Well, if it looks anything like the audi e tron gt, i dont think you should be complaining too much after the e tron and the e tron spot back its now. The turn of the full electric car from audi and this e tron gt shares nothing in common, except for the name with the suvs. In fact, the volkswagen group j1 platform is shared with the porsche taken, so you have the same: wheelbase 2900 mm the same battery packs the same power output, the same range, the same performance. Everything is identical, and that can only mean one thing which we will come to soon after you hit that bell icon subscribe to the evo india channel, and if you like, this video do remember to give us a thumbs up the econ gt. It drives really really well much better than the other audi e trons and thats down to the fact that this is a car, its not an suv, and also you get that sense from every control that this has been designed as a porsche which is obviously to Audis benefit you get that crispness that directness that perfect weighting to every control. It just feels so good. You would think an electric car without a v10 or a v8 engine would just be boring, but actually no. There is, of course, that novelty factor to be attacking corners in absolute silence and also all this weight low down. It gives it terrific grip, but even accounting for all those ev trades.

The e tron gt is such a nice gt car. Now this is not a sports car per se. This is not an r8 replacement. This is more like a rs7 replacement, so when the combustion engine disappears from the rs 7, this is what youll be able to buy four seats, four doors and grand touring ability, and the first thing that you need for grand touring ability. Of course, you need speed which will come to, but you also need good ride. Quality these roads theyre, not in the best state after the monsoons and doesnt. Look like anybody is going to even take care of these roads will only get worse and the gt it just rides. So well with such fluidity, ive kept it in comfort, comfort works best. There is no float. There is no wallow theres. Just nice, precise damping. No noise, through the suspension, did i say it is very nice. Well, if i have it, i must add again. Yes, it is very nice. Much like the porsche taken. The e tron gt. The body is a mixture of steel and aluminum up front. You have aluminum double wishbones, while the rear, its a complex multi link, setup with three chamber, air suspension and adaptive dampers fitted all around now. This is not the rs. This is the gt. The rs gets a sports differential, whereas this it uses near torque vectoring, and this is an audi, so you get quattro all wheel drive now.

This is also an audi, so you cant really play around with it. So, even if you switch off the esp its not like youll, be able to hang the tail out, there is a lot of power. There is a lot of get up and go, but you cant really hang the tail out on this car. I dont know about the take and if you can do that, maybe in the rs e tron you might be able to, but not on. This, though am i complaining not really because the way it grips around corners is seriously impressive. Theres a 93 kilowatt hour battery slung between the two axles, of which 83.7 kilowatt hours is used to power, the two motors the front motor. It makes 235 bhp the rear motor it makes for 29 bhp. Now both those dont add up and give you supercar rivaling performance figures, because the batteries it cant produce so much of power. So the total output, the system output, is 469 bhp in dynamic mode. You also get launch control, plus you get over boost now thats available for two and a half seconds, and that raises power from 469 to 523 bhp step on it and when you use launch control and the dynamic mode thats when the lower gear on the rear Axle engages to give you this really strong initial acceleration, 0 100 in 4.1 seconds, and that is quick. Of course, when you use the e tron gt in that manner, youre not going to get much range.

The range is going to drop like a stone. Now the claimed range, according to the wltp figures, are between 388 to 500 kilometers, though in reality youll be lucky. If you get 350 kilometers, but then again, 350 kilometers is enough when youre using an electric car. Obviously you do have to plan ahead. So if youre doing mumbai pune runs, if youre going to do just mummy, pune and not too much of driving around in mumbai or pune, whichever way youre coming to you can actually do that round trip and then get back home and charge it on the wall. Charger that audi will provide with an e tron gt, so just make sure you know where all the charges are or make sure you know where all the audi dealerships are, because all audi dealerships have chargers, and now they are being ramped up to dc fast chargers. So you can go there, get some more juice and get on your way. The electric cars are fast shockingly fast and thats, despite this powertrain not being allowed to use all of its capability, because that is reserved for the rs. The rs makes something like 560 bhp, zero 200 in 3.3 seconds, this 4.1 seconds, but its still plenty plenty, quick ive, not driven the rs, so i wouldnt even know what to compare it with. But here with this etron gt its as quick as say an rs7. A fractionally slower than an rs7, and it takes less effort to deploy all of that power and, like i said this ride man its really good over these broken roads, despite 20 inch wheels its just going so well so easily.

