The cost of a tesla makes it more and more and more affordable, which is a huge thing and its a huge thing to swing. You know kind of the pendulum towards the eevee revolution. That begs the question: should i buy now? Should i wait for the new battery, or should i just buy now, because i know im have to wait now, youre up to six months before youre gon na get any tesla that you pick out and thats outside of supply shortages, chip shortages? Any of that stuff, and then you look back on it, and you say after a year after a year of having the car, is it really worth it now im going to be giving an honest review here talking about range talking about cost to repair? Talking about the cost of the tires and the issues ive had with the service center, so sit back, relax you guys are watching the tall tesla guy, so starting right into this ev credit people are super. Super super excited about it and its a big deal, its something theyve been talking about forever. Now they used to have it with teslas tesla and gm were the only companies that were able to use the the ev credit, the old one and actually outsell the cars that required you to keep into it. So tesla dropped out of the ev credit back in 2018 and gm wasnt too far to follow now. Tesla is the number one producer of evs electric vehicles in the world, not just in the united states in the world.

Now it may seem like kind of small numbers, because evs only represent less than 10 of the total vehicles sold, but tesla owns the lions share of that which is a huge thing and its part of elons mission to kind of push the world towards sustainable energy. The ev revolution that sort of thing, so it makes sense that tesla would be kind of you know, piloting the helm on that ship, which is good. However, tesla was excluded from this ev credit because they sold so many cars because the ev credit had expired for them. So what happened recently is they started the ev talks again and now what it sounds like is: tesla drivers, tesla owners, new tesla purchasers are actually gon na be able to get up to ten thousand dollars off the cost of their car. Now its not a credit that comes when you buy it, a lot of people are confused with that. When you go to the dealership, go to the showroom the tesla showroom and you buy your tesla model y long range with standard features and you pay 53 000 for it youre not going to get 10 000 off of that, so that your loans only for 43. What you get is a tax credit for the 10 000. Now its still a big deal, itll still help out a lot in the lobster. Other expenses, you might have that sort of thing, but its its a huge thing.

Now, if you buy a car thats from a unionized factory, youre actually going to get more of a credit but teslas not a unionized factory though it is american made. So it does benefit from that. So it starts out at 7, 500 and then another 2500 for being american made so up to 10 000. So this is a huge thing. Theyve been talking about it like i said forever, and it became something that kind of sat on the floor. The house floor. The senate floor never made it through, but it seems like its actually going to happen now, which is great and its a good thing if you havent already bought it now. That was the problem with the caveat before was that it wasnt retroactive, but now theyre talking about that. It will be now not retroactive forever, but maybe six months a year id take that if you bought it within the calendar year so 2021 and then the bill is passed in 21, either way its a good thing to have and its a good thing to happen. Its a good thing, thats gon na kind of you – know push people over the edge to actually convert to the ev, which is great and its a great thing for for the mission sustainable energy mission. But it kind of led me into a couple other things like looking back in the car. You guys know if youve watched any of my other videos, i love teslas ive wanted a tesla since they first came out.

No, i was never going to get a roadster, but i wanted the model s when it first came out. You know nearly 10 years ago. It was also something that i couldnt afford or couldnt get at that point at that point. So when the model 3 came out and then the model y, it was something that i jumped on as soon as i could. So it was a huge thing for me and it was exciting thing and i love it. I love the car, i love our situation and that i can charge it at home. We dont take a lot of road trips and most people dont. And if you look at your your driving your travel time id say 85 percent of the time its just driving around town, you know some people drive 15 of the time on road trips, so thats something you got to consider so talking about that. Looking at my experience, i want to start out by saying i love it. However, there are a few things to think about. You know this is kind of the honest dive in opinion review on it love the car i havent had fit and finish issues like some people did, however, thats something to consider if youre really really particular on fit and finish issues youre not going to love your Tesla ive nev ive, yet to find one thats 100. You know perfect. However, i will say that show me any other car by any other manufacturer, thats, 100, perfect and ill buy.

You lunch right its one of those things that just doesnt happen now: tesla isnt known for really precise, manufacturing, theres. So much in the technology of the car, the battery of the car that a lot of times they stamp the panels and maybe they just dont fit. Now the service center will fix them as best they can assuming theyre, not within spec, but people talk about it all the time. However, that becomes one of the things that deters people from buying a tesla, and i can tell you right out the gate, everybody that i know that has a tesla, including myself, never had any issues with. It never had any fit and finish issues, and i think that the majority of the ones that you find whether you watch youtube videos you go online to do some research watch, reviews or anything like that – represent a smaller portion of the audience of the tesla audience Than people think and unfortunately it kind of puts a shadow on tesla in general, whereas ill say everythings been great like we got lucky. Maybe who knows, but then everybody ive talked to gotten lucky too, as far as the fit and finish issues, but that kind of led me to a couple of other things with the tesla. Just like any other ev, you need to think about where youre going to charge it. Are you charging at home? Are you taking advantage of teslas vast supercharging network? Do you have another place? You have to charge it.

