My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the volvo c40 volvos. First ever fully, electric car were also going to be talking about team cs. You may have seen it in the title. Hashtag team seas stick around well, explain what thats all about, but otherwise lets get started. Music todays video is sponsored by our insurance partner, as well as excellent rates. They have specific cover for electric vehicles and are great for company cars too. If you want more information or to get a quote, click on the link in the description and also on the screen Music, starting at the front, moving down along the side, the back we go on the inside and then we take it out for our spin. Were here in ghent, in belgium, where its actually manufactured, they make um the xc40, the c40 uh and the v60 here in belgium, what theyre going to do by 20 by next year, theyre making about 270 000 vehicles a year, theyre wrecking around 50? To that its going to be electrified, i havent got the clarification, whether thats, full electric or not, but the c40 is fully electric you cant get in any other variant meeting it head on. You probably will initially think its a xc40, because it has that color coded grille. I met the designer of this over dinner last night and in this ford, fjord blue stunning color. I really like the front of the xc40 and also the c40.

The c40 is slightly lower. Ground clearance is the same, but it is lower. It comes in a number of different colors um, but the main difference will be the uh the closed off grille. You have some air in the in there. You have your central uh front facing camera. You have your active area underneath there as well, and you have your lidar and your parking sensors with the lights. They are led, pixel, lights and and they can black out up to five different vehicles. At one time, stunning lights and a really nice welcome, like sequence as well, uh youve got your fog lights, with the glass black around it and but yeah. I really like it in this color lets, go down along the side and towards the back. As i said on my instagram its where it starts to get really tasty, youve got your thor hammer lights. Moving down along, you have your um plastic molding to signify that its an suv and these are 20 inch wheels arrows theyre on pirellis. You have your glass black with the indicator very again, very similar at the front to the xc40. Youve got your panoramic sunroof in this version of the c40, and it comes with the panoramic sunroof as standard. You have your molded plastic at the bottom of the door. Then, as well and the height difference, youll start to notice it, but then youll start to see its swooping down. You have two wings at the back is what theyre calling it and then it has the spoiler um air efficiency aerodynamics its 0.

35, because it has that combustion engine history. They havent been able to make it as aerodynamic as they like. So future. Variations of the volvo thatll be ground up electric vehicles. They will hope to get that more aero, but with this i think it is compared to the xc40 and so like six percent more efficient with that lower, better drag at the back as well. Lets have a look around the back. I really like this back quarter and the rear end of it again. Lovely light features down along the back youll see the shark fin aerial youll, see the two wings either side and then youve got that spoiler at the back. As well beautiful lights and they animate all the way all the way up, it is a power tail lift there. We go, you see the badging there as well decent sized boost, and it also has a small storage area in underneath as well for cables, etc. Nice flat load – and it is a 60 40 with a ski hatch in it as well and with that power, tail lift as well big volvo branding and the badge in the back with the name spelled out, but back is really really. Nice lets have a look at the space on the inside inside of the c40 is very similar to the xc40 and ill put a link to my review on the screen, so i wont go through it and as detailed beautiful its leather free, its all man made Its a beautiful leather effect steering wheel, three spoke good and chunky great display vertical um infotainment system with built in android doesnt, have apple or um android, auto integration, its android baked into it youve, got some physical knobs here.

What makes this different to the xc40 is: youve got some lovely inlays in the dashboard that light up at night time ill put some footage up on the screen, and that is the top topographical uh representation of a state park in sweden. Youve got some lovely blue accents on the curb mats. This is the fjord blue, so im not sure if the blue is the same and whether its matched to the outside got some lovely wool in the doors um i at the start. I talked about team seas and the one of the areas i wanted to tie in, but this is the sustainability of the volvo x, the volvo c40 and they use 71 pet bottles per unit. That might not sound like a lot, but if theyre, making a thousand cars, 71 000 bottles if theyre, making 10 000 thats 710 thousand bottles. So these are all bottles that dont go into our rivers and seas. Im gon na do is put a link down in the description. Where were not me, um, mr beast and mark rober and other youtubers are trying to get everybody to donate together, uh 30 million dollars, and that will then help organizations remove litter and plastic from rivers. Seas, all of that stuff all money raised, goes towards the cause. Last year, two years ago, mr beast did a team trees and raised 20 million, so hes put a call out to all the youtubers within the network to try and build the awareness of it.

