It sits at the pinnacle of both engineering and performance, and the design is not half bad either right. It is a sports car, but not necessarily for the track. It is designed for exhilarating performance on road and over long distances. Now we saw the arrival of the e tron gt to india just a few days ago, youve seen what the car looks like both inside and out, and all the talk about it being the spiritual successor for the r8 really excited to get to drive it here. In germany, its home, especially seeing that this one is the rs e tron gt, so the e tron gt is available in two avatars, but both use the same 93.4 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack shared also with the porsche tycoon. In fact, the vw groups, electric architecture, underpins both models as well, but, unlike the standard gt that has a 522 bhp output and 630 nm of torque on the rs, you get a whopping 637 horses along with a mad 830 nm of torque. The car gets dual synchronous motors, one each on the front and rear axle, and this results in quattro all wheel, drive capability too. The rs e tron gt has gorgeous proportions. It is low, slung wide and has a swooping roofline. All that plus its blacked out face show it as poised for action. Overall, the rs look is edgier right from the bumper in the front to the rear end with its distinctive diffuser.

The led light animation is also different to the standard gt, while initially disappointed not to get my test car in a racy, red or electric blue or a bright green. The daytona gray is really growing on me as it gives the car a menacing allure and makes the rs elements really stand out. Inside too, the car gets distinctive rs touches. The idea is to exemplify luxury, though, and not just mad sportiness, which, as a four door car, i can totally get the cabin looks, refined and while i like the red leather treatment, some find it tacky. The latest mmi infotainment and connectivity interfaces virtual cockpit, head up display and driver aids are standard. In fact, the interior really scores over the porsche taikan for me, and it is completely loaded on safety on the road. The rs e tron gt comes to life given its credentials. I expected nothing less and yes before you can ask, i did drive the standard gt2 on the same day, so i can truly compare the two of them. Of course, its quick, its very quick, and there is no doubt that the rs is just sharper faster and more dynamic. I will go so far as to say that i, like the handling on this car more than on the taikan, which is already bloody good. To begin with, the rs e tron gt has a really sure feel of it on the road. It goes where you want it to go.

You get a sense of its overall size, though, that i do have to say, but it has a real sort of a gt feel to it, which may be a little exaggerated because well its in the name. And so why not have that sensation, but its very planted and its very precise when it comes to the dynamics? Applause. This is also one of the fastest evs i have ever driven. It has such instant acceleration. Here we go even when youre already cruising, that it blows your mind a bit. The e tron gt gets four corner air suspension and adaptive dampers as standard. It also has torque vectoring on the rear axle. All of this gives the car a very taut feel even in corners and theres plenty of aggression, while maintaining a neat balance. The braking is just superb and lets not forget. You can set levels of regenerative, braking to enhance power being fed back into the battery. The taikans steering is sportier, though, as i found the rs e tron gts, steering almost too light. This meant a few corrections every now and then meaning more driver input and alertness required, but all that is only at the faster and more dynamic end of its performance spectrum. The rs does 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.3 seconds, and its top speed is limited to 250 kilometers per hour, so youre driving along nice and easy in efficiency mode. You can go, of course, straight to comfort its one of the few rs cars that has an efficiency mode to begin with comforts the default and then heres the interesting thing you put it into dynamic and the car kind of gets a little crowley.

I mean i dont know how else to describe it: its very silently growly but theres, this instant change of character and its acoustic as well its not just in its field. Yes, the engineers at audi have worked very hard on the sound of this car. It is meant to sound, modern, futuristic and dynamic, while still staying relatively silent Music. On the whole, though, the audi rs e tron gt is a very satisfying car to drive. It is comfortable, even in its sportiest drive mode. It is luxurious and will not tire you out in any way. It also has a drive range that can go as high as 480 kilometers, though my european counterparts tell me that 380 kilometers is comfortably achieved. It takes anywhere from 9 hours to 22 minutes for an 80 charge, depending on the type of charger being used.