The sporty gtx here today with thomas and autographer, and were also in a digital studio here today, its really impressive, because we can actually just change our location by a click yeah very impressive sunset. Maybe or what do you like best see the atmosphere? These are actual photos and yeah, really cool right, but of course its about the vehicle here today and we started with the id5 in the front. It has the matrix led as standard and the light strip goes all the way here across in the front. Glacier white is the color, and you see here in the lower part, it has a special lower bumper. If you compared to the id4. Of course, they use the very same platform, the id4, the suv or normal crossover version. This one here, the cutoff, the copay version. Soon more to that and in the length, 460 or 181 inches – and of course you see the massive difference right here – falling roof lines, so it has a sportier appeal. If you compared to the id4, you also have the same difference with the audq for each one, where you have the sportback version, and the same will also count for the skoda enyak, which also will come in this copay shape. Wheels from 19 to 21 inch wheels. These ones here are the biggest ones you can see. The pro version here is the rear wheel, drive version by the way. So this is also the basic platform here.

The meb platform rear wheel, drive and an option. You can also get the all wheel, drive models. Super to the gtx, but first of all the rear here with an integrated wing here very beautifully done also light strip goes all the way through so in the rear theres. Also, then, this massive difference to the id4 model, three dimensional talents here once again. This is also pretty cool suspension, wise. You start with a normal suspension, optional, the dcc thats, the adaptive suspension, dynamic chassis control, and if you would go for the gtx model, actually you would have a stiffer setup and there you can see it. This is here the id5 gtx. It comes standard with 20 inch wheels and then once again, 21 inch wheels as an option. The front grille is a little bit different in the lower part. This one here the same then just like the id4 gtx. You can see the sportier shape with this. You know honeycomb structure, style and also adaptive air intakes in the lower part, of course. Overall they do not need so much cooling, then for the evs right there, then you can see the light strip once again. Kings, red is the color right here, but you can also go for a kings red car when you do not pick a gtx version. 300 horsepower for the gtx and the acceleration figure of 6.3 seconds here with the overdrive model, one electric motor and rear one in the front battery size.

You only get the big battery for the id5 means 77 kilowatt hours net and recharging. There has been an update now because now 135 kilowatt dc charging possible, so nine minutes less from the five percent to eighty percent state of charge. So this whole process in less than 30 minutes so good to see also some updates there, and we can also expect that, for example, these software changes and then later also and rolls to the id4 models, ooh hazard lights or turning indicators in the front really replacing That whole lower part that looks fancy right and in the rear you have it. Then there in this cascading style top speed by the way: 160 kilometers an hour or 100 miles per hour for the rear drive model and for the gtx all wheel, drive 180 kilometers. An hour or 112 miles per hour, this is the car key yeah high gloss black alert, then integrated door handles, and i mean theyre actually quite good, a little bit more wind efficient, of course, dark clothing sound its very solid like that, then, instead of the doors Here then, with brown insert this leather red soft top part here, and then we have the white structure here. Otherwise it would be high gloss black. You see it very soon, so in this case i think its just, you know actually better to have it in the bright style than you know, piano like all over the place, then you can also see you can get this wide interior with a wide steering wheel And the brown dashboard – it is very unique.

Definitely um just brings more spice to the vehicle soon, also showing you how it looks like in black hashtag capacity occurs for the steering wheel, buttons, always not so good to control, and here the digital instruments. Small five inch. Digital instruments, they are always connected here to the steering wheel, um yeah, they say, use the head up display and therefore we keep it more basic. The pedals, always a nice little pause and play yeah. Why not being joyful a little bit and then the seats you can see here again with the brown situations? You also have these microfiber inserts. You can go for them. These here are the seats with the separated head restraints. I soon also going to show you how it looks like you know, basic with fabric on the inside, so either fabric on the inside or the microfiber, and then either these seats or the top sport seats with the integrated head restraint soon more to that. But first of all, here, yeah, indeed very comfortable comfortable, no matter which seating type you pick and also for tall people, no problem with one with a6 or six foot one. This is here without the panoramic roof soon, also going to show you the comparison to the one with the panoramic roof, steering control again in and out up and down so very comfortable seating position. Indeed, some kind of van atmosphere here with the dashboard, somewhat comparable with the id4, but there are some changes indeed, for example, also concerning the software.

What have they done there lets find out, and here we go. The 12 inch screen is always a standard. This bigger screen in the id5 – and this is the new software version 3.0, so they promised us. It is faster now and also would have new functionality and so on and lets see just from this responsiveness. So we know it: doesnt have the best responsiveness, but considering what weve seen so far, it really seems fast and now, with this update, lets just click through the menus just a little bit here. This takes a while, indeed um, but overall it seems to be more stable and a little bit more responsive, so yeah so far. This is actually a good step forward. Indeed, carplay integration like this and then theres the thing here with the climate control here with these sliders here and also with the volume slider again, not backlit at night. So you can hardly see that you can also use the voice control and they said that the voice control has been updated. Actually, hello id set temperature to 22 degrees that works. Hello. Id drive me to berlin, please say the address or the line number okay, thats here as well, so indeed seems to be that the um voice input has been massively upgraded, so yeah i mean it wont, win a price um against tesla or polstar or something but Definitely a big upgrade, it seems to be, if you compare it to the sofa versions, ambient lighting, you can see very well integrated, and i really like this bright styling, because also the frame around the infotainment screen is bright and also the matte style.

