Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021 Review

Everyone was hoping for at least not from launch. It costs around 10 000 more than australias top selling ev the tesla model 3.. So what does it have to offer? Besides? An epic design lets find out one model grade and two power trains are offered and here were testing the more expensive dual […]

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car review: EV rival to Tesla and Kia EV6 tested in Australia!

But hyundai wants to be more than just a competitor in the electric era. It wants to be a leader, and so does the ionic 5 have what it takes were going to take a closer look, but before we do remember to check out the full written review over on dot. A? U! […]

Kia EV6 AWD & Charging at GridServe – Media Drive Diary [Day 2]

You can see it behind me so today, ive been driving this car, this red one, which is the all wheel, drive its a 321 brake horsepower, and i got ta say you certainly do feel the difference between yesterdays car, which was a rear wheel, drive car 226 Horsepower and this one which is […]

12 Smallest Electric Cars in 2022: NEW Vision for the Future of Transportation

However, in small towns, as well as overpopulated mega cities, the demand for tiny city commuters remains extremely high. Today, by looking into the newest models from the class, well explore the potential of the smallest tvs to become the transport of the future single two tandem and four seaters three and four wheelers. These […]

New 2021 DS 4 E-TENSE plug-in hybrid hatchback review – DrivingElectric

If we discount the rebadged citroens of the early 2010s, the more recent ds7 and ds3 suvs hold appeal in their own right, while the ds9 saloon offers a comfort focused take on the company car formula. Now, though, its the turn of the ds4 a hatchback come crossover designed to hit the mercedes a […]

GoEV | All New 2022 Kia EV6 Full Review | The best EV on the market?

The kia ev6 gt line s Music, so this is the gt line, s so thats heading towards the top end of the scale for kia. With this model, we see its got. These 20 inch alloy wheels, which look fantastic, really striking design and sort of cutter design on their wheel. Moving over this […]

Nissan LEAF Electric Car – Walkaround & Review

This video will help you understand, which one best fits. What youre? Looking for the 2020 nissan leaf, s features an epa range up to 149 miles. Leaf, s is available in five exterior colors. The s has smart wheel covers its headlights, make a stylish statement at night. They can automatically turn on for […]

New Tesla Model Y Review | 2022 Tesla UK road test | Autocar

In a way, a three suv based on the same platform. It is 50 millimeters or two inches longer than a three and 180 millimeters, or about 7 inches taller just over an inch of that 27 mil goes into increasing the ride height, so the rest of the height is in the body making […]

Electric Vehicle In India | Benefits Of Buying EV | E Mobility | MG ZS | Tata Nexon EV |Hyundai Kona

My name is rajesh roy and you are watching. This is the second video regarding electric vehicles, electric vehicles over Music, Music, Music, Music, um. What you want, foreign Music foreign is Music. Thank you! So much for watching the video.

The 2023 Sono Sion: The Self-Charging EV | Review, Pricing, Specs

Instead of the previously planned 35 kilowatt hours battery capacity, the cyan will get a 54 kilowatt hours battery with lfp technology, while the cyan is billed as an affordable, solar car. To be fair, there are not exactly any other solar cars yet on the market with a 120 kilowatts motor, it should also […]