This is a compact all electric car that originates from china, china and theyre, trying to break the european market with its stylish, but retro looks packed full of technology and an electric range of up to 261 miles. Now you may have heard of the auracat its kind of been floating around the internet and its really already got quite a presence, but if youve never heard about it, heres a little bit of backstory aura has been established in china since 2018 by chinese manufacturer great Wall motors it now brings a fresh new look to the electric mobility market in europe and delivers a premium technology focus experience for its customers. Gwm aura is positioned as a young, creative, progressive lifestyle brand heavily inspired by various forms of fashion design, pop culture, urban culture sharing and the joy of life, so in todays, video were going to be taking a closer look at this brand new electric car. So if that sounds good, then please make sure you keep watching and if you like new electric car news and content, then please make sure youre subscribed to the electro heads channel. Ok lets get into it Music. There is no doubt that, whilst being stylish theyve definitely focused on building an emotive design and theyve done a fantastic job, for instance, when you unlock it, youre greeted with this lovely swirly pattern around the headlights, which i love its also due to be extremely customizable. Now we have this car finished in the teal color, which changes between blue and green and looks absolutely fantastic, but youre also going to be able to change the roof options.

Therell be a white black and also a body coloured roof. So you can add your personality. Music manufacturers are always trying to find ways to stand their cars out from everything else on the road, and you may have noticed that the aura cat is missing, something it hasnt got any rear lights or not conventional rear lights that were used to anyway. Theyre actually built into this glass part of the tailgate, which i really love. Can you imagine following this car at night? You just have to find out more about it. Despite breaking into the affordable electric compact car market, they havent scrimped, with the standard specification that you get. You get 18 inch alloy wheels as standard on the aura cap, something that disappointingly you dont get with the volkswagen id3. The auracat also features an ultra high strength. Steel body and extra reinforced steel frame, six airbags, the latest esp systems and automatic eco crash breakdown and assistance designed for intelligent driving. It comes equipped with on road driving assistance systems such as lane keeping assist theres, also a 360 degree. Camera 12 ultrasonic radars and a single front mounted perception camera to help navigate every driving situation. It even features a clever autonomated, reverse assistant system, which uses sensors to record up to 50 meters of route, allowing the car to reverse automatically into a parking spot Music. If sporty styling is more your thing, then you may want to look at the gt version.

As you can see here, its got flourishes of carbon, which look fantastic along the front splitter and also over the wheel. Arches youve also got this flash of red along the bottom, with gt written on it. This car really does look great. It reminds me a lot of the voxel adam slam, which was one of my favorite pocket rockets. Youve also got these fantastic alloy wheels, which are two tone, and then youve got the flash of red with the red brake caliper. I really love these around the back again. Youve got those aggressive sporty feels youve got this fantastic rear, spoiler with the gt written on it. I absolutely love this and again at the bottom. Youve got a carbon rear diffuser with those flashes of red, its powered by a single electric motor producing 169 brake horsepower and 184 pound feet of torque, which can send it from not to 31 miles per hour. In just 3.8 seconds, im still going to send it Applause naught to 61 isnt, quite as impressive, but it still achieves this in under nine seconds. Despite throwing around that word compact, quite a lot more compact, more compact, the aurica is actually extremely spacious. Inside now, from the exterior it may look like it will compete with the mini electric, the honda e or perhaps the voxel corsa e, but actually the interior space is much bigger than those cars its more comparable to something like the id3. The rear doors open relatively wide compared to some rivals, plus this pillar at the back doesnt eat into space.

So that means getting in and out is really easy, plus its simple to load things into the back like child seats once sitting in the back space is really good. Ive got plenty of knee room. Ive got loads of leg space in between, because, of course, theres. No transmission tunnel – i am slightly short of head space im around five six and im perfectly fine. But if you was six foot you might start to struggle. Youve also got a pull out center armrest with a couple of cup holders and one usb charging port back here. It would be nice to see more than two but im still glad they fitted one Music Applause. If you thought the exterior was cool and retro then check out the interior, i really love it in here. Everything feels really high quality and theyve not just used one material. Theyve used lots, and i love that in this spec we do have it upgraded to the teal interior, which is great, but even leverette comes standard on the bottom spec cars in this car weve got this really nice soft touch. Suede dashboard ive also got the suede in the middle of the seats. Youve got the leverette down the sides. Youve also got this lovely, suede diamond stitched on the door cards, which is amazing, leverette again on the armrest. Everything feels really high quality. Yes, you do have some scratchy plastics and theyre, not particularly nice, to touch but to be honest, theyre all kind of out of the way and theyre not as offending as in other cars.

Youve also got some really nice chrome, detailed, heavy weighted buttons, which i really love. I would have liked there to have been more functionality in buttons for the touchscreens, but, to be honest at least there is some shortcuts, as youd expect from a chinese manufacturer. This car is absolutely packed full of technology, so ive got two 10.25 inch, color screens, which is fantastic. This one is completely customizable and then you also have the touch screen over here head over to vehicle, and this is where youll find most of the cars functionality. This car is packed full of tech, ive got a wireless phone charging, plus apple carplay and android. Auto will be wireless on this. Car youve also got your seat. Settings which include heated seats, cooled seats on the gt and you even get massage functions, which is amazing. Something else you may have spotted is this over in the corner. Now that is actually a face recognition. So that means when you get in the car, and it recognizes that its you driving it will change to all of the functions, including your seating position and all of your driving functions to make sure that its set up for you and for you only thats, very Cool you have all of the nice things like automatic lights. Automatic wipers youve got loads of settings on your steering wheel, including your volume, which is physical buttons, which i really like and youve also got your adaptive cruise control.

Your autonomous driving and youve even got your cameras on here. Pre orders of the aura cat will begin in december 2021, with exact details being revealed later this year. Rumoured pricing for the entry level trim suggests that the car will be available to purchase for around 25 000 pounds aura offer a five year standard warranty and an eight year battery warranty, which is really impressive, but is all of that technology and the warranty enough to Make people change from the standard brands were used to in the uk and take a chance on the auracat? Well, actually, i think its got a really good chance and ive fallen in love with it a little bit. This is definitely a car that i would be tempted to go for, but let me know what do you guys think of the aura cat pop it in the comments below if you have enjoyed this video today, please go ahead and give it a thumbs up and If you want to see more electric car content and electric mobility news, then make sure you subscribe to the electro heads channel.