It was nowhere near as cool as the r8 e tron. We got to see in the marvel movies and it was nowhere near as interesting as the tesla model x, with those crazy falcon doors. Well, audi now has a new electric vehicle called the e tron gt and, unlike the e tron, which is an suv, this rs e tron gt is a much different beast lets start with an easy question: what is an audi e tron gt? Well, unlike the standard e tron, the gt is classified as a four door coupe, so it has some super sexy proportions, its about the same length as an audi a7, but its lower and wider, giving it a more menacing stance and its so low to the ground That it cuts through the air with a really great drag coefficient of just .24. I think what i most appreciate about the e tron gt is that it doesnt go out of its way to scream hey im, an electric car. In fact, ive had some friends and family come up, and ask me jared is that the electric outer youre driving cause they just didnt know they thought it was a gas powered car. I think the main reason they thought that is because the front end of this car looks like it could be a gasoline powered car. It has this grill cut out, even though theres no engine up front now on the rs model. All of this area is going to be finished in black, but for a small fee you can have this center area finished in body color on the standard e charn gt its going to be finished in silver, but no matter how much you spend this area on The outside is always going to be black, which i think makes it look just a little bit weird.

I think i would prefer it if it was all red and the details on this car are absolutely epic. Weve got these really cool, led headlights. Weve got these optional 21 inch futuristic wheels with massive carbon ceramic brakes behind him and dont even get me started about the back end of this car weve got this really cool pop up spoiler. I love a pop up spoiler in any car and weve got this awesome tail light bar that wraps around the entire length of the vehicle making it look super wide and the animations that they do with the lights are definitely top of the automotive industry. Ive been driving this car around all week and when you drive by people in the rs e tron gt, they go whoa. What was that Music? This is a very expensive vehicle, starting at just under 140 000 for this rs version, but the interior feels properly fancy. My favorite part about it is just how normal everything feels in here if youve driven any modern audi model, this will not feel alien to you at all. In fact, my favorite part about reading the press release for this car was that they mentioned that it has a flat bottom, full circumference, steering wheel, thats. Clearly a dig at teslas, controversial yoke. Audi hasnt tried to reinvent the wheel here. Weve got the same 10.1 inch. Mmi touchscreen that you get in other audi models and it functions excellently with wireless carplay and wireless android, auto support the controls on the steering wheel are familiar too weve got the same 12.

3 inch virtual cockpit display that you can configure. You can make the gauges bigger. Make them smaller, you can get a full map or you can make it smaller again, the same as a normal audi model and unlike its platform, stablemate the porsche tycon. The e tron gt has normal buttons to control the fans and you can just grab the air vents and point them where you want it. They havent gone to make it overly complicated. In fact, the only weird elements of this cars interior are right. Here. You have this interesting volume touch pad. You spin it this way to raise the volume you spin it the other direction to lower it. It actually works quite well. I would prefer a knob, but this is a pretty ingenious solution and you have a slightly unique shifter. You bump it forward for reverse bump it down for drive push p for park, but again thats, pretty simple to get used to as well lets start with the back seat. Now that sexy roofline looks great on the outside, but this back seat is tiny. Ive got very limited, headroom and not a whole ton of legroom less than what youre going to get on something like the audi rs7, which is already pretty limited, and even this front seat while comfortable is very difficult to get in and out of and im pretty Young, so im pretty good at this, but the head room here is just very low with this low roof line and as you can see, as you get out of it, you always bump into this very far forward b pillar, so its a little bit difficult to Get in and out of the e tron gt if youre, not very mobile and the trunk is definitely smaller than some other vehicles of this size.

Weve only got 9.2 cubic feet of space back here you can drop the seats down for a little bit more storage, but this is less than half of the amount of space youre going to get in the audi rs7. We really wish audi would have made this a sportback model like that rs7 as a small consolation prize for the tiny trunk. You do get a small area up front since theres no engine up here, which is perfect for storing your charging cable Music. So we showed you the launch control at the beginning of this video and its obviously hilarious. But lets talk a little bit more about whats happening here on the e tron gt weve got two electric motors that combine to produce 469 horsepower, but for two and a half seconds it can use an overboost function to produce 522 horsepower now thats already seriously quick. 0 60 in 3.8 seconds, but this rs e tron gt that were driving is even more powerful. This model bumps the output up to 590 horsepower or 637 horsepower. If you use the overboost and launch control functions, thats more power than you get in an audi r8 and it can rocket this car up to 60 miles an hour in 3.1 seconds, and i think that number is even a little bit. Conservative now lets find out again what that feels. Like all right. Are you ready whoa that hurts my head? Like literally, it smacks your head against the rest.

