Fyundai with Hyundai | Kona Electric Review

Have let us have lent us, i should say, um a kona. This is uh the 2022 version, its were getting a chance to uh, have a have a feel and a look and uh, and basically a critique of the uh of the kona and uh. This is a press car that theyve lent […]

2021 BMW iX review: is this the best electric SUV? | Auto Express

The ix is a brand new, bmw, x5 sized electric suv and, as you can see, it packs quite a punch with bmws fifth generation. Electric motors producing 516 brake horsepower its more powerful than the latest bmw m3 for more brand. New car reviews, like this be sure to subscribe, to auto, express but […]

2022 NISSAN ARIYA EV Powerful Electric Crossover

In 20 months, we kicked off the summer of 2020, with the reveal of the all new nissan aria. Electric crossover followed by the new rogue z, proto armada, kicks and, most recently the new frontier and pathfinder today its my pleasure. To give you a closer look at the exciting aria. Nissan has long […]

NEW MG5 EV review – the best-value electric car? | What Car?

It has to be cheap and it would be great if it had loads of space. So, with all of that in mind, is the mg5 a fully electric estate car with a 250 mile range and a 25 000 pound price tag. The perfect electric car for a family in this review were going […]

EV Tata Tigor | Electric Sedan 2021 | Tamil Review | Krishnajothy cars

But you know 230, kilometers, 16 kilometers zero to seven seconds, more uh rapid, faster okay, and then we have more modes uh like uh sports mode options, Music and then this is a neutral and v: Music: Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, 0, Music, Music category 100. Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, […]

super ஆன electric scooter brand||pure ev top models review part 1

5 kilowatt bldc hub motor ganga, either a peak power 2.2 kilowatt, either ip65 rating whatever either a top speed. Everyone getting a 60 kilometer per hour in the morning 2.5 kilowatt portable lithium ion batteries. Music. 90 to 120 kilometers riding Music Music Music with smart, lock, led display and led headlamp in the […]

2022 BMW iX First Drive | BMW's All-New, All-Electric SUV | Price, Range, Interior & More

And its this. The all new, all electric 2022 BMW iX. Im here in Germany, checking out the Euro spec example., But before we get into that, please do me a favor and hit Subscribe, below. And head over to edmunds.comsellmycar to get a cash offer on your vehicle. When the iX Goes on sale, […]

Jaguar I-Pace P400 | Review | How good is Jaguar's first electric car?

My name is eric and this is the jaguar i pace. The first electric vehicle from jaguar saying that jaguar is late to the ev party, is an understatement, but so are most of the other car manufacturers as well. The ipes was launched in 2018 reaching its three year mark now. It is not […]

My Thoughts On The 2022 BMW i4 EV

But this new bmw intrigued me because for once at least its not some stupid suv, its actually a traditional sedan or a grand coupe as bmw likes to call it. And we have things like the porsche tycon and the rebadged audi version of that, both of which are like what 150 200 thousand […]

Zero SR/F Premium Review – Electric Motorbike EV-Review

. There is one issue. I dont have the license.. So what do you do? You call someone who knows how to drive one Motorcycle speeding up laughing? My name is Kristian Hansen. Youtuber in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ive met up with Rasmus here today, because we will be trying out an electric motorbike. And, like […]