. The korean car maker has been quiet on the eb front since, but as we can now confirm, hyundai and sibling kia motors together have six electric models lined up for launch over this video well tell you whats coming and when, but before we go any further. Do like the video subscribe to the autocar india channel and hit the bell icon for the latest from us. The first of the arrivals will be the updated hyundai kona electric that comes in 2022. The model gets revised styling with a completely redone front end. The split headlamp arrangement has been carried forward, but the plasticky grille, as it were, has been completely done away with. There are subtle changes at the back as well, while inside its the move to 10.25 inch. Digital dials and a 10.25 inch touchscreen that are the most notable changes and you can assume hyundais full suite of connectivity features will be included too. Music, theres, no enhancement in space, so the kona electric will be a tight fit for large adults. Mechanically. The kona electric for india will be no different to the model presently on sale, itll feature a 136 horsepower and ‘5 newton meter motor that draws power from a ‘.2 kilowatt battery pack with a real world range of 230 to 280 kilometers, the kona electric will be Priced around 25 lakh rupees ex showroom kia will launch its first ev in india in 2022. The ev6. To give a brief.

The ev6 is a 4.6 meter, long crossover, thats built on hyundai and kias dedicated ev platform. The ev6 looks interesting and its clear that the design is dictated by the large 2 900 millimeter wheelbase cabin space is expected to be impressive, while the minimalist interior will be subtly packed with a whole lot of tekken features in markets abroad. The ev6 is available in five flavors. The base 58 kilowatt battery pack offers up to 400 kilometers of range as per the wltp cycle and can be hacked with a 170 horsepower rear, wheel, drive setup or a 235 horsepower. All wheel drive setup a larger 77.4 kilowatt hour. Battery pack enhances range to 500 kilometers in the wltv cycle and is on offer with a 230 horsepower rear wheel, drive setup, a 325 horsepower dual motor all wheel, drive one and theres a full blown 585 horsepower gt version too. Its not clear, though, which version kia will get to india with ac home charging. The larger battery pack will take 32 hours, but dc fast. Charging at 50 kilowatt brings the charging time from 10 to 80 percent down to 73 minutes. The kia ev6 also supports 350 kilowatt dc charging, which equates to just 18 minutes for a 10 to 80 charge. As you might have gathered, the kia ev6 is really high tech and will be more a technology demonstrator than a volume model. The ev6 will be fully imported and will likely cost in the region of 45 to 50 lakh rupees, which is expensive for a kia but also half the price of the premium german evs on sale.

At the moment, the kia ev6 will have company from its platform sibling the hyundai ioniq 5., also slated to launch later in 2022. The ioniq 5 is a crossover with funky retro cues and lots of new age. Angular detailing parametric dynamics in hyundai speak the ionic 5. Might not seem so in images, but its a fairly large vehicle, its 4.6 meters in length and boasts of a substantial 3 000 millimeter wheelbase. As expected, the ionic 5 is minimalist on the inside, but will come loaded with tekken features and promises loads of space for passengers, the ionic 5 lineup isnt, quite as wide as the kia ev6s theres. A 170 horsepower rear wheel, drive version with a 58 kilowatt hour battery and 385 kilometer wltp range. The ioniq 5 can also be had with a larger 73 kilowatt hour battery pack that enhances range to 480 kilometers on the wltp cycle. The larger battery pack can be had with a 217 horsepower rear, wheel, drive setup or a 305 horsepower all wheel, drive arrangement like the kia ev6. The ioniq 5 supports 350 kilowatt charging capability. Also, like the ev6, the ionic 5 wont come cheap. The ionic 5 will be imported into india and will come in at about 45 to 50 lakh rupees ex showroom come 2023. Kia will be out with its second ev for india. The e nero the model is due for a major refresh and its the latest version that will come our way under the skin.

The e nero is closely linked to the kona electric and in india, is expected to be offered with the same ‘.2 kilowatt battery pack. As well, power and torque outputs are expected to be the same too, with 136 horsepower and ‘5 newton meters and real world range will also be in the 230 to 280 kilometer bracket. Also, the kia e nero will support up to 50 kilowatt dc charging. It is important to bring in that the kia e nero is a significant 200 millimeters longer overall and 100 millimeters longer in wheelbase than the kona electric, and this should equate to more room on the inside. The updated e nero will feature the latest of connected tech and gadgets too. The e nero will be assembled in india and will be priced at the 25 lakh rupee x, showroom month, 2024 is when hyundai and kias evs will become more accessible. The car makers are developing electric suvs that will sit on a low cost skateboard platform and will be heavily localized in order to keep a sub 15 lakh rupee entry price, which is critical for benefits under the fame scheme. The models will be pitched against the tata nexon ev that is presently dominating the eevee market. In india, like the tata, the hyundai and kia evs will have a battery capacity in the region of 30 kilowatt hours. That should equate to a real world range of about 200 to 220 kilometers so which is the hyundai or kia ev youre most excited about.