This is the aura cat. Its a new ev thats cheap, has a good range and gets loads of equipment as standard in this video were going to tell you everything you need to know about the car, but before all that, if you want lots of new car reviews, make sure to subscribe To our channel and if youre looking for a new car go to because there we can get you a great deal first, a bit of background. China is the largest manufacturer and buyer of electric cars in the world, and great wall motors is one of the biggest brands over there. Aura is an eevee only sub brand, from great wall motors and in china. The aura good cat has been on sale for around a year becoming one of the best selling evs in the country that car is now headed to europe, as the aura cat now size wise, its quite similar to the vw id3. So it might look like a kind of a small renault zoe mini electric rival, but its actually bigger than those cars styling wise. Its got a bit of a retro look going on with these round headlights that are kind of similar to what you get with the mini electric and also the fiat 500 electric. These headlights, by the way, are leds as standard, and you also get 18 inch alloys too at the back theres a light bar across the rear and the indicators are down here.

But overall, what do you think? Does this look better than the vw id3 tell us in the comments below and by the way did you know that this car was actually designed by a former porsche designer, see the resemblance? No, we dont either. Now the important numbers you can get the cat with two batteries: 48 kilowatt hours or 63 kilowatts in a bigger battery. The claimed range is 261 miles and in the smaller battery itll do 201 miles. So even the smaller battery travels further than the mini electric and the fear 500 electric. And yes, there is a vw id3, which can do 340 miles but thats the most expensive version that you can buy. The cheaper versions of that car are pretty similar to what you get with the cat, no matter which battery you go for the performance. Specs are very similar, so every aura cat is front wheel, drive with around 166 brake horsepower and itll do not to 62 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds, with a top speed of 100 miles an hour theres. Also a one pedal driving function too. It can charge up to 80 kilowatts as standard, so you can get a 10 to 80 charge of the smaller battery in 40 minutes and 50 minutes. With the bigger battery inside the aura cat. You have a pretty good interior. To be honest, so youve got two 10.5 inch screens, which you can see here. Theyre joined together on the dashboard to give you a digital drive display and a touch screen infotainment system.

Now we havent spent that long with this infotainment system, but its long enough to realize that it is better than what you get in the vw id3. So its really snapping its responses, theres no lag, and you also get wireless apple, carplay and wireless android, auto as standard on every model. You also get a 360 degree camera and rear parking, sensors, plus on some of the higher trim levels. You can get facial recognition technology, which basically means that when you get in the car it will load up your driver profiles and things like that, but its also a safety feature because it monitors how alert or tired you are, and actually this car does get. Quite a lot of safety equipment as standard like blind spot monitoring and lane keeping assistance and its also going to have the euro end cap crash test done on it. At some point, and apparently great wall motors has said that it doesnt think theres any point bringing a car to europe unless it can achieve the full five star rating from that test, so well have to see what happens exactly when it undergoes it now elsewhere. In this interior, it really is pretty good. So no, this isnt real leather, this isnt real suede, but it feels reasonably nice. Not all the plastics do necessarily, but when you factor in how much this car costs and the kinds of electric cars its going to be up against, then it is really impressive.

This panel up here could feel really cheap, really wobbly and flimsy, but it doesnt feels really solid and the buttons have got a nice solid action to all of them and all the switch gear feels pretty good. To be honest and whats also impressive. Is that everything that you see here the layout and the look is going to be what you get on the entry level version of the aura cat? The only difference is that you wont be able to get this two tone. Look on that version of the car. So the entry level model is going to have a black interior, but all the materials and the plastics and the switches are all going to be. The same. Youll also get a coat hanger down here on the dashboard, and the chinese versions of this car have a steering wheel that only moves up and down, but the european versions of the car get a steering wheel that moves in and out as well. So is the quality better than what you get in the id3? Well, the id3 definitely doesnt have a brilliant interior, because there are nice bits, but there are quite a lot of cheaper feeling bits as well, and youve got a similar makeup to the aura cat as well. But if the id3 is better, its definitely not better by a million miles and overall, this is a really impressive interior when you factor in the price and the other rivals that its up against space in the back is pretty good, really overall im just under six Foot the drivers seats in my driving position and ive got absolutely loads of legroom, so even if youre, especially tall with very long legs, youll be able to stretch out and get comfortable, you do have a slightly odd sitting position, because this rear bench feels quite low To the relatively high floor and also headroom isnt amazing, so if i sit normally, then i have got a bit of clearance above my head.

But if i sit up straight and put my head on the head rest then im just touching the roof lining at the back, which isnt great so overall, a vw id3 is a bit more accommodating for tall adults in the back, but compared to other evs, like The fiat 500 and the mini electric theres loads more room back here than what you get in those cars. What is a shame, though, is that, on the tops of the doors at the front, youve got soft touch materials, but in the back, theyve been swapped. For these cheaper feeling, plastics that rear seat space does come at the cost of the boot because, as you can see its not particularly big now it has a capacity of 228 liters which, to be fair, is bigger than what you get in the 500 electric and In the mini electric, but its some way off what you get in the pretty big boot with the vw id3, there is a little bit of underfloor storage here where you can stuff a charging, cable or two, but otherwise there isnt much going on here and it Isnt, particularly big at all, youve also got these slightly awkward bulges on either side and a massive loading lip. You can get an electric tailgate, but thats likely only to be standard on the top trim. The full trim lineup has yet to be confirmed, but its likely that youll have three to choose from and on the top two trims youll be able to add this gt, styling pack, which basically adds things like this carbon fiber effect rear diffuser a slightly different look To the front different alloys, this rear, spoiler and inside you get some gt, branding and matching seat belts as well.

Now you might be feeling a bit cautious about buying a new car from a relatively unknown brand here in europe, but for extra peace of mind. Every aura cat is going to get a 5 year warranty as standard and its not been confirmed, but its likely. That will be an unlimited mileage warranty as well. The battery is going to be covered by a separate eight year warranty, but are you gon na want to buy one well, the uk order books open in december this year and were told that the starting price is going to be around 25 000 pounds, which is Very competitive, great wall motors is apparently very serious about this entry to europe, its even considering buying the nissan plant in barcelona to build cars over here, rather than sending them over from china and the aura cat shows it could have a product to make an impact. Its cheap loaded with tech impressive inside relative to its price tag and it should go pretty far on a full charge. But will this car have enough to challenge all the other small evs its up against subscribe to our channel? So you can see our full review of the car as soon as weve, driven it and dont forget. If you want a great deal on your next car click on the link to go to whatcore.