Another hugely anticipated entry to the ev sphere, which is growing by the day, and, to be honest, i dont think its ever been a more exciting time to be shopping for an electric car because they just keep getting better and better the evidence of which is right. Behind me, because i think this one might just be the best ive seen so far. If thats all you need to know, you can find details of your local kia dealer on cars and put your name down on what is no doubt going to be a very long list. But if youd like to know a bit more, then just keep watching proud sponsors of the cars. Ireland youtube channel cartel.e for car history data you can trust buying a used car get an exclusive coupon code, now see the comment section for more details, so with hyundai and kia being sister companies so to speak. There are a lot of similarities here to the recently released ionic 5, but while they might share a platform, theyve both gone down to very different routes when it comes to style and design. So well, hyundai went for that very angular blade runner sort of look with that very cool retro vibe kia ive taken. What i would say is a slightly safer approach here, not that its in any way is boring. In fact, its got fantastic road presence and its a lot bigger and chunkier in the metal than what you might see on screen.

But it also looks a bit more like what you might expect an electric kia to look like in 2021 and to be honest, im a bit torn personally over which one i prefer. I mean i do love that boldness to the hyundai design, but im already wondering how well its going to age then again. Im not so keen on the rear of this one but of course thats a matter of personal taste and we would love to know which one you prefer in the comment section below so once you find the boot lid release somewhere here there we go, you will Find an impressive 520 liters of boot space now thats, not quite as big as the ioniq 5, which pips it by about 10, liters or so, or indeed the skull enyak, which is considerably bigger at 580 liters, but still 520 is a good figure and probably about Average for a modern suv these days now whether this counts as an suv or not, is probably a debate for another day now. What i will say about this boot is that a lot of that capacity does seem to be in the width rather than the depth, and, if youre someone who needs to carry boogies or prams around then youll know that its the depth that can make all the Difference and i did struggle to close this boot around my admittedly quite bulky travel system and because the boot is electric, it kept getting to a certain point and then pinging back open and but after taking it apart, i did get it in eventually, but it was A bit like a game of jenga that i didnt want to play so long story short make sure that what needs to fit fits first.

If thats not an issue its a very well finished boot youve got no load lip a couple of shopping bag. Hooks quick release for the back seats and a handy compartment to store your charging cables or, alternatively, you might like to store them in the front boot or the fruit whatever you want to call it, because there is some extra storage up there too, but i think I would leave them where they are here, because this is where your charging port is hows, that for a nice piece of integrated design, the back seats are hugely spacious and thats width. Wise headroom, wise legroom was im 167 centimeters for reference thats. My driving position as you can see, ive got more legroom than i know what to do with. As would someone a good deal taller than me, theres no transmission tunnel, which is good news for legroom. For your middle c passenger and the isofix anchors are nice and accessible and theres no guides, but they do come out nice and fair so that you can slot them in quite easily theres, also plenty of space for them as well, which means that you wont have To interfere with your passenger seat, even if youve got one of those quite bulky, rear facing or 360 degree models. Now the windows are a little bit on the small side which looks great from the outside, but isnt, quite so nice when youre back here, because it is a little bit dark.

But on the plus side the creature comforts are really quite impressive. Youve got a pull down center armrest complete with cupholders heated seats back here. Youve got some very sturdy magazine holders, and i was just about to complain about the lack of usb charging back here until i spotted them integrated into the driver and passenger seat and youve got one on each side too, which will hopefully save a few arguments. The interior styling in the kia is a lot louder than what in the ionic 5. and again. I think this is going to come down to personal preference, but i also think that this interior is going to impress pretty much anyone who sits into it now fair enough, its a little bit shouty but shouty in a good way, shouty in a way that a 50, 000 euro car should be, and theyll talk more about price shortly, but this is just really funky its all angled towards the driver. Youve got some cool, perforated leather along the dashboard and lots of purple down lighting. I mean who doesnt love purple down lighting, especially when youre driving at night very ryan, gosling and drive vibes about it. Its also very functional. I mean youve got logical storage, where you want it couple of cupholders here, some more storage in the center console some more again under the center console here, youve got a selection of charging options, got your mini usb and your normal usb and two more here youve Got a 12 volt charging socket as well a good mix of functionality between the touchscreen and these kind of quasi buttons down here, which are also kind of screen, but theyre, always in the same place.

