Finally, here, the kia ev6 got a little bit of information on this sheet: 50 000 euro after grants for the earth version. This is the gt line. 54345. Again after grants so were into high spec skoda, enyak muni at this level the door handles pop out i mean, would it even be an ev of this era? If that didnt happen, yes, im overly dressed for this review, i decided this car was so exciting. Id wear a suit today and that never happens so im going to jump into this car very very soon and take it for a quick spin because im actually going to be reviewing this car in more detail next week. So lets do a quick little walk around. First of all, the front is very, very good. Looking its got a big wide nose on it that just kind of hits you big bright, crystal clear white, led lights and as this car drives towards its very, very imposing the wheels on the gt line of standard are 20 inches. I think size wise its nearly like the jaguar eye pace, its just, obviously not as tall and this version in black with the black roof and the black glass and the black privacy glass. It looks very, very sleek dont. You agree its kind of like a double spoiler with a bit in the middle. This huge, i dont, think ive ever seen a rear brake as big as this goes right across and tells you that this is the new ev6 from kia.

I mean its a brand that was getting really good looking over the last few years and had a kind of a prestige and luxury finish to it, and it has to for that price. I think it does its so futuristic. Looking these weird kind of grooves that go on the sides of the car, you want to charge it, you push this bad boy and it opens type 2. Cabling is here, you can also put charge back into other things: electric bikes, maybe even a lesser electric car. If you spec a little bit of gadgetry that plugs in here and then reconnects and sends the charge in the car that surplus actually out again im going to close that it does it for you, its nice kind of tesla like automatic boot release. Button is under here thats going to get filthy. You have a flexible boot cover which gives you a nice chunk of space well get into official figures on the the full in depth. Review under here is a false floor and then down here again is the tire mobility kit, but somewhere that you could probably fit your cables theres little levers for dropping the seats as well. I cant get it to do it to the 70 30 70 sides, but it does work for the other side. Theres a handle there. If you do want to close the boot yourself but youre not going to because you have that electric boot release.

So why would you need to? I think these headrests theyre kind of unusual looking with the backs of the seats theres loads of gadgetry on the screens here, but you still have touch screens sort of theyre, not physical buttons, but theyre there. The shortcuts to your heated seats and your heated steering wheel here just a little jog wheel for controlling reverse neutral and park, and you just start it with a little button here. This center console thing does not adjust like the ionic 5.. It also feels like youre in a nightclub inside here, because everythings purple and bright its just missing a cloak room, its its pretty special. I, like the steering wheel, its big, its bold, tells you youre behind the kia and im okay with that youve got more buttons for all your controls here, two massive wide screens that just kind of make the cabin feel like someones going to get into your car. When they ask you how much it costs if theyre nosy – and you tell them – you wont – i dont think youd be embarrassed to say it – get the gt line. Youre going to get this really nice glass roof. It doesnt cut into the back with your forging more headspace and ill go through the rear leg room and all that stuff when were having a full in depth, its full of charging ports usbs usb cs theyve, given you options for both well done on ikea, and So far so good, i feel i feel like its premium.

Its good quality plastics definitely better than something like the id4 but theres quite a difference in price, particularly the more you spec it up as there is for the volkswagen theres. The driver only button to not waste energy, pushing cold air or hot air into this side. Of the car, if you dont need it standard spec on the gt line, seven year, warranty blind spot collision avoidance blind, swap monitors, intelligent speed limit assist the vehicle to load. The thing i was talking about, where you can charge other things, thats standard on the gt line lane follow assist, is there its its quite its a decent spec list and the 77.4 kilowatt hour battery thats usable thats, a big battery that could potentially get you a Range of up to 500 kilometers its going to be a very warm sunny day down big hills, but they claim it um ultra fast charging gets 80 in 18 minutes. If you can find the right charger that is, and even the earth speck on the car still has from what i can see all that same safety equipment, its got a heat pump as standard itll, actually do a little bit more range than the gt line will Do 528 kilometers again, probably on a good day, all the ambient mood lighting that stuff is on both versions of the car. Its a good package side mirrors dipping automatically in reverse its always a nice. Nice start for a 97 battery with a range of 457 kilometers right, well, thats, thats, a good start also.

