Has it out in the road hes going to do a bit of a range test, hes going to do a bit of a review, and the question we have to ask ourselves is: does he get the wltp range out of it were going to stay around till The end and were also going to come back into the studio and have a chat about it Music good morning. Folks, we have another road trip today to check out whether or not a car will hit its wltp figure, and in this case we have the peugeot p20h and the gt spec. So its time just to jump in the car. Well give you some of that. The numbers, as we hit the road and give you a few updates on the way, and we have a trip today, which is going to be just over 300 kilometers, and we want to find out if we can actually hit or even get close to that. That 340 wltp rating, that the e208 has so weve got a trip from my house here. Just about 50 kilometers north of dublin were going to go through the city up into the wicklow mountains. For a little spin around have a bit of fun with the car. See how it feels on the road back down the mountains through dublin again and out to my house here, where we have to pick up somebody else and head off into the countryside again for a round trip, and the second leg of that is gon na.

Actually be tomorrow morning because were staying somewhere else tonight and it looks like its gon na be about 310 kilometers overall and so well see how the car gets along on the way Music. Some of the ground rules for the journey today, im not allowed to break the speed limit, so whatever it is on. The road that were on were going to go with that, but within that were going to go as as quick as we can really as quick as safely to do with one exception, which is on the motorway were going to limit it to 100 kilometers an hour. Now ive left my house at about half seven on a weekday morning, so were likely to hit a good bit of traffic, especially as we approach dublin the capital. So we may not even have the choice to get up to that hundred kilometer in airspeed, otherwise, theres. No yeah, no hyper mile were gon na have a bit of fun off from the traffic lights. When we can up in the mountains, were gon na. Stick it into a few corners, get a real feel for how the car handles the e208 has one little feature that really really frustrates me. So lets get it out of the way right now and its going to hamper what were doing today as well. It tells you the range or whats left in the battery in terms of estimated range at the moment: 338 kilometers, but it doesnt give us a battery percentage.

Now i i know i just left my house. I left 100 got charged it up overnight, but i dont know how thats dropping so. I might look at that in a few minutes and go well. Is that 95 or is it 87 you cant exactly tell which is going to hamper what were trying to do today and give you guys exact updates, but well do our best along the way good time now, at the start of the journey, to just give a Rough outline of whats under the whats under the the car here in terms of battery, so weve got a 50 kilowatt hour battery in the e208, 45 of which is usable. So, like you know, every electric car they keep that buffer there. In this case, its five kilowatt hours were still left with 45 and it gives a wltp range of 340 kilometers good time for an update. We have gone through dublin, the other side of the city now, and we are about to head up into the wicklow mountains, which is going to absolutely destroy the the average consumption. So that would just give you an update. At this moment. We have done 64 kilometers to get here. As i said earlier on, i dont know the battery percent just doesnt give it to me, but im looking at that now, and i would guess that it is on 80, so could be, 77 could be 83, but my guess is 80 and the guessing meter says That weve got 286 kilometers of range left.

Average consumption is 12.8 kilowatt hours for every 100, kilometers weve done so far time for another update. We have come up to the source of the river liffey again, just like we did with the honda e there. A few weeks ago, i thought, wed jump out of the car. Have a look around, have a look at the peugeot as well. The weather is absolutely miserable, so were not going to stay out here and do as much recording as we wanted. It lets get back into the car and look at some of the numbers because we are sitting at just over 500 meters above sea level. Weve got 15 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers as our average consumption. The indicated range left on the car is 214 kilometers. Now, as i said before, we cant see the battery percentage, but looking at that there now, my guess is that its at 70 percent, so weve used 30 percent of the battery to do about 87 kilometers. So i think, were kind of looking. Okay, because we know were going back, downhill now were going to get a lot of regen on the way and well catch up, as you get for another update later on good time to have a quick chat about the motor and what actually drives the the e208 Weve got 100 kilowatt motor in the car, turns out 136 horsepower and 260 newton meters of torque. So this car is certainly no slouch and now the rulebook has been redefined by evs and some of the speeds that that theyre retaining is just incredible.