So you know where to find them that impressive dual screen setup. I just love it so, as i just mentioned, this is a 50 000 euro car here in ireland, that is, the minimum price, youll pay for the entry level, earth model and thats after current government grants are taken into account for private customers and then 55 000 Euro for this gt line model again after government grants – and that does come with a few very nice upgrades, which i will talk about now in a second. But the reason for that high entry price is that kia have decided to only bring the long range version here. So there wont be a shorter range version available, as with the ionic 5. Instead, both the earth and the gt line model will be powered by a 77 kilowatt hour battery capable of over 500 kilometers on a single charge, in fact, its even more on the earth model, because this gt line model is on a very nice set of 20 Inch alloy wheels. It also gets a few other. Very nice upgrades like these suede and vegan ventilated, heated seats, youve got a head up, display a panoramic glass, sunroof and possibly one of my favorite features of the car, which is a camera assisted 360 degree blind spot monitoring system, which shows you via a little panel In the instrument cluster here, where the action is happening, so if youre pulling in tight to a curve, youve got a birds eye view of that curb right here in your eye line, and i think its just genius in fact ive christened it curb no more.

So if key island would like to to trademark that, you know where to find me, but honestly, i think its just one of the most useful and original new features on a car that ive seen in quite some time. So i suppose the big question is: do you really need the gt line and it is quite a hard one, because the earth model is well and truly exceptionally well, equipped its the exact same powertrain? These dual screens are standard, as is apple carplay android, auto youve got vegan leather relaxation seats which allow you to lie back and relax while youre taking a charge. Arguably more comfortable 19 inch, alloy wheels loads of safety gear and even the electric tailgate. So, do you need the gt line? Probably not. Are you still going to want it probably yeah so 77 kilowatt hour, battery 506 kilometer range on this gt model and rear wheel drive only so theres no choice of power train whatsoever at the moment, so its a good job that this is a very good one. Power output is equivalent to about 230 hp, which is slightly more powerful than ionic 5, although i have to say it, doesnt feel hugely quicker, like the id4 like the enyak. This is a big and heavy car over two tons. In fact, its got quite a large battery pack to carry around and its just a large car in general. Now, on the flip side, you get a 500 kilometer range and all that space to play around with so thems the brakes just dont be expecting tesla.

Acceleration is what im trying to say at the same time its by no means slow, and i think particularly people who have not driven an e before are still going to be pretty well still gives you that great confidence for overtaking and really widens the selection of Gaps that you can slip into in traffic or at around about, and it can do not to 100 kilometers an hour in 7.3 seconds so again by no means slow. It also handles really nicely now, as i said, its a big old unit, so its not fun in the traditional sense of the word that makes you want to fling it around corners or anything like that. Instead, its more of a grown up ev feel the suspension setup is spot on. It makes nice smooth work out of most road surfaces, and it just feels like a really well judged well balanced setup. The steering is a little bit on the light side which wont fit to everybodys taste, but it does weight up at motorway speed and there is also different driving modes to choose from which will change the field depending on the circumstance so theres, eco mode. If you want to conserve battery the ecobreak mode now, i do have to say it does make the drive feel a little bit on the sludgy side, but then again you might be glad of it if, for any reason, you find yourself suffering from range anxiety in This car bush with the range on this car – i really i really dont – think you ever should sport mode does serve to liven things up considerably.

You get a bit more response from the throttle and yeah it. Just it just really goes the way electric cars do now. I will say there is a slight degree of saminas starting to creep into this end of the market. The larger newer evs, but where this does stand out for me, i think, is – are in the driver, assisting features which, as i mentioned, are just really good theres, that blind spot monitoring, one that i mentioned earlier, which is excellent. The heads up display is really nicely done as well, its quite subtle and then yeah, just the general ease of use of the infotainment system. The flow and vibe of the cabin for me still makes it stand out from a behind the wheel perspective. Charging speeds are also impressive, and most people will be charging it overnight from their seven kilowatt hour, home wall box, which will require an overnight charge. But that is the limit of the charger and not the car, because the car itself can go from 10 to 80. In just 18 minutes, if you find the right fast charger. In conclusion, i stand by what i said at the very start in that this is one of the most complete and impressive electric cars that ive seen so far, but i say so far because that crown has been passed on at least twice this year already. In my mind, anyway, and electric cars are just getting so good, so good.

In fact, that ive got to the end of this review without even mentioning kias remarkable seven 7 year, warranty, which also covers their electric range, and the good news for this one is that there doesnt seem to be any talk of a shortage in supply. For next year, providing of course you can get your name down for one this side of christmas. If youd like to do that, you can find details of your local kia dealer on cars, ireland, dot, ie, hope you enjoyed the video.