think it is hashtag. Future is an attitude its not actually is it its an inevitable reality right, but whatever hello actually joel, could you roll the tip back a little bit Music? There rethink every detail. Hang on ive seen this somewhere before oh yeah, thats it, the old quartic steering wheel in the austin allegro uh huh yeah thats, not the only deal in here thats been rethinked and has gone a bit backwards as a result. So, for example, instead of a volume knob for the volume you get, this little touch sensitive, scroll wheel. You have to move your finger around and it works okay, but a knob would be better same with the buttons on the steering wheel. So its like a haptic panel here and again, its fine but its just a bit weird. You have to slide your finger up and down for the volume and you feel like it would be better if it actually had a scroll wheel. Ironically, because the scroll wheel there isnt as good as the knob you end up coming at the same conclusion that cinderella eventually does buttons would be better.

Thankfully, the cinderella approach buttons are better is an approach that audi has taken with the aircon. So, instead of putting the aircon temperature switches in that on the screen, theres a row of buttons here just makes them easy to use, and generally, what you would see a couple of niggles aside is that this is a cabin that blends really well: technological advancement and User friendliness feels kind of futuristic, but its still very easy to work. Your way around, even the software and the infotainment is generally good. Some really nice detailing in here, though, which, aside from the depth of quality that you always get in an audi, is really what separates this from a volkswagen id4 or a skoda. Enyak. The cabin lighting is stunning. The digital instrument display is crisp and colorful and clear, and even the little drive selector has the sort of heft and tactility that would be completely alien to somebody. Whos running a tesla, hey now see and you wheres your bottle. Well its here. Look in the top of the door card in its own separate little compartment. How cool is that what that does is it leaves the door pocket free for other things? The back bottle holders in the doors too also, as you can see quite a lot of head space, quite a lot of knee space and foot space, because the floor is flat. So if you sat in the middle, you get more foot space than you normally would.

In an ice car, so the legroom thing is largely on account of this having a relatively long wheelbase compared to other cars in this segment. The last thing to mention is, you probably know this, but there is a sportback version of this thing that has like a coupe, a style, roofline ergo, less headroom, although you pay more money for a bit less headroom with a sportback, but you do get a slightly Bigger boot with that thing and said that either way this is a ground space. It is one of the biggest in this class of car. As you can see here and its not just a big hole, you get a nice bit of underfloor storage, theres a very flat floor when you put the seats down when you get a couple of little spaces at either side of the main boot floor. Now you might expect this to conform to german car cliche and be really poorly equipped unless you spend loads of extra money on it. But no look here is a base. Q4 atron. Look at all that stuff, right, heated seats, power, tailgate, triple zone climate control and look at all the safety stuff too. Basically, youre, looking at a car with five star safety and equipment levels, a couple of things to mention. So if you want sporty, looks and sporty ride quality with your non sporty audi electric suv, then youre going to want an s lane car everybody wants an s line car and if you really want your q4e tron to feel top of the range, then you should Lease a top of the range one, an obvious statement – i know, but all of this stuff really does make the car feel top whack heck of a lot of car cardis yeah thats.

All i have to say about that. Apart from to say that, whichever version you fancy Music, there, just isnt an easier or more cost effective way of getting into a new car, then listening with vanarama click, the link at the top of the screen or google vanarama to find your new lease of life. Maybe watch the video first though, and please hit subscribe to make sure you never miss the best car content on the internet. Well, dont agree, okay, so how is it to drive, but first um? What is it to drive? Yeah lets go with that. So three choices of drivetrain all fully electric, obviously the 35 and the 40 models all have a single electric motor, while the 50 has two of them, one on the back axle and one on the front. Hence four wheel drive, hence calling it susie Music, quattro, suzy, quattro. There are two battery pack sizes as well, so the base model gets a 55 kilowatt hour battery and both the 40 and the 50 have an 82 kilowatt hour power pack now wheel. Size does affect the official claimed range a little bit, but you will see that the top two are broadly similar about 300 miles, whereas there is a gulf between them and the base model. Although every atron has a really clever electric drive feature that uses sensors and maps and stuff to determine whether you actually need to slow the car down and then well just do it for you.