I think audi is being way too conservative with that 3.1. Second number now i know a tesla model plot. Will do it in like 1.9 or whatever, whatever they claim, so it will be quicker than this, but i promise you you do not need a car thats quicker than this. I think we should probably just stop with this whole lets make the cars faster thing, because this is already ballistic and thats, just the launch control. This thing is immediate: whenever you put down your foot in dynamic mode watch this, oh, we just jumped like 10 miles. An hour its absolutely ballistic, and i think that anybody whos never driven an electric vehicle before youve, had an rs7, an rs6, something like that youre going to be more impressed with this than in those gasoline powered audis. Now the tesla model s plaid – will still be quicker in a straight line: theres no getting around that fact. But if you like how a car drives the steering the dynamics of it, i think youll enjoy the rs e tron gt. Even more frankly, i was a bit worried that i wouldnt like the steering on this car. This is one area where audi has never seemed to been able to match its rivals, especially porsche. Now, admittedly, the porsche tycon, which shares a platform with this car, does have better steering its a little bit more precise on center. It really does feel like a sports car like a 911.

However, this is the best steering i have ever felt in an audi bar. None its super precise. I can feel what the front end is up to. I can direct this car exactly how i want and point it in the right direction so easily. This is a phenomenal steering experience and im very pleased with it. Now weve still got audis quattro all wheel, drive system here, but its very different than a gas powered model. We have a smaller electric motor at the front, driving only the front wheels and a much larger electric motor at the back driving only the rear and theyre. Not actually connected via anything physically, so they can operate very independently of each other, and the e tron gt really feels like a rear. Wheel drive car, where a lot of other audi models definitely feel like they buy us a lot of power to the front and since weve got our batteries mounted low in the floor, we have an amazing center of gravity. So when you go ahead and chuck the rs e tron gt through a corner it doesnt understeer, we dont have a big heavy engine way in front of the front axle, giving us all of that unfortunate understeer. This car, actually favors oversteer and this car just feels so much more stable and so much more nimble than other audi models. Weve got rear axle, steering there at the back so below 30 miles an hour. The wheels will turn opposite of the fronts.

To give you amazing turning circles so im about to do a? U turn here and you can just flip around no problem whatsoever. Super tight turning radius and then, when youre above 30 miles an hour, the wheels will actually turn with the fronts. Giving you amazing stability at high speeds, Music, so buried under the floor of both versions of the e tron gt is a 93.4 kilowatt hour battery pack. Now, thats pretty large, almost as large as the one you get in the tesla model, s which is 100 kilowatt hours. Now that battery pack is going to enable 238 miles of range, if you get the standard e tron gt a little bit less 232 miles. If you get this rs model now, admittedly the tesla model s will go about 400 miles on a charge according to the epa, but as weve seen from real world tests. This audi has an easy time meeting or even exceeding its range. The way ive been driving. It i think i could get close to 300 miles out of this car, whereas the tesla seems to not be able to hit that 400 mile range so easily, but its not all about how far you can go on a single charge its how quickly you can Replenish that battery and in the e tron gt, you can do it quite quickly. If you use the electrify america network, you get three years of complementary charging and audi says you can charge at up to 270 kilowatts.

Basically, that means that this will charge quicker than even the fastest tesla superchargers. Now, if you have no idea what 270 kilowatts means ill explain it to you like this, you plug in with five percent battery and itll, get you up to 80 in just 22 and a half minutes. So, basically, you go in stop to pee and in that time youll have 180 miles of range left to get back on. Your journey audi even gives you a second charge door over on the other side of the car. So if you have a charger on one side or the other of your garage or you pull up to a charger where its awkwardly on the other side, you dont have to stretch the charging cable across the car thats a nice convenience Music. Now, at this point you might be saying i want an audi e tron gt, but i got ta tell you its not cheap. The base model starts at 99 900, though you do get a 7 500 federal tax credit that will help you out towards your purchase. Now the rs model that we have is significantly more expensive, its 1′ 900 to start and with the options that we have on this guy, its about 162 grand now thats, going to put it right within spitting distance of the most notorious car in the electric vehicle Market the tesla model s plaid now, admittedly, the tesla is quicker. It has a much longer range and the practicality on the tesla is much better, but i think there are a few areas where the rs e tron gt shines.

This thing just has way more presence out on the road people notice you in this car, whereas the tesla is kind of a dime a dozen. I think the driving dynamics are also better on this theres, better steering feel and the quality inside completely on another level. So if you are looking for a luxury electric vehicle, i think the rs e charn gt is a fantastic option.