If you cant charge it anywhere, then its a really big consideration now tesla superchargers are everywhere, but i live in a major metropolitan area and we only have two two superchargers two superchargers now theyre, probably gon na get more but right now they dont right and theres. Two supercharger stations, for you, know 5000 gas stations, probably in the same area. So that is something to consider dont. Let anybody fool you. The supercharging network is amazing and its the fastest supercharging network youre ever going to see with any other ev. However, it is something to consider you get about 300 miles of range, which is plenty mind you its plenty, even if youre speeding, youre going fast, its hot cold, that kind of stuff that people talk about all the time. 270, 275 is what i got on my range test on an average day driving normally, i guess quote unquote normally, but in my gas vehicle, even though i get the same exact range under 300 miles, its not very good. In that sense, theres gas stations everywhere, not talking about the cost of gas or anything like that theres gas stations everywhere. So i can fill it up wherever i need to wherever i want to. However, with my tesla, if i couldnt charge at home its harder to kind of change, your mindset a little bit to get that charging taken care of its not as convenient something to consider its 100, not a deterrent, though right because ill tell you.

I do charge at home, but even when we went on a road trip, there was a supercharger there, the navigation system and the car routes you towards the superchargers. But if you live in a remote area without superchargers, you dont have the ability to charge at home. You got to figure that out so thats, actually something to really really really consider. Now touching on the fit and finish of the car, we got super lucky with ours, maybe or maybe thats, just how it is. We didnt have major problems. However, i did get a flat tire now, ive gotten flat tires in my gas vehicles too, so thats nothing unique to tesla by any means. However, the cost of the tire was it was about 300 to replace it, and i didnt now i had a screw in it, but i looked at the other tires also and after a year. I was down to four thirty seconds right, and this is about ten thousand miles now i dont race or anything like that race. Anybody i probably had a couple rabbit starts, maybe, but in reality i drive it the same as my gas vehicle and my gas vehicle ill get about 40 000 miles on the tires, but im probably going to get 20 on these tesla tires. So that seems like its about average. Now the evs are heavier. They have that instant torque that instant acceleration that you dont have a gas vehicle, so its going to burn through tires faster, but it wasnt something i thought about in the beginning, so its just something to keep keep in mind something to consider and then, on top Of that really those particular tires with the foam filled.

You have to go to the service center and tesla to get them if youre not near a service center. If you dont want to deal with that, that might be consideration now. You can replace all four tires with just about any tire now right as long as it matches the size. I know michelin makes one you can get them at diorama. You get them a tire rack. You know midas even sells them so thats, not an issue like it used to be. You dont have to use the tesla tires, but i didnt want to buy buying new tires. I didnt want to buy a whole new set of tires. Now i will say: if you have the performance tesla it doesnt come with all weather tires. It doesnt come with. All season tires, its really summer performance tires, so youre gon na have to get a new set anyway, so thats the direction youre going. It might not be an issue me. It was just a surprise, not so much an issue a surprise, but that talks about leads into the service center visits. People talk about or complain that the service center situations – or you know, service center visits – are a mess. I would say, or argue that thats going to be similar situation, no matter where you go ive, yet to go to a service center where they. You know, one wanted to give me the time to talk about my issues or had the time to even do it.

I understood what i was talking about when i went in there gave me a price that i thought was. I was happy to pay. I mean all that stuff sounds like a farce anyway, so my experience with the tesla service center was on par with any other service center ive been to, in fact, almost better because they have a mobile service. So when we replaced the tire i went in there, they actually gave us a loaner car which was great and then when they got the new tire in it was on our car and they showed up at our house with their mobile service truck. They jacked the car up changed the tire in fact fixed something else that was on the car that was going on and then they were gone. I didnt have to go anywhere for that. In fact they gave me the loan a car, so i didnt you know. I kind of lucked out in that situation too. They also give uber credits and stuff like that too. Now people talk about how you know months at the service center, the price was crazy, teslas are not cheap to fix and parts are hard to find. So i would go into the situation with that in mind, but youre going to find that with anything, we ordered a part for our jeep wrangler, which is american made. All this kind of thing been around for 100 years and its still going to be over two weeks to get it.

So this is something that is not unique. It is not a you know: unicorn type of car and theyre having part shortages just the same, and my service experience there was about on par with what i had at tesla, so dont, let that be a deterrent for you or something that scares you away. You know all in all our experience has been fantastic. Like i said in the beginning, i was an early adopter on teslas anyway, my wife quickly kind of built that excitement for tesla as we started, driving it around, really enjoys the car now and then our baby loved it from the beginning that panoramic glass roof. I cant say enough about it: now we have the tesla model y, like we said the long range edition and its got that just roof. That goes all the way back for days and its just an amazing view. Its almost like youre in a convertible which is fantastic, so let me know in the comments below is there anything that you guys are running into anything that you guys are seeing, or are you still on the fence youre, not sure whether or not you should take That plunge and jump into the eevee revolution or not, but either way. I hope you guys are having a fantastic month year week so far, and that youre able to kind of put a smile on your face, whether its from these videos or any other video that youre watching.

But i hope you guys are staying safe out there.