If you can find the charger and you can buy one depending on spec for late 20s into very, very low 30s after grants and today well its probably not the best day for me to review a car because it has to be said nothing to do with The car, but the charging network in ireland leaves an awful lot to be desired. I did a round trip today of almost 400 kilometers in this car and it took me an hour and a half longer than it would have in a petrol vehicle in favor of the mg. I will say even at motorway speeds at 120 kilometers, an hour which evs generally dont like it, was still barely touching over 20 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, its pretty economical and its just the charging network that lets these cars down and when youre sitting there. With someone in a rental zoe who was sitting there for an hour and 15 minutes on the fast charger and came back, do you want this yeah yeah? So do me and the other three eva owners queuing up, we have to get past sites with one charge. Runs the same size had probably 12 teslas and theyre all just driving by not laughing but felt like they were laughing anyway back to the ev5 lets check out the boot because its its good roof rails on the back, make it also practical for things like roof Boxes and stuff like that youve got a bit of a chrome strip going on here some little spaces for what you might expect to look like exhaust, but obviously there arent any of that boot is light.

Easy to open. Youve got your mg bag, which stores your type 2 cables. Yes, theres a little bit of storage down here. Other bags for your granny charger are neatly tucked away in here in a little pocket. The removable parcel shelf is flexible and you can squeeze the bar and drop it into the boot. If you need more space, if you drop the rear seats, 1456 liters thats a generous boot, so all that stuff is very practical and very few evs will generally have that, especially for the money will have that size of boot, so thats the total edge. The mg5 has good wide opening on the door. You have a flat floor because its a ground up, ev theres, two usb charging points on either side, theyre sideways rare – that you see that then youve got an armrest if youre not using the full capacity of the bench, which is actually a decent size space for The middle person and theres good size, storage, the back of the seats and the head height its not gigantic, but its not bad. So back here, theres very little to complain about and even doing a round trip of 400 kilometers today. My back feels fine im a bit tired, but physically im, okay, excite and exclusive are the two trims that youll get in the mg and if you go for the more expensive well, i think its worth it because you get carplay and nav heated leather seats.

Things like blind spot and stuff for things that you dont get with the car, but you know what, for the price, ive really been impressed with it and ive probably been able to test this car this week. Now this is the odd time you connect up the cable for carplay and it doesnt sync up with the phone you plug it out. You plug it back in and it sorts but like the armrest has got space decent sized cup holders, two different kinds of sizes, theres things for receipts and blah blah the door. Pockets are a good size for water. If you like physical buttons, thats what it has. The plastics are are just okay, but you know what like. It puts a lot of other evs to shame. Really, when you think about what you get for the money and how perfectly livable widths. It is now, for example, theres a noise that can only describe as like an l if you do 120 kilometers an hour on the motorway, its just this. Just every so often, noise coming through a mirror or some part of the car. I havent yet found it, but when i do and the needles are needly but theres other things, i really like clever stuff, like the sp, the road sign recognition that, unfortunately, is only in the screen. If you turn the nav on, i dont seem to be able to get it in this display, even though i was in the north, it was reading the speed signs and converting them to kilometers per hour.

I was like thats really really helpful. Thanks mg, three levels of regen all controlled by your levers down here: youve got eco, normal and sports mode and sports mode. You will spin the tires a lot, because t bones would use a floor to normal mode. Its only got 150 brake horsepower, but its got plenty of torque, so you do actually find the wheels struggling for grip, maybe at 50 60 kilometers an hour and above and the tires only have 4000 kilometers on them. So its not like this car has been well driven, theres, no real space to hold phones in all this area, especially using the two cup holders. Thats something youd, probably like somewhere for the phone to be able to go, and this hasnt got wireless charging. But obviously the two cables and the 12 volt kind of make up for that, leaving out the motorways for a minute. I also found the car really really easy on energy so long term, over a thousand kilometers with an average speed of 40 kilometers an hour. It has done 18.8, but i generally saw it at 14, 15 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers during my drive this week, its by no means a slouch, you floors and it takes off and around town. The range really is pretty good. Like i found this design of car was certainly better gliding through the air than an suv, a crossover that kind of more higher up car and that nippiness.

You know you want that from your ev and i found the mg was never ever wanting in that area. Even handling its okay, like ive, been in far more crashy and just shooting wide on tight corners types of cars, and it really does behave itself, certainly if youre a taxi driver watching this review. This is something to think about great boot. Rear leg, room perfectly acceptable. Um, because of that flat floor and just the incentives youre going to have to get into one of these and if you didnt end up driving one around town all day long, i think youd be, i think, itd be reasonably comfortable. Like theres, the bentega has just gone by me wont get tired any quicker. You know, yeah, like the yellow repeaters that are halogen, make it a little bit aged youre kind of expecting every aspect of this car to be futuristic because of the type of car. It is so yeah youre gon na have to forego some led action. Uh the cruise control does the job, fine, it doesnt from what i can see or kind of actually uh. Maybe you can actually have the distance on its just one of those stocks, thats quite difficult to see, because the steering wheels a little bit in the way its decent over potholes and imperfections its not too harsh, as i i think, its actually a bit floaty. So if you find yourself in a series of bumps on a road, you just fit yourself like youre on a kind of a magic carpet, but you know roles generally arent designed like that so very interesting prospect.

You know if youre someone who really doesnt care that your uh clothes are designer labels, but theyre actually really warm and do the job great. You know if youre someone like that, where badges and the fact that you know, obviously certain age of people will remember the mg, although this is nothing to do with that, and then other people would be like mg, never heard of us who are they all that Stuff aside, youll know that youve made a really clever choice in terms of what youre getting for the money. The fact that this car can do 100 kilowatt charging its a little bit future proofed as well, because even as we head towards 2022 100 kilowatt charges in ireland, they are a rarity, my friends, an absolute rarity. The other thing that might get a little bit of criticism is just the noise off the tires. Every ev suffers from it, but it is reasonably noticeable in summary, for the mg5 ive really liked it not necessarily more than i thought i would but ive just been very impressed with it. If you take away the network issues that its not amgs fault and in fairness, when i got home, i was able to just charge it and relax, but its that i you know that that thing you do of driving on motorways and long journeys you stop somewhere. You get 15 minutes of charge and you go again and thats all fine as long as that works, when you go there and youre in a queue with two other evs ahead of you and youre literally on the four court, including charging and waiting time for well Over an hour, maybe an hour and a half that kind of puts you off, but apart from that, you know its its a good way to get into an ev at a relatively affordable price.

I think, over the next few years, these cars and many others from china are really going to disrupt the market better for the customer, of course, but its just interesting to see where this is going to go im, seeing more and more of these in the roads. In fact, the past one today, as as as as i was on on the road here and i think more of the word – spreads about the cost like i was able to charge this car at home for 10 euro and im on the higher rate of 20 Cents per kilowatt because i dont charge enough evs to justify it, but it was equally interesting from my wifes perspective, who was in the car with me today, and this all waiting around. She was like. I just fill up my car and be gone, and that argument is totally there and im nearly more swaying towards that now. Having done a 400 kilometer trip, because its its just frustrating how bad the network can be when it works its all right, whens the queue its absolutely horrible anyway, i hope ive covered enough in this video to help. You make your mind up reel the car. In rule the car out its a great price – very affordable, yes, its not sexy, but if you want a car thats, an ev with loads of space and a big boot. This is your man.