The new bmw i4 combines convincing e drive performance with a new digital experience in bold grand coupe design. The front obviously centers around the bmw kidney, but on this electric powerhouse it comes in the shape of an intelligent panel. The kidney holds sensory technology underneath the stylish design and the blue highlights mark it. As one of the electric vehicles, innovations slim led or laser headlights provide the typical focused expression, the kidney being closed off the sporty black inlay and the air curtains are just the tip of the aerodynamic refinements of the i 4. This continues along the dynamic four door. Grand coupe roofline down the side here aerodynamics and style, are combined in smooth surfaces with sharp lines and in the flush door handles not to forget the lightweight 19 inch air performance wheels with aluminium inlays, reducing air drag. Their special design also contributes to enhanced e drive range Music, long, three dimensional tail lights and sharp outer edges frame the rear with a prominent diffuser for a sporty stance. This finishes off the aerodynamic concept, also highlighted in bmwi blue. The first impression you get from the i4 interior is this is really about you. The driver, the sculptural, bmw, curved display is inclined towards you, and it gives you an ideal ergonomic condition for your interaction. Just a minimal number of physical controls are also designed highlights in the generous space which opens up around you. The surface trims there are classy open, pour wood, and also in here some blue highlights, set the bmw.

I tone as a rear seat passenger in the bmw. I4, you get to experience this travelling comfort. Three people can enjoy ample head and leg room. The door design connects seamlessly to the comfortable, backrest and folding down. The backrest reveals also the great usability of the i4. You can expand the boot volume from 470 litres to an almost touring model level of 1290 litres, Music traveling comfortably across the country, confidently in the city or swiftly on the motorway. The newly developed bmw e drive engine in the bmw, i4 e drive 40 makes no compromise with a maximum power output of 250 kilowatts or 340 horsepower. It can accelerate from not to 100 kilometers an hour in under six seconds and it is able to take you to an electric driving range of up to 590 kilometers. This performance is backed up by an innovative construction of drivetrain technology, which enhances weight, distribution dynamics and energy consumption and its complemented and balanced by the latest. Intelligent, bmw, efficiency features and bmw driver assistance assistance. The production of the car and of its battery cells runs on 100 renewable energies. No rare earth elements are used in the electric drive components. This means the bmw, i4 doesnt just drive locally emission free, its also based on a consistently sustainable production concept. Music in the bmw, i4 m50 for the first time, bmw, i meets m 400 kilowatts or horsepower are delivered by its two bmw me drive motors with extreme spontaneity, accelerating from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 3.

9 seconds. Maximum driving precision and optimized dynamics come in a powerful exterior with a wide individualization offer like the m carbon exterior package and various frozen body colors in the bmw i4, the bmw iconic sounds electric, which were created in cooperation with oscar winning composer han zimmer round off. Your driving experience with a special vehicle, sound design for different driving situations and also the i4 m50. You receive their special m sound treatments. These sounds will be available from 2022 by over the air updates for all models, the best premise for topping up electric energy. For you, bmw i4 is set by the bmw charging offer at your home. The bmw wool box offers powerful charging and convenient and safe handling with charging times from zero to a hundred percent in less than eight and a half hours. Professional installation by a bmw service partner and also special green energy tariffs are available for it. The smart partner wool box goes further with advanced connectivity, which means intelligent charging services or smart home integration. Another mobile and flexible solution for home charging is included with the standard equipment of the bmw i4. The flexible, fast charger can be used at home with the usual electric household socket and also with different outlets, including industrial high voltage sockets via different adapter cables, and it always adapts to your charging infrastructure charging with a performance of up to 11. Kilowatts. Of course, charging the bmw i4 out and about is just as easy with the included public charging cable for ac charging stations.

Also part of the bmw charging basics that i4 drivers receive is access to these public charge points with the bmw charging card or by the app make sure to check for attractive tariffs and local offers exclusively available for bmw charging customers, especially on long trips. The bmw, i4s maximum charging performance of up to 200 kilowatts comes in handy. It makes it possible to gain 164 kilometers in range with just a 10 minute. Charging stop a full high power charge of up to 80 percent only takes about half an hour. The new bmw i drive make sure that enjoyable, convenience and smart use of the bmw i4 is not just about actual driving. It comes in a new interface design on the bmw curved display, which you can individualize in new ways, and while the car takes care of you widely on its own, with a lot of automated functions, you can use the touch display and your voice for an easy And more natural interaction with it. The bmw, intelligent personal assistant, now reacts to the driver, as well as to the passenger in a more direct and natural way, with an engaging new visualization. Just talk to your bmw, for example, to regulate climate control or ask it hey. Bmw open all the windows, the assistant has also become more intelligent if youve regularly opened your window at one certain location, for example, your assistant recognizes that and proactively suggest to you to set this location as an automatic window opening point with the new bmw.

I drive. The use of apple carplay is even more seamless on the bmw curved display. You can access all kinds of iphone apps even for parking and charging and using your apps in carplay voice assistant siri is there for you at your request, without the need to even push a button for your navigation. Apple maps is perfectly integrated into the new instrument. Cluster, the head up display also shows you the next turn and in future you can also look out for new features like eb roots in apple maps. Music connectivity services at large can become even more high performance and quicker as the bmw i4 is ready for 5g communication. That means with 5g signal available, communication, infotainment and safety features are able to transmit and process information 20 times faster than before. Thanks to the newly equipped personal e sim in the bmw i4, the car basically becomes one of your smart mobile devices itself. This personally sim is provided by preferred mobile network partners and is tied to the driver, which means it even follows you, when you are using a different vehicle. Meanwhile, the my bmw app not only gives you a full overview and control over your charging process, for example by showing us charging history and the possibility to define a charging plan.