Dont forget to leave this video a like and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with the latest news from the fast paced world of ev. The 21st century has become an era of automation of labor and easing the life of the population. The automotive industry is also rapidly developing in this direction and, in addition to switching to batteries and advanced multimedia systems, an electric car with a fourth level autopilot has finally debuted in the world. This ev was none other than the weltmeister m7, which will compete well with neo and xpang. Weltmeister is a chinese trademark of wm motor company. However, the german origin of the brand is due to the partnership with isdra istera helps the chinese in the development and refinement of electric vehicles. Last year, about 23 000 whelp meister series, cars were sold and in the first nine months of this year, 29 000 units. In addition to the flagship m7, there are three crossovers in the series ex5 ex 6 plus and w6. The e5 sedan has also recently appeared if you are interested in learning more information about the wealthmeister models, write about it in the comments externally, the electric car is very simple, and perhaps it will be very difficult to determine that this is an electric car in general. The make of the car practically does not differ from the conceptual maven, with the exception of an unusual system on the roof. The m7 has a very spectacular front part which is framed by headlights that go far behind the hood, but in general the ev is very concise and minimalistic, which will greatly please conservatives.

Unfortunately, we only know information about the interior from computer renderings. We found out that the sedan has a combined virtual dashboard and multimedia system screens. At the same time, there is also another display built into the skin, which is almost invisible. Another feature is the presence of the irate selector on the center console, the functionality of which is determined by the driving mode. The company has not yet disclosed comprehensive information about the technical characteristics of the m7. However, we know that the claimed range on a single charge will be about 435 miles. It is promised that the electric car will consume 14 kilowatts per hour for 62 miles. Thus, by some calculations, it can be assumed that the model will have a battery of 112 kilowatts per hour. The autopilot function is a key characteristic of this car. What does the autopilot of the fourth level mean? This is a system that allows the car to be self driving. The drivers actions are required only in extreme situations. How is this possible? Three litters are responsible for the autopilots performance, one is installed on the roof and the other two are in the front wings. In addition, there are seven cameras with a resolution of eight megapixels and four cameras with a resolution of two megapixels in the equipment list, but even thats, not all the electric car has five millimeter radars and twelve ultrasonic sensors. The information coming from these devices is processed by a special nvidia or an x chip.

The performance of this chip is 254 trillion operations per. Second, there were a lot of numbers in this part, but only they helped to understand the full power of this flagship sedan. Unfortunately, the full concept of the weltmeister m7 is unknown. It is expected that the information will be known at the november motor show in guangzhou 2021.