Well, this is the aura cat. Its a brand new electric car and im going to give you a full walk around tour of it. So in this video im going to be showing you, the outside, the inside, talk to you a little bit about the batteries and how theyre going to be sold in the uk. So if youve got any questions, then put them in the comments box below and if you havent done so already subscribe to the channel. So this is it then the cat from aura, and you might be thinking what on earth is aura. Well, thats a perfectly reasonable question, because weve never had aura here in the uk before its an all electric brand, launched by gwm great wall motor. You might have heard a great wall before they launched in the uk about 10 years ago with something called the steed pickup, but theyre back with this theyre. All electric car brand aura stands for open, reliable and alternative, and the brand actually has been created to celebrate. Get this an 18th century mathematician called leonard euler and now im, quoting great walls website here its been created because he was a mathematician and because maths is the foundation of human, scientific and technological innovation and its the core and premise of car design is maths. So thats, why theyre celebrating this particular mathematician and uh? I dont know whether hed be proud of this or not im sure he would be.

I have a car company named in his honor. I certainly would be, and the brand has this logo. It looks a bit like an exclamation mark and the meaning behind that is its saluting and greeting the great leonard, lena doyle. We salute and greet you with this car. The cat then looks pretty small doesnt it well, it looks pretty small in the pictures, but in actual fact this is quite a large car now in terms of dimensions, this is roughly the same size as a mini clubman, okay and in the uk, itll be going Up against cars like the mini electric fiat 500 in terms of sort of cuteness and character, but in terms of size, its more like a vwid3 rival and in terms of style, i dont know. Let me know what you think in the comments box below. I think this is quite an interesting looking car, its a sort of a cross between a bit of a vw beetle isnt it a bit of mini going on isnt. There theres also a bit of nissan micro. I think a bit of suzuki swift as well. Its quite an interesting look to it, hasnt it. So this is the key and when you unlock it, you get this welcome sequence and the same at the back. Okay. So you get these pretty nicely designed lights with an led ring, a little bit mini esque mini electric esque isnt it around the front nice and plain and simple.

This car is a chinese spec car, so youve got a chinese style charging port but and um youve got a european spec one on the other side as well. But when this car comes to the uk, therell just be a european spec charging port, probably on the kerb side, although thats not been confirmed yet these really rather natty five spec alloys. They remind me of something from a mid 90s renault in actual fact and then round at the back. These are the lights okay, so the tailgate is completely unfussy the aura badging here as well, and its got a really curvaceous look to it. Hasnt it like. I said, let me know what you think to what it reminds you of right then lets hop inside its on the inside, where things get really really impressive, and i mean that in terms of quality and technology, the quality part is the bit thats really blown my Mind because this is pretty much up there with a mini electric. Yes, really lots of nice soft touch plastics on the tops of the doors, even the harder plastics arent scratchy at all. You get this leatherette across the top of the dash with its exposed stitching. You get the cream sort of contrasting color in this particular car. The seats are worthy of a mention. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but you can also get massaging seats as well, and its proper massaging seats not quite up to the levels of a mercedes s.

Class, but better than a lot of cars costing twice this twice this cars price in terms of the design and the coloring, they remind me of a rover 75 actually with the fruiting here, and i mean that in a very, very good way. I particularly like the jaguar esque sort of reaver hoop that goes uh around the top of the dash and underneath the windscreen sort of envelops you a little bit um and you get this essential vent design across the center here and so the mini esque little toggle Switches for the air conditioning and the ventilation now every single aura cat in the uk is going to come with these two 10.25 inch screens. The one you on the left, of course, is your digital, cockpit, youre able to adjust it, and then here is your touchscreen. Its apple carplay and android auto compatible as well. It works pretty nicely. It looks pretty fresh as well um moving downwards. Youve got a couple of usb charging ports theres a little storage area there, a couple of cupholders the center console youve got the of course. Youve got the gear selector here wireless charging pad and little cubby under there and then another little cubby under there as well. Um turn to the steering wheel, where you may have noticed there arent many sort of physical controls on the dashboard, its just the bare minimum along here thats, because the vast majority of the cars controls arent controlled through the touchscreen but from the steering wheel.

So youve got all your media controls here. Youve got the um cruise control and the buttons to control the screen in front of you, but youve also got a little button here, marked camera. No, the car doesnt take a photograph of you. What it does it takes. A photograph of the road in front of you, so, for instance, if you have a bit of a prang and you took a photograph of a cars number plate, the car in which youve been involved in accident with it, can take a little photo. Um. Talking of cameras, every single aura cat in the uk will come with a 360 degree parking camera. I mean thats the level of technology which the likes of volvo and land rover and mercedes charge extra for, but aura are going to throw it in free of charge. For a 25 000 super mini amazing isnt. It also talking about cameras. You may be wondering what this is here: its a driver fatigue monitor, so that will monitor your face and, if youre showing signs of fatigue, itll alert you. The last thing i want to mention is this: car um has keyless entry, but it also has keyless start you dont even press a button in a very tesla model, 3 or vw id3 kind of way. The way you start, it is just by pressing your foot on the brake pedal. Okay, lets look at the interior space in the back, the doors open, pretty much at 90 degrees and theres.