So if ocean conservation and the sea in general – and here in ireland were surrounded by it, so we need to take care of it and therell be a link down there where you can donate and every donation equals x. Amount of of um plastic picked from the sea uh volvo are very much about that sustainability, um, utilizing it, but also when theyre, giving us um stuff here. As at the press launch its, not plastic bottles were getting. It is um leftover, sugarcane bottles with renewable cork. Toppers on it so like an electric vehicle isnt, a brand new car, there is still a carbon cost to it, but manufacturers are looking at how to build a new car and make it a sustainable possible, but also that life cycle of it. So when theyre using those plastic bottles, because if they dont use them potentially theyre going to end up in our waterways, so thats, where that whole point came from – and i wanted to tie it in with this video and this video is going to be launched at The same time as hundreds of other videos, with the same topic of or tying into team cs so um follow the hashtag on the video and youll find lots of other videos talking about at this campaign, so um really looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully, thatll make a difference and im donating any revenue that i get from this video uh towards the campaign, so thats the front its set for me im six foot, two 187 centimeters lots of headroom its the panoramic sunroof.

It doesnt have a blind but its tinted. Anyway, so theres about five six centimeters above my head, um, its a lovely um cabin seats are great as well again. Man made um sides and a different man made material in the seats isofix in the front and two in the rear and youve got your swedish flag there as well lets have a seat in the back to see what the space is like for somebody tall and Usually, with a lower roof line, and especially with this panoramic sunroof youre going to have potentially some issues but um, i think, were going to be pleasantly surprised in this one. Before we jump in the back i just want to. I was chatting to one of the interior designers of the c40 and the xc14 goes: did you um notice, the curry hook? What that are you talking about? It goes in the glove box theres a hook that you spin out two kgs maximum weight and it keeps your take away and youre shopping hanging there in the foot passenger foot – well, very smart, so yeah, i didnt know what that in the xc 40. So apologies. I thought i did thorough reviews, but didnt catch that one in the back back here um and on this press trip. We have dermot bannon the architect because hes a brand ambassador for volvo – and he was winding me up saying: do you do the whole head and leg thing but thats why people watch the videos so 187 centimeters six foot, two and youre talking three or four centimeters In front of my leg, so lots of room for a compact suv, and it also has now this headroom is im, not touching anything thats.

The point so ive got about just over the width of my hand and then when im sitting in the seat – and these are heated as well and youve – got two usb type c down there very comfortable back here. The seat id like it a bit higher up, but obviously the battery pack is in underneath and thats what you get when you havent got a fully ground up. Ev you have your armrest. You have that ski hatch that we talked about and then you have the headrests there as well, and these headrests can knock down one of the issues with the xc or sorry. The c40 is because its got that sloping roofline visibility out the back isnt great, but you get used to it good sized wing mirrors and it has a lot of driver assistance in it as well. So lets take it out for a spin. This car may be for you, you can submit a eb specific insurance quote by clicking. The link on the screen are in the description whats. It like driving the volvo c40 very similar to the xc40. Surprisingly enough um. So yesterday we picked it up at the airport. We drove to ghent, we went through bruges, beautiful city, both beautiful cities and ill definitely be back number one. If youre a belgian tourism. Let me know, but when you do these press trips, they give you roots predefined and they said you want to go straight to the hotel.

Or would you like to do a bit of scenic or dynamic routes as they call it, and we did the scenic one? The major everybody myself and the other journalists from ireland on the on the co on the on the trip, and so bruce was amazing, but what it gave us was an an idea of the types of different road surfaces. So you had apologies. We have the satnav telling me where to go here. Um you have highway, you have cobblestones in bruges, you have 200 meters turn left lots of different types of driving styles, so suspension is set up great, even though a lot of all electric vehicles are on the heavier side compared to a traditional combustion engine, they are All um this ones very nicely weighted. The steering has um great feel, but you can also change it from um, and so the steering has two weightings that you can put it as this uh heavy feel or light feel, and i remember when i drove the xc40, i was um the the car that I had before it was the ec4, the citroen super super light, steering they could do it with your baby finger, whereas this one, you will um, give the option, but i remember getting into the xc40, and it was this also the option of one pedal driving, which Is really good um, a big fan of that ever since i experienced it first back in a couple years ago now, with the nissan leaf um, the amazing driver display and with that google built in you, have the google maps in between the the two driver displays The panel sunroof is nice, the seats are great uh.