But this car will still do the knot to 100 kilometer per hour sprint in just over eight eight seconds, so thats, pretty quick. You know when you compare it to your average car on the road thats Music. It moves um, but the great thing about the e208 and ive got the gt spec in this at the moment, so it feels great inside, but you get the same motor in the same battery pack in the other versions as well. But what i love about this is just how it feels on the road, its called the gt, and it really it just drives so so well, its just over 1500 kilos in weight now by ev standards. Thats, not heavy at all, in fact that that might even be light. The honda either a few weeks ago, which is about the same weight. But i mean some of the evs, especially the suvs, now are open to the the two and a half ton mark and because of that extra bit of weight. Peugeot made the decision just to to really tighten up the suspension and you can feel it now. Some people might complain about that a little bit so its just a little bit uncomfortable going for ramps and bumps. You can really feel it and yes, thats a very fair comment, but as im up here now when mountain passes and down country roads just moving around corners im so happy to have it. It just feels so so planted.

And then you get that in that acceleration. That instant, torque 136 horsepower coming in behind it once youre youre, releasing out of corners its its a really fantastic driving yeah ive driven a few cars over the last few weeks. Now, some of them, you know my old nissan leaf for the the mg5, the uh, the honda e as well, but this one yeah honey was pretty good, felt great to drive a rear wheel, motor similar power to this, but um. This one just feels like a bit more of a drivers car when youre on country roads like this and the steering wheel, is its quite small, its flat at the top and on the bottom, and it just feels a little bit more nimble. A little more. A little more precise, it only takes a smaller movement of the steering wheel, just to put it into corners, uh yeah. It feels feels really really good mini update for you, because we just got to the bottom of the wicklow mountains, as were coming through. Dublin have a look at those numbers: they have dropped massively down to 13 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. You can see the amount of regen there on the graphs that they show you and we have got an estimated 232 kilometers left and having done 105, that puts the set that puts us at 335 kilometers range, so its actually its kind of looking all right now, But were going to head back out onto the motorway in the not too distant future and thats going to hurt the numbers again so well catch up again later so weve just pulled back into my driveway and thats about halfway through our trip.

So we thought wed. Give you another update now, so we have done 13.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers on the journey so far uh the car is telling us that we have lets, have a look at it. There 172 kilometers of range left, and just judging by the dials id say that weve weve kind of used 47 of the battery looks like theres just over half left and we have done a total of about 155 kilometers. So we are. It looks good that well do the whole journey. Overall, you know to get just past that 300 kilometer mark, i dont, think, were going to make the wltp of 340 kilometers. But having said that, weve done a bit of a motorway stretch as well, and we had a little bit of phone up in the wicklow mountains, throwing the car into some corners. So um there you go heres your update and well catch you again later on Music. Another update, weve just pulled into monahan town, so we have an average of 14.4 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers and the range indicated we are what it looks like on the dial buying on about 25 quarter of the charge left and its indicating that that will give Us 84 kilometers and the overall odometer is up to 1106., so i said thats about 240 kilometers done so far, thereabouts so uh. It looks like we probably wouldnt make it back home on the full charge.

Um there you go catch on the next update time. For another update, we were just about to leave to head back home, but weve decided, while were here in town, because we just want to go and get ourselves a a little bit of lunch to plug into one of the the slower ac points. Now it was borderline, whether or not wed make it back, because when we plugged in here, we had 25 of the battery um and the car was estimating that wed have 112 kilometers of range left, which i know is not true at a 25 of this battery And the gasometer is: why is how the car indicates that 112, and that was judging it off the last five or 10 minutes of our journey before we stopped last night, which happened to be very much downhill into the town where we were staying, so it really Overestimated it – and i knew we had 85 kilometers to get home. The car was into 812, but i also knew it was not possible, and this is one of the reason people give out about electric cars. So the car told me 112 and it didnt get that and thats very much true. So we do need cars to be better its a fault of the peugeot that doesnt show the battery percentage, which would make someone really overestimate it in this case so yeah. Well. Take a a few minutes here: go get ourselves um a little refreshment, a bit of lunch and hit the road after that, with with just about enough to actually get get home, even though the car will be indicating that theres loads and well catch up to again Later on, another little update is were approaching home, so we got a little bit worried now i only charged it up to.