A good amount of space in here now im just over 5 foot 11, and i had a couple of inches to spare before my head touched: the roof, um good amounts of knee room and that seat is pushed all the way back. So you can see there is a good amount of space there, a little bit of a load little bit of a lip in the floor, but nothing too much to moan about um isofix points in both seats, theres, an armrest as well, which is all very nice With a couple of cup holders and the interior quality carries on back here as well again, everything feels incredibly well put together. Its such a surprise is this um, but this car was really really impressive now in terms of interior space, its similar to vw id3. But youve got to remember that this car is going up against cars like the mini electric and the fiat 500, and those two cars only come as a three door. This is a full five door lets just open up the boot, and the first thing youll notice is the pretty unusual boot opening. I mean it really cuts into the sides here, doesnt it now in terms of space, its a little bit more than the mini electric um little parcel shelf here the seats easily fold down from the back, so you have to go running around the side to fold Them you can just do so from here, theres, a tiny little step there, but really again nothing to moan about at all and yeah.

There is a bit of a load lip there isnt a movable boot floor, but it does mean that everything doesnt fall out when you open the boot and under here youve got space for your charging cables. Okay, so the aura cat that ive been looking at is sort of typical of the average aura cat theyre going to be selling in the uk. This is going to be the gt model and what makes a gt a gt? Well, its the changes to it are all visual theres, no mechanical changes whatsoever. So you get these carbon fiber, esque, wheel, arch extensions! You get these different alloys with little red section and red brake calipers as well. The carbon fiber follows all the way along the sill. Then round at the back, you get a mock air, diffuser, trimmed in red, and then you also get this rear wing now. What do you think this rear wing reminds you of in terms of the lettering and the red inside? I think great wall have been taking a few design cues from the mini gp, but hey imitation is a form of flattery isnt it and i have to say i think it looks absolutely brilliant, actually um and then round at the front that carbon fiber is repeated And you get a little red strip on the lip spoiler there. The interior gets a bit of a makeover as well, so you get gt on the headrests, they are trimmed in red and black.

We get red seat belts and the dashboard is also red and black. As well, okay, so what kind of range and batteries do you get for your money? Well, theres going to be two versions available: theres going to be a 48 kilowatt hour battery version and theres going to be a 63 kilowatt hour battery version, the 48 kilowatt hour car does a range of 209 miles and the 63 does a range of 261. Both a front wheel, drive and theres around 170 brake horsepower to play with now in terms of charging really unusual. This so um a lot of cars in this part of the market. Ccs is well rapid. Ccs charging is an optional extra renault zoe im. Looking at you here, but with the aura cat everything is thrown in, so you get ccs charging as standard. You also get three phase: 11 kilowatt ac charging and 6.6 kilowatt single phase charging as well, and this car can also be plugged into a rapid charger itll charge up up to speeds of 80 kilowatts, which means an 80 percent top up charge, would take just 50 Minutes on the 63 kilowatt hour car, it is even quicker on the smaller 48 kilowatt hour car, as well in terms of spec theres, going to be three models on offer, with the gt pack available on the mid spec and top spec cars thats. Yet to be confirmed, but that is whats expected to happen. Prices are expected to start around 25 000 pounds and even the top spec car is going to come well under that 35 000 pound government threshold for the subsidy, probably gon na top out at around 30 000 pounds, and it means that the aura cat, in actual Fact um is in a really good position because for this kind of money, youre going to be getting around 260 miles for around 25 to 30 000 pounds, a mini electric with a much smaller range.

Around 140 miles starts at 25 000 pounds and the renault zoe you have to pay extra for rapid charging and those models start at 30 000 pounds so there we are, though, that is a very quick walk around what, in actual fact, its quite an exciting new Car, its from a new brand um, its all electric and its going to be competing in a marketplace that is full of diverse models at the moment now, if they get the pricing right, which we think they are going to with prices starting around 25 000 pounds. This could be very competitive indeed. Now, how are you going to buy one well or i think, theres going to be around 25 to 30 dealers available from march next year and theres gon na be a full website available as well. So you want to find out a little bit more information. You can do so that way, but, like i said its not going to be easy to beat the likes of fiat mini renault honda in this part of the market. But this has got a few tricks up its sleeve in terms of value and the amount of spec that you get. It also looks pretty cool as well. Now, im gon na be driving this car early next year, but in the meantime, if youve got any questions, then drop them below.