2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS First Drive Review: The World's MOST LUXURIOUS EV

Where was i going with that futuristic, but what was that and check it out if you swipe your finger like this itll open, open, open legacy, automakers have been watching tesla dominate ev sales for years, but mercedes has decided that that ends now theyve launched an entire Eq sub brand and we are […]

2022 All New Mazda MX-30 EV Full Review – Release date – Interior & Exterior – price [ Wow Amasing ]

Mazda has finally given in and unveiled its first ever electric vehicle heres. What to expect from the 2022 mazda mx 30 dot dot. The 2022 mazda mx 30 will be a subcompact crossover with proportions similar to the existing cx. 30 itll boast the slight hood overhang. The automaker has become known for, but […]

CUPRA Born Electric Car Review | A Fun Hatchback EV | DoneDeal

It looks. Absolutely fabulous dries really really nicely. Its got plenty of range plenty of pickup. When you put your foot down, and did i mention its an absolute cracker when it comes to appearance, youre watching deal today were in spain and were going to be reviewing the all new cooper born so make […]

All-New 2022 Genesis GV60 EV Crossover: video interior, features +more

I care for your needs and give you a truly dynamic driving experience whenever, wherever you need it. I look forward to the journey that will go on together: Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, Music. Now this is grace. Let me take you through her day. Her hands are so full see […]

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV Drive and Review: Despite the recall, I still love this car!

Uh. If you get a chance, please like and subscribe uh today, i want to try something different. I want to actually do a very short, hopefully short, uh car review, because i want to get into car reviews more um because uh its in a direction id like to go on my channel. So […]

Are Used Electric Cars A BAD Idea? 4K

One ive just bought the cheapest used nissan leaf on all of autotrader. In fact, some people might say: ive bought the cheapest proper used electric car on auto trader full stop. I looked at a couple of alternatives. I looked at the mitsubishi imev, the peugeot ion the renault zoe, but none of them […]

Tata Tigor EV – First Drive Review #TigorEV #electricsedan #speedhounds

Now the indian automotive industry is changing, and i am here to review an electric car which is made in india made for india and even made by an indian company a small sedan with a significantly higher driving range. An affordable price tag, its the sub 4 meter tata, tigor ev, so welcome to […]

ALL NEW 2022 Nissan ARIYA EV – LIVE Walkaround Review | NISSAN ARIYA EV 2022

In 20 months, we kicked off the summer of 2020, with the reveal of the all new nissan aria. Electric crossover followed by the new rogue z, proto armada, kicks and, most recently the new frontier and pathfinder today its my pleasure. To give you a closer look at the exciting aria. Nissan has long […]

NEW 2022 Mazda MX 30 EV | Review, Specs | 2022 Mazda MX-30 (electric) -Modern Compact SUV | Car News

All electric suv offers much of what mazda is good at an artful interior, a stylish exterior, responsive, steering and handling, all of which makes it more baffling that mazda didnt take advantage of electric motor torque and power delivery to create a truly sporty compact people, hauler choosing. Instead, to dial back the performance […]

2022 Mazda MX-30 Electric – Does Mazda's First EV still have Zoom Zoom

Today we are driving something quite exclusive. We are behind the wheel of the brand new mazda mx 30. This is mazdas very first, all electric vehicle that started up right here, its a rainy day in vancouver um. There we go so ill come on here. We are showing 99 capacity for the battery […]