I think it was about 33 34 before we left earlier on thinking that oh thats plenty just to get home and then itll be close enough to get a feel for the range, but just havent been driving. Now we are down to 10 kilometers of range. I cant even tell what percentage is left in the battery, but we have 18 or 20 kilometers to get home so were absolutely not going to make it as it stands. But i know where we are were like 120 meters above sea level, and my house is, is a lot lower, so um were gon na get back into the town beside where i live should do not sure, and we can grab a charge. Then, if it looks like its its getting really really close had not anticipated him in this close uh, no of course he never would have done this in a normal, a normal journey. He would have stopped that actually just got a full charge, um back where we were. I cut it short on purpose, but didnt mean to cut it. This short anyway well catch again in a few minutes, so we have limped down into the town close to where i live. Uh the battery is, is almost empty. Its indicating that theres, four kilometers left and thats based on a downhill journey into town. So this has been really really close average consumption. Since we left the hotel early on 13.7 um.

I might be able to make it the last three or four kilometers back to my house uh, but were just just not gon na risk it its not worth it were here in town. Weve got something to do anyway, so lets plug it in, and i think thats the last update for this little trip. So this is interesting just plugged in the car swipe there got back in and only plugged in a few seconds ago and its actually indicating that theres four percent left but four kilometers to drive. Now we just know thats not the case. If this car does you know, but about 300 kilometers on a charge, we know, then, that you get about three kilometers distance for every one percent of the battery in it, which is actually about 12 12 kilometers. According to that, so it turns out that, in the end we did have about 10 kilometers to spare um. You always suspect that these cars keep something in in reserve to yeah were going to leave it here for a while. Let it get up to you know a level where we can. We can get home easily at which you can anyway. Now they think about so im just going to stop that just offer a thought as well im out in the e208 and im going to be dropping this home first thing in the morning: ive clocked up 800 kilometers, so just under 500 miles in the week that Ive had it now and i just wanted to say that its really grown on me.

I remember when i got it home first, you know i did 50 kilometer journey to get it home and i was getting it yeah. It looks fantastic, but you know a couple of feelings, just frustrated me a little bit, but over the course of the week you know you do put 500 miles into a car. You get used to it. You get used to the cruise control, sat nav. You know all these little quirks and differences in each car and its grown on me more and more, and you know im kind of sorry to give it back tomorrow now because uh, because ive had a such a such a good time with it, and especially the Last day or two once i got used to it, sam, i think, for the right person. This is an absolutely superb car. Ive got six kids dont, buy it Music, just the two of you. You know you do 10 000 miles a year or something like that. Never really do long motorway journeys. This is top notch, so they were my thoughts on the e208. There derek you actually had the car for. Was it a few weeks or a few months, even uh? What did you make of what i said in the video? Do you agree disagree? What what are your thoughts on the card? Basically, is what im asking yeah one of my first long term reviews it was about four months. I had the peugeot 208.

I really liked it um. I like the space. We all think we want bigger cars, bigger batteries, suvs, etc. This was perfect for what i needed it for did. A couple of cross countries did a lot of urban driving so really good. I liked the quality of feel there was a couple of things. I would have liked that, like an automatic handbrake but theyre only small, legally things, i have a full review up on the channel uh over on ebay review, ireland, but otherwise really really happy with it, and i think its a great car and all rounder and you Can see why traditionally, those size of cars were always a great seller? I remember the 206 sold x amount of cars every couple of minutes at one stage, so hopefully youve enjoyed todays episode, make sure you subscribe to the channel make sure you leave a comment like the video and, if you know of somebody thats thinking about buying your Peugeot e28 make sure you share it with them. This has been av platform.