EV – Mazda MX-30 Review: Worth buying a 100Miles car in 2022?

Since the 19th century, electric vehicles have grown its popularity on the market, especially in the us. Throughout the past decades, many consumers say that ev cars are better than gas powered vehicles because of the impact on the environment. A lot of big and well known vehicle companies, like tesla, were already producing ev […]

New Audi Q4 e-tron in-depth review: the best electric Audi!

This is the new audi q4 e tron, and it has all of those things in a very lovely, practical suv body. So, if youre driving around in an audi q3 or any of the number of countless rivals like that, could this be the car that youve been waiting for? Could this be the […]

2022 Renewed MGZS EV – First Look

The european boiler really likes this suv. This electric suv coming in at that price point and mg have decided to refresh it outside of insight. So lets take a look Music thanks, very much derek, so lets talk about range and battery first well. Weve got a 70 kilowatt hour battery in the larger […]

Jay Takes An Off-Road Ride In The Hummer EV

This ev is truly a technological marvel, its powerful 1 000 horsepower. Zero emission engine boasts a remarkable 350 mile range on a single charge. Thanks to gmcs amazing, new altium batteries and dont worry its future forward. Interior is definitely dressed to impress gm designer al oppenheiser, swung by today with two pre production […]

9 Electric Car Chargers. Which Is Best For You?

Now weve organised them. So not only can you see them all, but weve also organised them in cost from low to high end, because some people think about the pounds dont they Gary. They do. I take it your at the low end, not just in height but actually in cost. I down here […]

2022 Toyota bZ4X Price & review | In-Depth Walkaround Exterior & Interior

Unlike the last all electric vehicle, the company offered the rav4f, the bz 4x will be sold at toyota dealerships nationwide Music, although only the bz4x has been announced. So far, toyota has recorded several trademark filings using other bz names, which leads us to believe. The company is planning a family of electric vehicles […]

MINI ELECTRIC, go green with style! | mPreview

Its been around since the 50s – and you can see in that time not much has changed. You know still distinctly a million in terms of design, but the car has now gotten so old. Its grown a full manchu. Now the mini electric also comes with these special rims, and do these look […]

New Tesla Model 3 Review | Updated…But Does It Still Justify Being The World’s Most Popular EV? ⚡

Ive never had this much fun in economy, life, oh well. We have to actually go somewhere now: tesla model 3. Then most popular gaming chair in the world and by extension the most popular electric car in the world, uh huh. So elon announced that tesla was going to build a mass market electric […]


This is the front of the mg aster. As you can see, it has a diamond studded grille with nine crystal elements led and led drls, but it does not have a led fog lamp. You can see the front parking sensors as well as the front parking camera. The mg aster is powered by […]

BMW i4 M50 review – quicker 0-60mph than an M3?

It is the first ever electric car worked on by bmws m division and in this video im going to review it by driving it from here munich airport, all the way to the bavarian mountains yeah its a distance of about 200 kilometers. But this car has a range of 500 kilometers. However, i […]