But let us explain why you shouldnt switch off just yet and subscribe to auto express for more brand new car videos like this right here. It is everybody the aura cat now straight away. This is one unusual. Looking small ev hatchback isnt, it youve got all sorts of different design cues, so youve got a bit of porsche 911 in the front end, a little bit of mini in the silhouette and yeah its certainly distinctive isnt it. The rear end is pretty unusual too. There are no traditional light clusters and instead the car uses a thin tail light strip embedded into the rear window, with the indicators and reverse lights integrated into the rear bumper. But what is the aura cat? Well, its an ev hatchback thats, going to be priced around the same as a renault zoe and the vauxhall corsa e. But the size of the car is much closer to something like the vw id3, and this is chinas. Take on the small compact electric car and its going to be coming to the uk to conquer the market. Well, thats. The plan anyway. Aura is owned by great wall, chinas largest producer of suvs and pickup trucks. But of course the aura cat is very different. At 25 000 pounds or is pitching the cat as an electric peoples, car and itll be available to order in the uk from december this year. But the question is: should you be interested, so a lot of that is going to depend on how the aura cap performs out on the road now heres the interesting bit.

So a lot of small evs like this. They use a rear, drive setup with a single electric motor on the rear axle, but the auracat is a little bit different and its a little bit more like a traditional combustion engine hatchback. So it drives the front wheels with a single electric motor producing around 170 bhp, which is a fair amount, but more important for an electric car like this is the torque figure, so thats 250 newton meters, which should make this feel quite zippy for a small hatchback. Like this, that single motor propels the cat from naught to 62 miles an hour in 8.5 seconds, so its not exactly rapid but thats plenty of performance for a small hatchback. But aura is promising more cat models in the future, which could offer more performance and more range, speaking of which the cat can be optioned with either a 48 or 63 kilowatt hour battery. The smaller option gives 209 miles of range, but range jumps to 261 miles with the bigger battery thats 16 miles more than the renault zoe. But whichever option you go for, the batteries are mounted under the floor of the car, because this car rides on a bespoke ev architecture. But what does that mean for boot space? Well, if we take a look here, youve got quite a high load lip and even though the batteries arent eating into the boot space, the capacity is only 228 liters which isnt great thats, a huge 157 liters smaller than the id3.

But the auracat does at least offer 80 kilowatt charging with a 10 to 80 percent top up taking around 40 minutes 11 kilowatt three phase. Ac charging is also standard and aura offers an eight year. Battery warranty with the cat and theres also going to be a hot version. Now, when i say hot version, this is the aura cat gt and under the skin, its identical to the standard aura cap with the same motor and the same power output and the same battery capacity as well. But the gt pack brings a few interesting styling details that make this a sort of mini ev, hot hatch, dont they so youve got this aggressive, rear, spoiler youve got this carbon fiber effect. Diffuser and youve got these red accents everywhere and coming around to the side of the car youve got these 18 inch wheels with the red accents as well and generally yeah. This car has a much sportier look than the standard aura cat, despite being mechanically the same and up front yeah its much more aggressive youve got a deeper front bumper, with the red accents as well and fake carbon fiber everywhere its not going to be for everybody, But it is an option, at least but its inside, where i have to say the aura cat is really impressive. So the cabin itself, its not super, sculptural theres, not a whole lot of design flair, but the quality is actually really impressive. For the price of this car and for the class its in because youve got a nice alcantara finish on the dashboard, youve got this metal effect trim and lower down.

I have to say the plastics are a little bit harder, not quite as sturdy as up the top of the dash, but generally yeah. Really nice ambience in here and youve got details like quilted effect trim on the door, cars and yeah, really nice place to sit and obviously taking center stage in the cabin. Are these two screens so youve got one for the driver, which is a digital gauge? Cluster 10.25 inches really crisp, clear graphics. Then youve got the main infotainment screen here, which is another 10.25 inch screen super responsive. The graphics are really clear and crisp. Some of the icons are a little bit small, a little bit difficult to read on the move, but yeah top marks for the infotainment youve got great tech in there. Youve got wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay as well, and youve also got in this car. A wireless smartphone charging pad, so you stick your phone there, nice place for it itll charge and the wireless apple carplay in android. Auto means you never have to plug in, which is great. The cat is also fitted with a number of safety assists, such as autonomous parking lane, keep assist and a 360 degree camera. The car can also recognize its driver through facial recognition and adjust things like the driving position to suit and its nice back here as well. As you can see, ive got a huge amount of leg room plenty of knee room and often with evs.

You find that when the battery is mounted in the floor of the car, the floor of the car is raised, and that means that yeah youve got a big gap between your thighs and the seats, but in this car yeah its its all right. The seats are nice and soft youve got this nice alcantara finish on them as well: headrooms, nice and good im, six foot tall, so yeah really positive back here as well.