This, then, is a bit of an odd one. This is the aura cat and its arguably got flashes of all those cars mixed into one plus. Perhaps a bit of porsche 911 in the nose aura is an all new brand from chinese parent company great wall. You may recognize that name from a pickup truck the great wall steed, which was on sale in the uk between 2013 and 2016, but this this couldnt be more different. The auracat is an electric car aimed at cars like the vauxhall corsa e and the renault zoe. Certainly when it comes to price, this things gon na start at around 25 000 pounds, but in terms of size, its got more in common with a volkswagen id3 at 4.2 meters, long and 1.8 meters wide theres very little in it. The thing is when it comes to the aura cat theres very little precedent. Nothing has gone before theres, no golfs, no tig ones, so that can mean one of two things: theres, either no expectation or loads. But for this first look lets use the id3 as a benchmark. After all, it is the peoples electric car, it costs a similar amount of money and well do a similar amount of files on a charge. So it seems like a fair comparison. Design wise, as we mentioned, there are elements of all manner of cars. Every surface every angle looks like something else: its cute, though cuddly almost thats, maybe doing a disservice proportionally.

It looks smart with interesting surfacing. A long, wheelbase and short overhangs were not so sure about the rear end and the total lack of conventional light clusters, but ultimately well. Leave that judgment up to you, those after something a bit sportier will also be able to spec a gt pack, its 100 aesthetic. There are no mechanical changes to this wannabe hot hatch, just some faux carbon and red details inside and out speaking of the gt car, its that one that were going to use to take a quick look at practicality and boot space. If you open up the tailgate, you get 228 liters, which really isnt all that competitive. When you consider an id3 offers 385 litres. There is, however, some storage under there for the cables and, if you fold down the seats, all pretty easy, 60 40 split theres a nice amount of room with them down, but you do have to contend with the step in the floor. The back seats there and this pretty high load lip space in the back is good, but not class. Leading knee room is decent, but headroom is not all that generous. Mainly due to the fact you sit quite high theres, an armrest in the middle plus, a single usb slot between the front seats overall, the id3 is definitely a more practical family car that retro theme from the exterior continues in here with this kind of two tone. Dashboard and these toggle switches down here just like youd, find on a mini now what isnt, particularly retro, these two screens, that youve got up here, two 10.

25 inch screens which bring the aura cat right up to date, well kind of, while the screens themselves look fantastic. The graphics arent particularly fluid its all in kind of blocks, a little bit like youd find in an mg5, and it just doesnt feel that fresh quality on the whole, though, is pretty good everything you kind of interact with and touch feels built to last, and you Have to go searching for some scratchy plastics. One thing to note, though, is this steering wheel only adjusts up and down theres no reach adjustment in 2021, exact prices and specs for the aura cat havent been announced. Although the company has suggested a starting figure of around 25 000 pounds is likely undercutting the id3 and putting on par with more value focus models or cars in the class below with a shorter range or less space. Two batteries will be available when the car launches in 2022 48 kilowatt hour and 63 kilowatt hour, corresponding to ranges of 209 miles and 261 miles respectively, as it stands, theres just one electric motor producing 169 brake horsepower, which should make the cat capable of north 62 Miles an hour in 8.5 seconds, with a top speed of 100 miles an hour aura claims, the cats will get led lights, 360 degree, cameras, 18 inch, alloy wheels and those two 10 inch screens, though its not completely clear whether all that kit will be standard on Entry level models, pre orders begin in december.

So far, then the aura cat seems competitive if nothing else and the same story continues when it comes to charging every car comes with 6.6 kilowatt, ac charging and 11 kilowatt three phase charging. If your home electricity supply will allow not on this car, but every uk and european car will also get 80 kilowatt. Ccs rapid charging so youll be able to charge the battery from 10 to 80 in 40 to 50 minutes, depending on which battery you opt for its never easy for a new brand to launch in such a crowded area of the market and aura does have its Work cut out, but on this evidence alone, the cat has plenty of the right ingredients to succeed. Its got a value price tag, its got a decent level of kit and its got a decent range as well. Well have to wait until the new year to deliver our definitive verdicts on this car, including what its like to drive, but on first impressions.