That includes my tester, the 2021 nero ev. It was introduced for 2019 and is sold alongside the neuro hybrid and plug in hybrid, its basically unchanged for 2021 other than a few new features. The nero comes in three trims, starting with the ex at 44 995 and the ex plus at fifty thousand six. Ninety five: i have the top line, sx touring at fifty four thousand six. Ninety five on every trim, every color other than black, adds another 250. The neros electric motor makes 201 horsepower and 291 foot pounds of torque and drives the front wheels through a single speed. Transmission, unlike a gas engine which has to rev up before it, makes full power electric motors deliver all that torque immediately. The nero is very peppy keeping up with traffic and with passing power on the highway. It has a 64 kilowatt battery with a 7.2 kilowatt on board charger and a fast charge. Dc port is standard on all trims. Officially, the nero is rated at a range of 385 kilometers on a full charge. What youll actually get in real world driving depends on several factors, including speed outside temperature, how heavy your passengers and cargo are and how you drive it. Many people tend to overestimate how far they actually drive in a day and the neros range may fit more drivers than might think it will as a fully electric vehicle. The nero is eligible for the canadian governments rebate of five thousand dollars, depending on where you live.

You may also be eligible for a provincial rebate between three thousand to eight thousand dollars. Although theyre now pretty much a standard feature on our roads, not everyone is sold on evs, citing range charging infrastructure and other potential issues, but theyre really just one vehicle choice. In a market full of vehicle choices, some people want a sports car. Some need a minivan, some drive full size trucks and, for some, an ev is just right. If youre on level, two charging, which is a home charger or most public stations, recharging, takes about nine and a half hours on a hundred kilowatt dc fast charger, you can get to eighty percent charge in about 50 minutes driving wise. The nero feels very much like a conventional commuter car, with smooth steering and good response and its the right size for maneuvering in tight traffic in narrow parking spots. The battery is under the floor and that lower center of gravity improves handling along with plugging in the nero recoups energy. From regenerative braking, you can increase or decrease the braking level using paddles on the steering wheel, the higher the level the more the neuro slows down. When you take your foot off the throttle to maximize regeneration, you can use this to achieve whats known as one pedal driving where you only use the throttle and use the paddles to bring the neuro to a stop without using the brake pedal. It works. But it takes a lot of practice and for me, the novelty wore off pretty quickly and it went back to using the brake pedal.

Instead, the nero is fairly roomy for its size and rear seat. Passengers do okay for leg room if those in the front dont push their chairs too far back the cargo area is generous and the seats fold down for extra space. If needed. I really like that the nero doesnt put all its controls into a big touch screen. As so, many electric vehicles are equipped here, its all simple buttons and dials for the climate functions the driving modes and to bring up menus on the center screen, which is also easy to use. The cabin design is handsome, but im a firm. No on that metal accent strip across the dash when the sun hits it. The glare is blinding, it looks good, but it needs to go. All trims include 17 inch, wheels, heated power, folding mirrors automatic climate control, apple carplay and android auto and automatic high beam headlamps. My sx touring then includes a sunroof leather seats, premium, stereo wireless charger, numerous driver safety, assist features and navigation that can find charging stations. It also has a heated steering, wheel, heated and ventilated, front seats and heated rear seats. Those are energy hogs, but if your hands and butt are warm or cool, youre, more likely to turn down the climate control and that uses even more power, the nero is based on a conventional vehicle and for 2022 kia is introducing the ev6 based on a new Dedicated electric platform that will be used for other evs as well, once that happens, im guessing the neros days are likely numbered.

But in the meantime, if an ev fits your lifestyle, you need to take the nero out for a fuel free spin to see what you think for driving.