Grab yourself, something hot and settle in for the news. We have a trillion reasons for you to tune in so stick around for the details. Welcome to the channel. My name is martin lee and if you like, what we do here hit subscribe and the bell icon, so you never miss a show. Music. Its been a busy few days over at elons place lets jump straight into the incredible news: the trillion dollar tesla stock valuation, reaching one trillion dollars its a lot of zeros. It comes off the back of a 12 surge in share value and they join a very short list of only six companies now worth upwards of the magic trillion. But why did that surge happen? Lets have a look well. The sales team over at tesla seemed to pick up the phone on the right day to someone from hertz who said hi. Can we buy a hundred thousand model threes? Of course the answer was no problem were not supply constrained or anything. Weve got some new factories. Opening up well get them from there, whether its austin or berlin, or maybe a mix of all of those shanghai chipping in as well 100. 000 extra cars next year is a huge order for tesla its a massive order that represents their biggest ever a deal worth 4.3 billion dollars and goes a long way to giving investors more confidence. It also paves the way for orders in a similar vein.

Hertz get the added benefit of the association with a brand that so readily peaks, the publics imagination and another car rental company will want to get on on the action im sure the shift to evs is obvious now, so other companies will want a comprehensive ev offering To keep up with shifting public demand. Oh, i love a good news story and i love to see evs hitting the roads in place of combustion cars. The rise of evs in europe continues. Overall, car sales are way down, dropping just below a million registrations year on year, but the share of plug in vehicles hit 23 of the market in september in europe huge numbers last year it was 12 and a measly five before that, where will it be next Year i cant wait to see air quality monitors around europe are going to be happy. The decline of diesel sales continues rapidly couple that, with the expansion of clean air zones in some of the big cities like london, bound to be mimicked elsewhere. As well and good news for the air we all breathe. The star of the show in september was the model 3 from tesla with 24 and a half thousand registrations two and a half percent of the whole market. Now tesla does tend to ship its cars in bulk towards the end of the quarter, its one of the downsides of not having local production here in europe, so it does somewhat stoke the fire towards the end of the quarter more than it would otherwise.

Next, we came across a peugeot survey, which said some really interesting things and it threw up some surprising data. Respondents to the survey showed that the tide is turning on the public perception of evs, nearly a quarter of parents. When asked said, they wanted their children to learn in an ev and they want their parents to get rid of their combustion car and drive an electric vehicle. Foxconn has a big ev plan. Heres a story thats been bubbling away quietly in the background. For a long time now, but with details emerging very recently, we thought wed. Take a closer look. Foxconn. The taiwanese company introduced their first evie concepts under the foxtron brand recently, a very interesting joint venture between taiwans largest car maker and the worlds biggest iphone maker. The company reportedly aims to produce vehicles in latin america, india and in europe having deals negotiated with the likes of stalantis and fiska. Already theyre, not hanging around crucially theyve also been really busy making acquisitions. Where are they going to make these evs? Well, they purchased a facility from lordstown motors in the us and a chip plant in taiwan. Considering the global shortage of chips, it looks like theyre taking steps to secure their supply chain for when time comes to start production, so lets wrap up the show now theres. So much going on in the world of electric vehicles, and we want to hear from you now what caught your attention today.

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