So if it knows youre approaching a roundabout, it will start putting the brakes on for you. You cant override it its not like a safety issue, obviously, and its actually very cool feeling it happen anyway. The bigger battery ones can also charge at slightly faster rates than the smaller battery one. So the 55 kilowatt hour battery is limited to 7.2 kilowatt hour home charging rates and 100 kilowatt hour rapid charging, whereas if you get the bigger one, the on board charger goes up to 11 kilowatts and the maximum rapid speed is 125 kilowatts. The reality for you, though, most likely, is that youre gon na just go home and plug it in overnight into your whole wall box, in which case the smaller battery ones, gon na take about eight and a half hours to fill from empty and the bigger battery Ones gon na take about 11 and a half. If you do find a 125 kilowatt dc charging unit, though you can pump 80 miles worth of range in ear fat. Bat read q4 e tron in just 10 minutes. So then. Finally, how will those miles feel in this exactly well? Theyll feel comfy impressively noise free and not that exciting. So this particular car is a 40 and it is the one that any sensible consumer journalists would probably on balance, recommend that you get. Everybody wants the fastest version of anything right generally, but in terms of a balance of efficiency performance cost.

This is the one to get its got. The longest battery range its got just enough power to feel quick enough, although it never really feels actually quick in the way that most top end electric cars do like it is sharp, but it never really throws you in the back, even although it did throw me Phone there, it feels responsive enough to not feel really heavy and cumbersome, but it never really throws you to the back of your seat like a proper quick electric car does, but it doesnt really matter, though, because this is the sort of car that you really enjoy. Just being in rather than driving as such, so its overarching characteristic – and this is on standard comfort suspension – is that its quite soft, its again very quiet. It has windscreen wipers that come on for no reason stop there. We go and whats really impressive about. It is just how mechanically quiet it is because you dont have an internal combustion engine masking little squeaks and rattles, and the sound of the brakes going on and all that stuff tires. And yet there are no noises that you would pinpoint as being problematic like nothing. Rattles on the dashboard, you dont get a ton of wind noise, even at high speed. It does go up a little bit, obviously on the motorway bit of bluster, but it has a proper luxury car feel in the same way that the fatty atron does the big one.

Its got nice light steering and it is actually quite sharp. The turn in but thats more of an advantage in terms of town driving than it is dynamics, really. Having said that, this does have perfect 50 50 weight distribution, so it probably does handle a bit better than something of this size and shape really should it wont, feel like it, though you know you get it on a back road and it rolls quite a lot, But again, thats not what this cars about right, its about quiet, comfortable luxuriousness, and it does that really really well a couple of minor issues that you might feel when youre just driving it around town, particularly first thing. Brake feels a bit weird brake feel is something thats quite hit and miss still in electric cars. So i drove a mazda mx 30 to that day that had really natural brake feel it felt like a traditional set of brakes, whereas with this you do feel like the brakes are complex and theyre climbing into an energy recapture system, so they dont quite have a Natural feel about them, sometimes they feel underwhelming at first and then all of a sudden the car will stop quite sharply and the other thing is because of the way this chassis is set up. Its designed, you do feel, like you, sat quite far back into it. Theres, a lot of dashboard in front of you and quite a long bonnet, which is quite surprising, given that its rear wheel, drive and the motors at the back, so that does make it feel quite big rear squeeze rear queen the wheel screen is quite shallow.

The rear screen the rear screen is quite shallow, its a car that is difficult to judge the corners off sometimes, but you buy a big audi suv, youre, probably going to expect that no big deal and its got a decent tournament circle turns on a sixpence overall. This is brilliant, but its the sort of brilliance that comes without obvious excitement, like sitting on top of tom yorks, piano and thats, that its exactly what you would expect an audi electric suv to feel like these days and thats. Why its so good its easy to live with its got a good battery its built really well and its comfortable, and it looks good right, not exciting, but good. If you just want a highly luxurious, highly conventional and highly audi choice, then this thing here well its saltbae doing a skoda enyak take something fundamentally good, give it a really fancy exterior. Actually, this is reasonably priced and its been created by people with talent. So its not like sulphate at all, no shots fired im, still gon na use that for the title, though, for obvious reasons, the end thanks for watching, really appreciate your time, thanks for getting to the end, if youre still here, please subscribe, have a look at our Other stuff, what else do i normally say i love lamp. I like you ill see.