So less black panel, like i use, and also this matte aluminum style, insert right there steering wheel material by the way. This is still animal skin, however theyre working on a solution to make the whole car animal free and more sustainable and animal friendly and by end of 2022. This will come with a so called apple skin, and this is also a natural fiber made from you know. Fiber from apple skin, this will be really cool development there and, by the way, the seats here you can see. You have these armrests. That makes you know some kind of travel, feeling atmosphere, middle console here in the front adaptive cup holders thats. Actually a nice insert, you can also remove that. That interesting would also be possible, and then here you have this – you know this split and two usbc charges inductive charging pads, and you can also close that whole thing and at this point, its always by the way sharper in your own focus than its on camera. On camera, its really hard to pick it up in a very crisp way, you can see these information, but also the augmented reality head up display function when youre driving rear doors have hard pack at the inside then, but the rest is also very cool here again With the microfiber inserts, if you have that microfiber option – and you have a lot of space here – you can already see that no middle tunnel because they have this electric building platform, then, as for the legroom theres enough left so for four, even five tall adults.

No problem also, as for the headroom – and this is really a good result because you might say: ah it has this falling roofline, but actually from the inside. The headliner is just a centimeter, less so thats, not a big difference than to the id4. If you compare that so theres, no, not a big compromise or so its more than about the styling on the exterior, and here you have the isofix at the outsides each for the child seats. And then we have here this armors with cup holders. They are not adaptive, though they are in the audi, by the way we have seen in our comparison review, id4. That is audi q4 e3 recently, here this is a ski hatch and indeed the whole seat bench you already have to flip from here. You cannot do it from a truck trunk capacity, 550 liters, and that means a little bit more even than the id4. Why? Because here this area, below the cover where it is measured, is a little bit higher and then, if you fold everything and measure up to the roof, then the leader capacity, the maximum, is less than the id4 width about a meter or 40 inches and the length You see at about 94 centimeters or 36 inches and yeah that height here below the cover yeah some 44 centimeters or 17 inches. You can see here. A backpack also fits in easily like this also upright, underneath you have some storage space for the cable once and yeah, something more so um there.

For example, you can store it and then to fold the seats. I told you earlier: you have to go around and then, for example, here like two side, one third or that ski hatch and the total length then to the seat, is about one meters, 70 or 67 inches. You can order this one here with this retractable towing hook here, and it can actually tow up to 1 200 kilograms, so 1.2 tons thats some 2645 pounds this in here for the rear drive version, the gtx, the all right off model, a little bit more 1.4 Tons or 3090 pounds and now lets take a look at the gtx interior, a little sportier and also this dark interior style. So the target here is how you can also get for the normal model. Of course, here again soft touch, and then you have this blue leatherette insert with red contour stitches soon. There will also be another color available if thats too much screaming out for you, also in here at the dashboard, for example, and you also have this red gtx insert right there, and this one here is also this integrated head restraint. So you can get this sporty. Both for normal and the gtx version option – and here also with the microfiber insert – then the thing is you know they are both indeed very comfortable um. The normal seat, i would say, is a little bit more plush a little bit softer from the bolt string.

So um, if you see the best comfort, i think i would not go for the sport seat. However, this one is still also very comfortable, so both very comfortable indeed but the other one, maybe even a little bit more headroom than here – is a little bit different because its of course a little bit less than here at the side, but still plentiful. You know with i mean the a6601 this one here with a panoramic roof and it is um. You know one you cannot open, but at least you have this shade. So when you live in a very hot state or something, then you can use this shade in here to protect yourself even more against the sun. Here, of course, this whole dark atmosphere which has the disadvantage of having a lot of high gloss like here and here and here everywhere and so on so yeah. I would really go for the bright interior. Oh whats, your take on that guys here. Once again, you can see the ambient lighting also leads over to the inside of the doors and yeah, but oh by the way. One thing that really annoys me all the time here at the inside of the doors right there. You just have two window levers. Some say you cant be mistaken, then for the rear or something, but you have to activate it. Then here press it here and then you go actually with the rear so yeah to me.

These are cost savings and one more look at the dark interior and, in this case also than the gtx interior, which one do you like best for today in the rear, by the way, with the panoramic roof, so um yeah in the other vehicle. I could also fit a hand over my head, so its not the biggest difference. Actually, what headroom you have here, no matter if you go id4 id5 with or without panoramic roof, its kind of always sufficient, at least if youre my size, and here we have the base seat form with the separate head restraint. However, in the gtx style, but with a fabric insert so this is also quite cool. This stays cool in summer, especially here with the with the fabric, for example, red contrast, stitches, also very comfortable. So just remember: we have the base seat, form or the sport seat form with the integrated head restraint, and then we have either fabric on the inside or then the dynamica microfiber and well. What is the best actually for the comfort to my feeling is the base seat, but then with the microfiber option. That was the most comfortable seat in the test here today, and you should also check out the id4 gtx versus the audq for each one.