Is it any good? This is a follow up: video having driven roughly 1500 2 000 miles in this very cheap uh electric car and its a video l0203 in our series of nissan leaf videos, hello, my name is damian im an engineer, car enthusiast and youtuber from mid wales. I bought my electric car, so i could so. I could commute 50 miles to telford from new town. It saves over 50 in the fuel costs and obviously its zero emissions, so this um ev i bought this nissan leaf is an eight year old car. It really is the budget end of the market. You cant find many cheaper cars than this, but i thought i got a bit of a bargain because this still has, as i say, 85 of its battery left. So its still got a lot of life left in its only lost 15 percent in the first eight years and 56 000 miles so im hoping to do a similar amount of mileage. Before i even think about having to change the battery, because the range getting less than by 50 miles, commute being an engineer, i try and maintain my own cars and thats one thing: i love about this ev, its very, very simple, youve just got the motor and The battery underneath the uh passenger compartment there isnt any things to deal with, as i say, with my normal high mileage diesel sort of the dpf, the egr valve the exhaust system, the catalyst not to mention the dual mass flywheel and clutch uh, the potential turbos being Worn out so, although this um leaf may need new battery in some time the future, but it wont needed any of those things and the cost is going to be probably quite comparable to be honest, so uh.

Hopefully, this will be more reliable and yeah its less complex one things, one of the things people talk a lot about with ev is a negative, is the lack of range and ranging deity? Have i suffered with range anxiety? I suppose in the beginning, when i wasnt quite sure the car i did a little bit, but you soon realize its not really an issue. Driving ev is very different. Um. Take, for example, my diesel car. If my diesel car had 70 miles left to go, i probably looked to fill it up as soon as i could. The uh, even the low fuel light, would come on, but with an ev im, actually starting out fully charged at 70 80 miles range. So its quite a different experience, plus um, the actual fuel or the electricity, is available practically everywhere, and luckily i can charge a home. Obviously, and my employer also has a charging point at work, so i can charge at both ends of my uh commute. What i would say you may suffer from range anxiety if you go on a longer trip and you havent done enough advanced planning or the infrastructure, the charging network uh, let you down but im sure those all those things will come along with time and improve so Range anxiety, not really an issue for me when i started driving my ev, i did have to make some minor adjustments. It does make you very conscious of the amount of energy youre using particularly with this fairly limited mileage early car, putting the heating on driving very fast, with screen wipers, etc.

It does take a little bit out of the range so youre, very conscious of it initially, but in reality its very very little and you can just crack on as normal. But it does make you conscious of energy and the amount of energy by old car used to waste in heat, etc, because this particular car hasnt got a huge battery. It does have lots of readouts to tell you how much energy youre, using both for the motor, but also for the climate control and the auxiliaries. As you can see here, im not using very much but with the heating on ive, got a a slight amount of uh kilowatts being generated, and you can see at the moment out of 56 mile range ill lose five miles just by having the heating on. So its not a massive amount, but you need to bear that in mind, particularly when youre getting close to your destination and youre short of miles im, currently using what we call a granny charger, which uses a normal three pin plug fitting this external box. To allow better access, this will charge the car in roughly eight to ten hours with my 24 kilowatt battery but long term. Im gon na try and uh upgrade this to a seven kilowatt, uh charger, which will also charge faster and ill be able to take advantage of the um. The night tariffs which offer discount rates for four to six hours in the evening or sorry after midnight.

Battery degradation or how long the battery will last is also another factor in evs. This car is eight years old, still has 85 of its battery capacity left, and they reckon on this, 24 kilowatt battery ill lose about two percent of its battery uh every 10 000 miles. So in theory this should last me my 50 mile commute two to three years. The minimum thing i enjoy about my nissan leaf is um, its very easy to drive its very nippy, and you can set the timer, so its the car is warm when you get it in it first thing in the morning. One thing i dislike about the ev is having to constantly plug and unplug the car, its especially a problem. If its raining or its a very cold morning, my next ev id like a few improvements, wireless charging would really be handy, although i dont think any cars do that yet also id like a little bit more range. Having said that, the range of 50 miles for this car – i think its actually 70 – is quite adequate for what i need and the infrastructure is not quite as important for me as other people, because i can charge at home and at work. I did consider myself a bit of a petrol head with the jaguar v8 and lots of nice gti cars in the 80s and 90s, but having sampled this electric car, you can see the future isnt petrol, its actually just nice, powerful electric cars, potentially hydrogen, possibly but Todays fuel is definitely electric, as i say, im an enthusiast.

I really love my jaguar xk8, its a real v8 petrol guzzler, but after uh sampling, my ev. I could really think the future for this car is to convert it to electric too so um. If i save up enough money, ill, try and uh afford that project for the long term life with this very nice looking jaguar, xk8, so id certainly uh recommend an eevee if youve got moderate, regular mileage, even these budget ones make a lot of sense financially and Obviously, theres zero emissions um for a long, regular, medium distance commute. It does make a lot of sense. As i said, theyre, not very complicated, theres, not a lot less. A lot of things can go wrong so compared to a diesel, hopefully save a lot of money. In maintenance costs too, in the long run, so my experience with this ev is very positive. Id highly recommend getting one, obviously the bit of a get out. Then we havent actually driven um this car in anything like winter uh temperatures, the lowest temperature ive had is five degree, four or five degrees. So um im, hoping ive, got about 20 of um leeway in there, but i wont actually know till ive done it. There will be follow up to the winter range. Will i get there um this is. That was a follow up. Video to original video l01 budget electric 100 miles in a day take a look at that video if youre interested in that sort of stuff im.

Also going to do videos on how to set up car wings for a second owner, leaf spy spare wheel edition, changing the oil uh, some slight aero, mods and obviously led lights, etc. If youre interested in this video, please take a look at our channel. Ondr module were planning lots of uh leaf videos and theres lots of jaguar xk videos, which is about the polar opposite. To be honest, but please, like comment share and subscribe.