The visibility at the back is is obviously leatherbox and so im not a fan of that um. Some person was saying on my xc40 video that they would prefer to start stop button in the c40 and the xc40 because it uh you literally just once you open the door, the system activates and then, when you sit in and press the brake pedal its ready To go so you literally just have to put it into drive and away you go, but overall the driving experience has been phenomenal. Um the driver assistance, the adaptive cruise control, the lane, keeping all the blind spot warning and detection. It picks up. Pedestrians and cyclists and large animals, i believe, havent come across any of those um overall, its a lovely lovely and the fact that it is um so torquey with that dual motor setup. You have 660 newton meters torque, you have 480 brake horsepower. It is its very responsive, some stats, you have a 75 kilowatt hour, usable battery uh. It has a wltp of 420 for the c40 ev database has given it a real world of around 320 and it has zero to 100 in 4.7 seconds. It has 300 kilowatts of power, uh 400 brake horsepower and then 660 newton meters, so plenty of get up and go 11 kilowatt ac on its charger on and then 150 on dc averaging around 100 plenty for ireland. There isnt too many um 150 charges around the country, so um overnight, then youre going to get a charged and then from 10 to 80 percent.

If you can get 150 kilowatt charger takes around about 33 minutes, so yeah charging it some lovely colors in it. This is the fjord blue, fjord, fjord yeah. This is the fjord blue, that is easy to say, um the boot. You have 419 liters, which is decent for this size of car of electric vehicle it had. If you put the seats down, then it brings you to 1205 liters. You can put 31 liters in the front trunk frunk from boot, fruit, front storage area and then you can put 75 kgs on the roof um for our panel sunroof thats, not bad, and then braked. It will take home break, take one 750 unbreak trailer and then braked. It will take 1 800 kgs, which is really really good, and i found that as well with the xc40 price in ireland, for this one is going to be very similar to this xc40. Again its going to be around that 68 000 euros for this all wheel, drive version dual motor and youre going to be able to then down the line next year, very similar to the xc40. You have that single motor two wheel, drive option and thatll bring that price down if thats, something that you want, but yeah its been really good. I really enjoyed my time. Hopefully, youve enjoyed the review, make sure that youve subscribed to the channel make sure youve donated to team seas um. I wanted to marry this review up to because i do car reviews thats what i do on the channel as you know, and review a lot of different types of electric vehicle.

But i wanted the fact that um, the team sees video. Everybody is putting them out. Hopefully, on the 29th so thats the day that you may have seen it, but if you search the hashtag that i put at the top of the video um Music team sees, you will get to see um all the other videos that are about this campaign. That, mr beast and mark robert are running and ill be a little tinys part in it. So, as mentioned ill, be putting all um any money raised from the sponsorship of this video or for the views of this video towards the campaign and were looking to get to 30 million dollars raised before the end of the year. So this is similar to two years ago when they did team trees and they raised 20 million dollars. Another thing with the android auto integration on the c40 and there was a complaint on the xc40 that you didnt know the range that you had uh. It was a battery percentage and you kind of have to work off google maps, but they have an integrated app in the uh system. Now, where its a range app, it gives you all the information with regards to your estimated range, your energy usage range optimizer consumption. Currently – and that will be over there updated over to the xc40 so great to hear that volvo and i met the guy that works on the user experience and are taking that feedback on board and then being able to work with the likes of google.

With that uh software being put into the car directly and being able to roll out these apps uh when they see a need for it, so a good use case there, but yeah the range assistant very helpful and um lets. You just know whats going on, rather than just the percentage on the dash just a reminder that todays video was sponsored by ev insurance, daddy, who have excellent rates and specific cover for electric vehicles for more info click. The link on the screen and also in the description thats, my look at the volvo c40 big fan of the xc40 and youll see my review in the description, and i put the link up on the screen earlier and i love what theyve done at the back. Here and for me sitting in the back the fact that ive got enough headroom so for something a bit more stylish, something different on the road phenomenal. With this all wheel, drive motor, it is a bit more expensive. They will be bringing out a single motor two wheel, drive version which will be a bit more um appetizing price wise, but build quality ride. Power of this version and im sure the two wheel drive version will be good as well its great to have more choice in the market, but there is a lot of choice in the market. Hopefully, youve enjoyed todays review. If you havent already make sure you go to teamsees.