The steering weve always complained about steerings. On audis – and here too theres not much in the way of feel, but in terms of the precision the immediacy is so nice, so nice, i dont know who should be more upset, should porsha be upset that the audi is now driving like a porsche or should Audi be upset that their audis are now driving like porsches. I should think it should be. Porsche should be upset because audi. Well, i think theyve benefited enormously by having a platform engineered by porsche and to deliver all of the driving throughs that we expect and demand out of porsche. Okay, these paddle shifters – i just tapped it twice while going into a corner before realizing that this is an electric vehicle. So this tapping is not going to do anything all it does. Is it adjusts the level of regeneration, but you cant adjust it to the level that you get, that extreme regeneration. So every time you get off the throttle, pedal, it will slow down that one pedal driving that they talk about in electric cars. You cant get that on the e tron, but then again, ive never really liked one pedal driving. I prefer to apply the brakes when i want to slow down. So in that sense again, i cant complain about this car. Not at all. I must talk about the design of the e tron gt from the outside. It looks really stunning now i think this color is the absolute dullest color that you could photograph or even film, especially out here with the greens.

This tactical green is just blending right in and its not even a green that pops out its sort of like a camo green im. Not a fan of this but ive seen the e tron the gt in red, and it looks stunning and im sure a brighter color will really make all the detail stand out. This is a very, very attractive looking car, but on the interior it actually looks like a normal audi now that has obviously been done for a reason so that you dont shock your customers and you really ease them in gently into electric car ownership. So if youre used to any audi even an a6 or a q8, this is going to look very familiar operating. It also is the same as any other audi. No problem at all. You get a few additional displays, obviously, for the charging and for the battery status, but that apart, this is just like any other audi to operate, which i like, because you jump in right away. You immediately know where everything is. You immediately know how to raise the suspension. This has got the optional air suspension, so you can raise the suspension for indian roads. I have not had to use it even once only to figure out whether its actually working and it is there so to hit it when you actually spot a big speed breaker, but it doesnt touch over anything. It just works really well on indian roads, no problems, and the thing is that theres, always this fear with electric vehicles, that is this technology suitable for india.

What will happen if you hit the underbody, for instance, will it run out of range that range anxiety? All of those 100 questions you have when it comes to an electric car, but when you start driving out after the first half an hour first hour, all youre focusing on is just how easy it is to drive just how quick it is just how suited this Is to being a grand tourer and enjoying the aspects of an electric car that are just so cool the silence, for instance, the immediate turn of speed, the the power. When you put your foot down every single time it shocks you. This is so cool. Now, before you think that ive gone completely mad, of course i miss the noise of a v10 engine, for instance in that r8 thats crazy thats, something that you will never ever forget, but then times change. I guess and you look for new pleasures in life. In fact, if you ask me, i would like that wine of the electric motors to actually reduce a bit more so that you dont hear anything deathly silence. Would i recommend an e tron gt? Well, thats, actually a very good question and i feared i actually might i actually might recommend an itron gt over something like an rs7. You can actually adjust the level of noise that you get inside the cabin. So in individual mode. You have the drive system. You have the suspension and the sound profile so right now its on substitute, but when you stick it into dynamic, you can hear even more more of the car and that instant torque, 630 newton meters.

It just gives it so much of shove and bite out of corners, those g forces that actually attack you. I just look at how it rides over these slightly rutted roads, its an uncharacteristic calmness for an audi, what a benefit of being part of the larger group that also includes porsche its cool to think of the etron gt as a replacement to the r8. The r8 from that noisy violent past and the e2 carrying the same speed forward into the karma saner future, but truth be told. The e tron gt is more an rs7 spot back replacement and it does the gt brief even better. It is calmer. It is more comfortable, it rides much better and the linearity to the steering to the damping, the remarkable body control. It really raises things up a notch and, most importantly, its also priced really well 20 lakhs cheaper than the r7 sportback at 1.8 crore rupees. This actually is a really interesting proposition and if i were in the market for a grand tourer, a very fast grand tourer, i might actually pick the e tron gt over the v8 engine. Rs 7 sportback. I dont believe im saying that, and i really need some more time to process all the information but man this thing its really incredible. If youre all going to be moving to the electric future im not going to be complaining too much, i might keep an icy engine car in the garage, but this is good.