Volkswagen ID.4 – Should You Buy This Family EV in 2021?

With this id4 compact mid sized crossover, the marks first global market electric vehicle. It aims to deliver more of a premium choice than volume. Brands can currently offer in this rapidly growing segment ready for the ev switch and need a reasonably compact suv with a bit more of an upmarket feel. We think […]

Mazda MX-30 EV REVIEW 2022 – the future of Mazda?

It isnt mazdas entirely first attempt at a fully electric car, but it is their first main production, one. So its a pretty important unit. Now, just in case youre a bit confused by the mx moniker, i think it represents a bold choice. Mx is what mazda usually use to stand for their special […]

Audi Q4 e-tron 2021 Review: Another worthy electric car contender | CarGurus UK

Well, this may be the car youre after this is the audi q4 e tron and it is a new, more affordable, pure electric audi, before we go any further into whether this really is the electric audi for you, dont forget to subscribe to the cargurus uk channel And turn on your notifications, so […]

Opel Mokka-e | Review

The mokus got the brands visor front end with a sharp set of daytime running lights and, if youre brave enough, an individual colour palette too, the old mocha sold over a million units in europe, so its a big car for opal and like its cousins. There are petrol and diesel versions. Every model […]

2022 Mazda MX-30 review // Mazda's first EV. What about that range?

They made some very interesting decisions with this. Electric car lets get into it its always nice to be driving the first of something, the very first electric car from mazda, the very first mx 30 yeah whats. Under the hood of this one, a 35.5 kilowatt hour battery powering an electric motor with 143 […]

New 2021 Audi Q4 e-tron electric SUV review – DrivingElectric

weve already seen the e tron suv, the e tron sportback and the e tron gt now its time for ev number. Four, the e tron q4, before we put it through its paces, dont, forget to subscribe to the driving electric youtube channel and hit the bell icon down there. So youre notified every […]

Meet The Xpeng P5: World's First Production EV With LIDAR

Tom could not make it to china, but were here today to experience the new x punk p5. This is the crucial third model from xiaoping. As you may know, x pang is one of three companies listed in the us, the others being neo and lee auto. Crucially, this is the worlds first production […]

Updated List of Noteworthy Electric Vehicles in 2022: Release Dates, Range and Prices

Mercedes eqg, just as it was promised to arnold schwarzenegger back in 2018 by the then chairman of daimler, the iconic gallant wagon becomes a part of the mercedes electrification initiative. The concept eqg rides on 22 inch. Wheels gets rid of the front grille in favor of a backlit led panel with a large […]

Audi e-tron GT RS review | Super EV Is Audi’s Most Powerful Production Car Ever…But Is It The Best?

Most powerful production car ever do not adjust your volume and believe me, when i tell you that its as calm and imperturbable to drive as it sounds, you will rarely find a car that has the warming sense of refinement that this does no engine noise and double Glazing, so you hear virtually nothing […]

MG ZS EV 2020 Review

You could consider the mg zs ev its an suv, its sensibly priced and its well equipped if ultimate driving range capacity. Isnt. A top priority and youre buying on a budget you might rather like it. The zscv is powered by a 44.5 kilowatt hour. Water cooled lithium ion battery, which has a wltp […]