I presume it has frontal collision avoidance when people approach your car like that, but anyway, its also got warnings here. To tell me that i need to take a break, or the last person who was driving the car needs to take a break, got a heads up, display its kind of actually wow its a bit. It does it just itself if you imagine putting on someones glasses, that arent prescribed for you, that kind of kind of has that look after it. Its like making me feel like i cant focus on properly. I dont know what that code is. Can i tailgate somebody out? Oh yes, i can its so bold theres a second near miss of a car in as many seconds what the crack i mean. The steering is very, very light. Oh its very light. I like that steering wheel. You cant miss the fact that its a kia compared to the ioniq five. We just give you dots. This clearly says: hey were kia and theres a big drive mode underneath here, so sport, wow, okay, thats a bit lively eco mode. Does that increase the range it does yeah, so we come out as 470 kilometers at 97, whatever it was normally 456 and sport is 442. geez that moves yeah, its uh, its a nice bit of urgency to the car. So, although theyre, not physical buttons, theyre behind a screen, uh yeah see thats that just works search, an area blanchestown lucan.

Do i want to go to lucan. I dont have a blanches town, so many dilemmas in life evie charging stations. Can i find them also. I dont feel, like my airs on. Ah it is now thats very nice wheres that road go to okay straight road boot down, yes, thats good over a bump there nice, so these are proper. Now twisty, b roads and oh im, not gon na break. Keep the foot to the floor well relatively relatively to the floor, its very very smooth – and these are nice condition roads a little bit of imperfections. You do feel it through the car in terms of feedback, but its not overly harsh regen is on level three. Is there more to go on that theres max, yes, whats max, like yeah, okay, that works whats lung, like oh, the car is nicely closed along with that. But if you dont use the brake there level two, i think probably level. Two is the one whoa the uh lane assist. There is quite eager, thats, quite strong, its tucking you in nicely outside world. I cant hear much of it. You know its a windy day cruising at 65 kilometers an hour should be a bit of noise, but im not hearing it, and this again is sitting on the biggest alloys the tires with the lowest bit of profile on them and its coping very very well. I just think its a bit more of an event behind the wheel of this theres, a bit more texture going on theres a bit more color going on, and it just feels all together a little bit flashier than the hyundai.

Its like the high noise. Just is a bit more calm just need to shout about it. This is kind of shouting about it, exterior design and interior design. I do like the fact its a physical knob for the climate control its a bit as good, so fuel economy were doing 19 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. That is a bit high, but this car is getting driven all day today by many different people. Different driving styles youd expect to be seeing sort of 15, and you know what it copes with these kind of imperfection it copes with these imperfect road conditions very well. Little squeeze of the throttle and again you blast down this country. Road handling is good, proper bumps here now. Coping very very well now look subscribe if you havent yet because i will be doing an in depth review of this car. I just wanted to get a feel for how it drives and also theres no point in me doing the full review today, because i need you to come back to watch the next video im. Getting the heads up display to tell me what directions. What turns i need to take to get to my destination? I like that too. Is there a quick way of moving that heads up, display im sure its in the setting somewhere, of which there are many many many many? It feels like a wide car and on the way to the hotel. Today i drove past a few of these cars and it was like whoa.

They really are wide in the flesh. I dont think the justice is not served from photographs. Its a big big car, big big takeaway, has to be how composed it is over roads that are a bit patched together that have bits of tarmac that have been stuck on over the years and theres. A few potholes, and just the finish in the road is very, very different at any given second and the bigger wheels like they are firm, but not uncomfortable firm. It feels acceptable for him. It feels like okay ive gone with the bigger alloys. I knew what i was getting into, but its very very tolerable. This is not as harsh as the model y, but as a more comfortable car to ride in this probably is obviously the punch of the tesla in a straight line. You cant compete with that. Its just so fast kia, your sat nav is fantastic to use easy to search for things as youre on the move, which is always good and nobody got lost, which is always a welcome bonus. So thank you for sticking with me on this very early. First, look at the ev6 from kia, much hyped car worth the hype. I think so i think so. Im impressed a fantastic car, a hefty price tag, not beyond what we were all probably expecting, such a great time now to be looking for an ev for next year, because theres some serious good stuff on the market.

Once you get past 50 or just even below 50, you start to lose compromises. You get super fast charge and you get these good looks you get a good interior and something that actually looks a bit impressive on the road cars today. They look so alike in so many ways. I think ive been brave here with the design theyre not going to alienate anybody. I think to look at this car in the flesh and not go wow thats a bit cool looking, even if it does kind of remind me of the first generation leaf just over the rear, the rear quarter.